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Getting Even - It's a game Bridgette knows all too well. Check out her ideal moments appropriate right here. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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1. The Tell-All Publication - Back in Season 1, Bridgette controlled to land also a book deal that painted Kevin in a poor light. Not that Kevin doesn't currently paint himself in a bad light sufficient, yet the last point he demands is an ex-wife that airs out ALL of his service. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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2. The Protest - Bridgette declared Kevin was a deadbeat dad and also made certain that anyone that attfinished his fundraiser kbrand-new. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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3. Waiting to Exhale - This was a pretty hardcore moment. When Bridgette realizes she's been duped by Kevin yet aobtain, she let's his automobile have actually it. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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4. The Baby Shower Planning - This wasn't the a lot of, ahem, explosive act of revenge, yet the fact that she weasled her means onto her ex-husband's girlfriend's baby shower planning committee shows us that she's capable of also obtaining to Kevin's pockets if essential. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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5. The Nelly Dating Thing - She most likely doesn't think about this an act of revenge yet the act that she rubs her connection in Kevin's face so commonly is a authorize that she desires him to be upcollection. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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6. The Punch - Yes, tright here was that time she controlled to knock out Kevin and also Jackie Long. Sometimes mitches acquire stitches. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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7. Letting Nelly Take Kevin's Son to a Ball Game - What's a pretty vindictive thing to do? Letting your present boyfrifinish take your ex-husband's child to a sporting occasion. (Photo: steustatiushistory.org)

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