2019 Golden Globes hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photograph Bank using Getty Imperiods
The 7sixth yearly Golden Globes will air live on NBC on Sunday, January 6, at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg and Killing Eve star Sandra Oh will co-hold the display, which will certainly be organized at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

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What provides the Globes, organized by the Hollyhardwood Foreign Press Association (HPFA), unique is that it’s a significant televised awards display that recognizes achievement in both tv and film — typically, those settings of entertainment are well-known separately at the Emmys and Oscars. The awards are additionally considered to be the kickoff of the annual Hollylumber awards season that concludes through the Oscars in late February, and also a location wbelow frontrunners have the right to emerge.

Here’s what to suppose at the 2019 awards, and just how to watch them.

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg will host the 2019 Golden Globes

Oh and also Samberg are the initially duo to hold the Globes considering that Amy Poehler and also Tina Fey co-organized for a three-year run in 2013 to 2015. (Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers held solo in 2016, 2017, and also 2018.) Going right into the ceremony, the vibe of Oh and Samberg’s promotional clips indicates that the two likable stars will certainly be spoofing the idea that they’re ideal friends in a way that 2 very excellent friends who respect each other’s occupational and also talent might execute.

“I prefer playing off someone else and also having there be a looseness to it and the ability to attempt things that are not necessarily simply directly jokes to ,” Samberg told Oh in a feature for the Hollylumber Reporter in which they interperceived each various other ahead of the awards. “That’s why I’m excited to perform it via you, ’cause you’re such an significant performer.”

In the exact same interwatch, Oh hinted that the 2019 Globes may be light on political commentary and even more around celebrating accomplishment in movies choose Black Panther and also Crazy Rich Asians and exactly how the arts deserve to readjust culture.


2018 belonged to Black Panther. And it might readjust Marvel’s future.

“I don’t think it’s shallow to 1) have fun and 2) be honestly celebratory. Just the reality that I’m fucking up tright here is crazy-pants in a good way. And I’m not interested in at all. What I’m interested in is pointing to actual genuine change,” Oh shelp.

The Globes might be a barometer for feasible Osautomobile contenders like Vice, The Favourite, and also Eco-friendly Book

The height Golden Globe nominee on the film side is Adam McKay’s Penis Cheney biopic Vice, which has actually six nomicountries in the comedy or musical film categories. Prior to its Christmas Day release, Vice had actually a lot of buzz (its Golden Globe nomicountries, announced on December 6, helped), however that buzz has actually because mellowed and also the film has actually got mixed reviews.


Golden Globes 2019: the complete list of nominees

Right behind Vice, The Favourite, a saucy tale of wickedness and sex in Queen Anne’s court, and Green Book, a historical look at racism (maybe as well easy a look) in the deep South in 1960, both obtained five nomicountries.

Two of the year’s best success stories, Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, both got Best Picture nods, in the drama and comedy or musical categories, respectively.

Meanwhile, BlacKkKlansman and also A Star Is Born (contending as a drama, despite its musical elements) lead the drama categories through 5 nomicountries apiece. And Jeff Bridges will be honored via 2019’s Cecil B. DeMille Award, a one-of-a-kind lifetime accomplishment for a person’s body of job-related in film.

The 2019 Golden Globes will be a place for new television shows (and Carol Burnett) to shine

For much better or worse, the Golden Globes have often recognized shiny new tv shows over more established critical favorites, and also the 2019 awards will be no exemption.

Only three reflects — drama The Americans (eligible for season six), comedy The Good Place (eligible for seasons two and also three), and comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (eligible for seaboy two, which debuted the day prior to the nominations were announced however screened previously for press) — are nominated for a seakid after their initially.

This suggests there’s chance for a number of different freshman series to take residence trophies. The nominees incorporate Showtime’s Kidding, Netflix’s The Kominskies Method, and HBO’s Barry in comedy, and encompass Netflix’s Bodyguard, Amazon’s Homecoming, BBC America’s Killing Eve in drama. Golden Globes co-host Sandra Oh is also nominated for her performance in Killing Eve.

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3 winners and 2 losers from the 2019 Golden Globes nomicountries

The 2019 Golden Globes will likewise unveil the Carol Burnett Award, which “honors the highest level of achievement” on the little display screen and is intended to serve as the tv equivalent to the Globe’s Cecil B. DeMille award. The brand-new honor’s namesake, who is finest recognized for her selection show (The Carol Burnett Show) and her salso decades of job-related, will be the first recipient of the award.

How to watch the 2019 Golden Globe Awards:

Where and when is the Golden Globes ceremony: The 2019 Golden Globes will be organized at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 6. The ceremony will air live on NBC, at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific.

Live stream: NBC has actually exclusive civil liberties to the awards display, so the surefire way to stream the 2019 Golden Globes is by means of the NBC webwebsite or the network’s application. You will certainly require a subscription to a service prefer Optimum, Comactors, or various other cable or satellite provider — or, at the incredibly least, a borrowed login from someone that does.

However, according to NBC News, 2019 will certainly additionally be the first year that viewers will certainly have the ability to stream the ceremony using NBC’s Facebook web page.

Hosts: Sandra Oh and also Andy Samberg

Red carpet coverage: E! will certainly air its Golden Globes edition of Live from the Red Carpet before the awards show start at 6 pm Eastern/3 pm Pacific. NBC will likewise air red carpet arrivals beginning at 6 pm Eastern/3 pm Pacific.

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