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will realize allocative performance at its profit-maximizing output.
b. cannot run at a loss.
c. is in long-run equilibrium.
d. is realizing an economic profit.


2.Refer to the over cost data for a pucount competitive seller: If product price is $45, the firm will:

a. shut down.
b. develop 4 units and also realize a $120 financial profit.
c. create 5 devices and also realize a $15 financial profit.
d. produce 6 units and realize a $100 financial profit.

3.Pure monopoly refers to:

a. any kind of sector in which the demand curve to the firm is downsloping.
b. a standardized product being produced by many type of firms.
c. a single firm developing a product for which tright here are no cshed substitutes.
d. a big variety of firms creating a distinguished product.

4.Secret conspiracies to resolve prices are examples of:

a. cartels.
b. price leadership.
c. overt collusion.
d. surprise collusion.

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1. d) is realising economic earnings. in order to maximise its earnings it will…View the complete answer


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