Can You Really Straighten Wet Hair?

Lots of civilization have actually asked me, “deserve to you use straighteners on wet hair?” The answer is usually “NO!”. For starters, water and electric appliances carry out not mix and likewise do you really want to sizzle your hair dry via a warm piece of metal? But tright here are some companies who believe that it is possible and they’ve produced special models that deserve to straighten wet hair. The remington wet 2 right is one of these models.

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I love the concept of being able to jump straight out of the shower, skip blow drying and also go right to styling. But is the Remington s7902 wet2right hair straightener really as excellent as they say?

Don’t throw amethod your hairdryer simply yet! In this review, I’ll try to answer 2 major questions:

Can you use a level iron on wet hair and also still obtain a result that’s as reliable and long-lasting as you would with a classical iron?Is the wet to straight flat iron negative for hair?

Read on to inspect out the reviews, specs and also functions of the Remington Wet 2 Straight level iron.



What do the Customers Say?

In spite of my doubts around the quality and also efficiency of this model, most the wet 2 dry reviews have actually actually been really positive. After more than 1000 reviews on this version has actually an all at once customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. A variety of wet right pro reviews say that the version is really effective on dry hair however when they tried it on wet, it looked right at initially and also then came to be wavy and frizzy as the day went on and also it dried out.

Tright here are Less Damaging Ways to Save Time:

If the reason you’re looking at remington wet to dry straighteners is to conserve time in the morning, I indicate considering options. Flat ironing wet hair would certainly be one way to save time in the morning. But it’s not necessarily the safest or the best way. It is still far much less damaging to air dry your hair than to carry out it through a warm piece of steel. Air drying also suggests that your straightening result will last a lot longer so you’ll conserve time by not having to touch up your style later.

More secure alternatives to conserving time by straightening hair while wet encompass thoapproximately towel drying hair before blow drying or selecting flat irons through wider or much longer plates so that you deserve to occupational through hair more conveniently. Check out my dimension considerations article for even more advice on plate size.

Also, if time is a issue for you, take into consideration investing in experienced instead of cheap flat irons. A higher quality level iron will save you more time than a budgain wet to directly option bereason the better plate composition means you’ll be able to straighten in a solitary pass, making the job much faster and healthier. My cheap versus expensive write-up may assist you to make up your mind on this allude.

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My Verdict: Good Price, but not so Sure around the Features.

The Remington s7200 wet2directly straightener gets 3.5 out of 5 stars from me. I prefer the choice of a 2 inch plate and also the fact that it’s not solid ceramic is rather made up for by the tourmaline coating. I’m not totally encouraged that the wet 2 straight functions are top notch though (the listing claims it will certainly keep hair frizz-complimentary for approximately 8 hrs and professional models store it right basically until the following time you wash it!)

The model has actually been disongoing by the manufacturer which could lead you to question its high quality. But, then aobtain, it may additionally mean that you deserve to pick up an awesome deal! Why not flick over to and also examine out the existing price? Anypoint under $40 it’s a full steal!If you’re not sure that this is the version for you, inspect out the sidebar for more of my flat iron reviews!