Outdoor Christmas decorating starts from the peak down! Christmas roof lights take center stage in the outdoor arena - creating the structure for the rest of your holiday light display screen to shine.

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Outdoor Christmas decorating begins from the optimal down! Christmas roof lights take facility phase in the outdoor arena - creating the foundation for the rest of your holiday light display screen to shine.


C9 Christmas Roof Lights

Christmas Icicle Roof Lights

Falling Icicle Roof Lights

C7/C9 Bulbs - The the majority of classic Christmas lights, C7 & C9 bulbs are well-known alengthy roof lines because of their bigger dimension and greater as a whole presence in comparikid via various other light types once regarded from a distance. Create practice light screens by picking light strings and C- bulbs separately or opt for the convenience of hardwired C7 & C9 light sets.


Icicle Lights - Beloved for their elegant screen, icicle lights are a famous choice for roof awnings, overhangs, peaks and windows. Classic white icicle lights are the most popular, however you have the right to likewise discover color combinations such as red via green and also blue through white to complement a custom light design template.

Cascade Light Tubes & Falling Icicles -The unique dripping icicle impact and subtle movement shown by these much less prevalent light styles is a dynamic leave from the norm - perfect for creating eye capturing Christmas roof light display screens. Cascading light tubes and falling icicles fit typical C9 and also C7 sockets.

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Christmas lights come in a full spectrum of bideal colors which leaves no limit to the imaginative possibilities you have once selecting a design template for your roof light screen. Popular shade options for the roof encompass the cozy glow of classical clear incandescent and also warmth white LED Christmas lights, the contrasting vivid, pure shade tamong cool white LEDs, and of course, playful multishade bulbs.

Standard White Christmas Lights: Iconic, easy and still very popular; clear incandescent bulbs are a Christmas classical. They actors a warmth glow and are mainly inexpensive. However, incandescent lights execute require more electrical planning to account for the added wattage they use in relation to the borders of your residence and stringers. To setup your electrical needs when making use of incandescent lights, visit our page on calculting light wattage.

White LED Christmas Lights: White LED Christmas lights frequently come in two varieties: heat white and cool white. For those that love the typical look of incandescent bulbs, tright here are also opaque complete and also visible filament LED bulbs easily accessible which develop that beloved classical glow. Additionally, LEDs use up to 90% much less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs which allows you to add even more lights to your home and also keep them shining bappropriate for much longer.

Playful Multishade Bulbs: Colorful Christmas lights create the many cheerful outdoor roof display screens. Multishade Christmas lights are avaialble in all the most famous roof lighting choices, consisting of C7 & C9 bulbs as well as icicle string lights. Carry your roof display screen out right into the yard through multicolor string lights and also net lights too!

Alternating bulb colors and also creating light patterns is one more playful method to attract attention to your Christmas roof light display. The color combinations listed below are some of the the majority of popular found during Christmas time. You can develop these shade combinations making use of C7 and also C9 bulbs or choose from themed light sets which pair strings and also bulbs together. Most of these color combinations are also easily accessible in LED mini light layouts and icicle light strings, enabling you to carry a theme via your whole outdoor Christmas light screen.