We"ve currently provided countless guides for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Capcom"s amazing first-perboy horror game. Our Achievement Guide offers some basic tips on just how to complete the game in under 4 hrs (which unlocks the remarkable Circular Saw weapon), however we really want you to be prepared for your speedrun. Hence this full speedrun walkthrough, via all the tactics you"ll need to beat the game as rapid as possible!

As a special bonus for Xbox gamers, Resident Evil 7 likewise happens to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. If you buy the game digitally from the Windows Store, you acquire accessibility to both the Xbox One and also Windows 10 versions, through complete cross-save assistance.

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Goals and also Achievements

The primary goal of this walkwith is to assist players complete Resident Evil 7 on Easy difficulty in much less than 4 hrs. You should have actually completed the game at least when (unlocking the Albert 01-R pistol and the Secrets of Defense) before adhering to this overview.

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Successcompletely beating the game in less than four hrs will certainly unlock the "Just Get me Outta Here" Achievement/Trophy and also the Circular Saw weapon for use in succeeding playthroughs. That weapon, subsequently, renders making it through Madhome obstacle a lot much easier.

As recommended in our Achievement Guide, you deserve to additionally pursue 2 optional Achievements throughout this speedrun:

Resource Manager

Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.

Tright here are 3 times in which you must access Item Boxes: Testing Area (before and after the Party Room), and also the Swamp safe room automatically after the Wrecked Ship. In this walkwith, we will not usage Item Boxes at any type of various other time.

Walk it Off

Complete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less.

While going for this Achievement/Trophy, never pick up Herbs or First Aid Meds. You can use Steroids to heal though, which has actually the added advantage of enhancing Ethan"s wellness capacity also. Tright here are 4 Steroids in the game, which we"ll pick up in this overview.

If you struggle via combining the moment press of the speedrun and preventing healing, I suggest doing a separate run for this Achievement (I did it throughout my initially playvia instead of the speedrun).

How time works in Resident Evil 7


Before we begin, it"s essential to understand what adds to your time during a playthrough and what does not.

Many cinematics are unskippable and include to your time. The only skippable cinematics are the one that plays after the old videotape sequence on the Wrecked Ship and the finishing movies.Time passes while making use of menus, checking the map, and conserving the game.Retrying after fatality adds time as well, so think about reloading a hand-operated conserve if you die.Time does not pass while the game is pasupplied, so pausage whenever before you"re looking at this walkthrough or reasoning about what to carry out.Speedrun tip: Ignore all phone calls unmuch less otherwise instructed in this guide.

With those tips and guidelines out of the means, let"s begin!

Outside the Guest House

The development movie can"t be skipped, alas!

As shortly as Ethan exits the auto, sprint dvery own the path towards the residence.Turn left in front of the home.Ignore the van and also run through the gate.At the fork via the crows on the appropriate, go left and crouch under gate.Hop down the ledge prior to the fire (ignoring Mia"s purse) and also enter the Guest Housage.

The Guest House


Head down the hall, via the kitchen, and also turn right right into the following hall.Go previous the staircase and revolve right into the second door on the best, the Living Room.Approach the fireplace, crouch, and also pull the manage inside.Go into the passage that opens to the ideal and climb down the ladder.While navigating via the water, hug the wall to the best to stop the floating body.When you reach the cell where Mia is kept, rotate left (east) and also grab the Bolt Cutters.Use the Bolt Cutters to enter Mia"s cell.Interact through Mia to wake her up.Follow Mia as she progressively leads you to the Storage Room. Once there, she must sit down on the couch.Go into the adjacent Storeroom, examine the doll on the shelf, and Mia will certainly be abducted.Take the newly opened passage that leads upstairs.Go into the Bathroom (take the First Aid Med if you"re not on a No-Healing run), and also then check the locked door at the end of the hallmeans. You need to begin hearing banging sounds.Head earlier to the staircase you came from. After a couple of steps, you"ll be assaulted. Press the assault switch to Resist as soon as triggered.After the first Mia encounter, move about the hallway aobtain till Mia stands up and also throws you through the wall.Pick up the Axe from the floor and also use it to defeat her.When the phone in the hallway rings, take the speak to.Retrieve the Axe and then go with the recently opened door in the hallmethod.Go earlier through the Kitchen and also usage the Bolt Cutters to open up the cabinet and also get the Fuse.Return to the Living Room and also use the Fuse in the panel beside the door.Take the stairs to the second floor safe room and press the button to reduced the staircase to the 3rd floor.On the 3rd floor, you deserve to optionally enter the room on the right to acquire the Handgun and a pair of consumables. This room is skippable.Get in the Attic at the end of the hall.Start climbing the ladder, and also then instantly back away from it.Boss fight! Defeat Mia making use of either the Axe or Handgun. If using the Axe, acquire behind her and also hack ameans.Wander around till Jack immediately catches you, initiating a cinematic.

Key House: Introduction through Garage boss fight


As shortly as you have the right to move about, exit to the hallway.Take a right around the corner (in the direction of the Main Hall), and also you should view Jack lean over on the edge table.The Hatch Key you require is on that corner table. Either lead Jack away, dodging his strikes, or ssuggest grab the key.Once you have actually the crucial, run straight to the Kitchen.From the Kitchen, run into the Pantry and also use the key to open the hatch.Unlock the door to the hallway and then answer the phone.Save the game! If you"re not staying clear of Item Boxes, grab the Albert 01-R and also any kind of other items you"ve unlocked. Otherwise, protect against the Item Box prefer the plague.Head back to the Dining Area, collect the ammo from the drawer in the edge, and also kill time till you hear the Deputy knocking outside.Meet the Deputy at the home window to get the Knife.Use the Knife to open the Garage door.Boss battle! Immediately head ideal and also grab the Car Keys from the worktable.Get in the car, use the key to start it, and also run over Jack repetitively.After Jack wrecks the auto, obtain out and also inspect these places for items: table in the edge, box, and locker.Jack will certainly strategy on foot. Allow him to grab you best amethod.Grab the Deputy"s Pistol if you haven"t currently, and then head up the ladder.Examine the frame, unscrew the nut on the earlier, and also take the Ox Statuette.Push the shelf out of the method and return to the hallmeans.Use the Ox Statuette to open the door to the Key Hall.

Main House: Wooden Statue, Shadow plinth puzzle, and also monitoring room


Take the Antique Coin from the drawer in the northwest corner (optional).Take the western stairs to the second floor. Ignore the phone.Go down the hall to the Bathroom.Optional: gain the Antique Coin from the toilet. That"s 3 coins, enough to buy the Steroids in the Trailer later on.Pick up the item from the drawer and then drain the tub to discover the Wooden Statue.When you try to departure, Jack will attack. Hide behind the tub, run roughly him, and also run ago to the Main Hall.In the southeastern corner of the Key Hall, use the Wooden Statue to settle the shadow plinth puzzle.Take the trick passage to the Drawing Room. Collect any items you see tright here.From the Drawing Room, take the western door and also then enter the Monitoring Room.Run previous the Molded all the means to the north safe room. Collect the item from the armoire to the appropriate, and then save your game!Exit and also take the adjacent stairs down to the Processing Area.

Processing Area: Disarea Room Key, Morgue boss fight, and also Scorpion Key


When you get dvery own the stairs, take the left path in the direction of the Incinerator Room.Run past the Molded who assaults along the means.The Incinerator Room is the first door on the right. Enter and cshed the door behind you.Inside, a Molded will attack. You deserve to settle the puzzle and get the key below without getting hit by either Molded, however it"s safest to at leastern kill the initially one.Open the range through the handprint on it and also then the one on the much appropriate (the third and also sixth from the left).Now open the initially range from the left and instantly step back. A Spiked-Arm Molded will certainly arise.Lead the foe in the direction of the back edge of the room, away from the stove.Once the Molded has actually followed you, grab the Dissection Room Key from the cooktop, and also escape out the door.Take the southerly door that leads towards the Boiler Room.Inside the room best prior to the Boiler Room, one Molded will strike from in front and also another from behind. Run previous both of them and into the Boiler Room.Dash via the Boiler Room, heading directly to the door on the northwest side using the northern path. You"ll need to run by one Molded, but this deserve to be done safely if you"re rapid and also mindful.Quickly open up the door making use of the Dissection Room Key and escape!Follow the path towards the Morgue.Inside the Morgue, overlook the door to the Dissection Room on the right. Just grab at the Red Dog Head and also initiate the boss fight.Boss fight! If you have the right to afford the bullets, shoot Jack in the head with your pistol repeatedly throughout the initially phase of the fight. Shoot or knife him once he bends over. Damaging Jack increases the begin of the second phase of the fight. Otherwise, you have the right to more than likely spare a few minutes of dodging him without damaging your opportunities at the speedrun Achievement.As soon as Jack opens up the cage to acquire his brand-new weapon, grab the chainexperienced.Don"t bvarious other moving approximately the arena. Just assault consistently and block Jack"s strikes when you view them. Tip about behind him as soon as he says, "That"s it!" and also charges.After the fight ends, usage the chainsaw to open the door to the fence.Backtrack the means you came, finishing up in the hallway that leads to the Boiler Room.Take the western route and opening the corrugated room divider.Grab the Scorpion Key from the table and also the Processing Area Map from the shelf. Don"t open up the cprices, or an foe will drop dvery own from the ceiling.Optional: Grab the Treacertain Photo from the shelf in the western corner of the map, by the locked door. You"ll need this to gain the initially Steroids, so it"s crucial for no-healing runs.Exit through the door to the north and also head ago upstairs, dodging the Molded if one spawns in the hallmethod.

Key House: Dog"s Heads and Broken Shotgun

For safety"s sake, soptimal by the north safe room and also save. Skip conserving if you"re confident sufficient.Head dvery own the hall to the western door and unlock it through the Scorpion Key. Enter the Key Hall.Grab the Pendulum from the grandfather clock.Take the western stairs back approximately the second floor.Get in the Redevelopment Room.Inside, open the book on the left to find the Blue Dog Head. The trashdeserve to next to it contains an item, yet it"s probably just Gunpowder. Ignore the Mia videotape.Open the door to Grandma"s Room making use of the Scorpion Key. Go inside.Grab the Broken Shotgun and the consumable on the bed.Rerevolve to the second floor hallmethod.Head west past the Bathroom and also drop down the broken bannister to the initially floor.Head ago through the Dining Area to the Living Room.Use the Pendulum on the grandpa clock to obtain the White Dog"s Head.Optional: If you picked up the Treacertain Photograph, head to the Drawing Room. Look at the photo, push the switch by the firelocation, and also grab the Steroids. Discard the photo from your inventory. Save these Steroids for before or after the Greenresidence boss fight.Back in the Main Hall, use the Dog"s Heads on the north door and also step external right into the Yard.

The Yard: Repair Kit and Trailer

Head north and also enter the Trailer safe room.Optional: If you have actually 3 Antique Coins, you have the right to buy the Steroids currently. Save them for healing either before or after the Greenhome boss fight.Answer the phone and also save your game.Exit and go northeast to the Old House.

The Old House: Shadow plinth puzzle, Crank, Crow Key, First Marguerite fight

Take the eastern door to the Living Room.Crouch and stick to the southern side of the Living Room to stop the first bug nest.Staying couched, blast the swarm blocking the path to the Cellar at point-empty variety through your Shotgun. You"re most likely to obtain hit a little, however time is of the essence.Take the passage east to the Cellar and grab the Stone Statuette. Don"t connect through Mia; just relocate on!Back in the Living Room, attempt to go back to the Entrance through the same route you came from. Marguerite will block the door.Go north to the Dining Room, through the western hallmethod (grabbing the Old House map), and to the Gallery (the shadow plinth room) on the west.Solve the shadow plinth puzzle in the Gallery.Head northwest to the safe room (ignoring the Burner part alengthy the way). Grab the Backload and conserve.One of the trashcans by the Gallery has a random consumable; check for it after conserving. If you find ammo, run earlier and conserve aget. Ammunition is scarce at this allude in the game.Back in the Gallery, take the trick passage to the western side of the residence.Go southern and also turn the edge to discover the underground passage.In the underground passage, grab the Crank. On the method ago out, hurry past the insect or kill it via your knife.Just outside of the passage, usage the Crank to raise the bridge to the Entrance.Head northeastern to the earlier door. If you enrespond to Marguerite, just run past her (perhaps taking minor damage).Outside, kill the big flying bugs to the left of the bug nest via your pistol if you have the right to (you can have to skip this if Marguerite"s sheat is complying with you).Run straight up to the north bug swarm and destroy it via close-variety shotgun blasts. You need to conserve at leastern 2 shotgun shells for your Marguerite pit enrespond to, so switch to pistol shots if ammo runs too low.Use the Crank to raise the bridge to the Outhouse. Ignore any insects attacking you, as they should sheight after a moment.Inside the Outhouse, open the chest and also take the Crow Key.Rerotate to the home. If you see Marguerite, take the course that she isn"t blocking and make your method to the Crow Key door on the west side of the house.Marguerite will appear at the door and throw you into a pit.Look up and also shoot Marguerite twice through the shotgun. Follow-up with pistol headshots till she falls right into the pit. Don"t provide her a opportunity to throw insects.As shortly as Marguerite falls, climb the ladder to escape.Use the Crow Key to open up the door and enter the Altar room.Answer the phone.Proceed up the stairs to the north and inspect the drawer in the room with the doll for ammo.In the following room to the east, communicate with the door that is locked by the range.Head back downstairs and you have to see Marguerite in the pit.Optional, yet extremely recommended: Instead of jumping dvery own right into the pit, walk closely north, take the key passage back to the shadow plinth room, and also conserve your game in the safe room. The upcoming Marguerite boss fight is the hardest component of the game and also can take a few tries, so you desire your conserve to be as current as feasible.Jump down into the pit and follow Marguerite.When you arise aboveground, head straight up the adjacent stairs and into the Greenhouse.

Greenresidence boss battle

Upon entering the Greenhome, drop down the hole in the initially room.If you"re not on a no-healing run, walk past the stairinstance that leads to Marguerite. Enter the room just eastern of it and technique the instance via bugs on it. Kill them and also take the ammo inside.Turn the edge and also go up the stairs that lead towards the wall that Marguerite bursts out of. As quickly as you touch the height step, ago way. Do this quick sufficient and also you"ll prevent her attack.If you dodged Marguerite"s initial strike, you must be able to get 2-4 headshots in with the shotgun while she peers through the wall.Explore the second floor and also then the first, in search of ammo.Whenever before Marguerite shows up, use the shotgun to shoot her in the belly or head. Back away from her while reloading. Use up all of your shotgun ammo, and then switch to the pistol if vital.With any luck, you"ll kill her before you take too much damages.Take the Lantern from Marguerite"s body.Open the gate to the southeast, grab the item in the drawer, and also departure the Greenhouse.

Old House: D-Series Arm and escape

Drop right into the manhole beside the Greenhome stairs (the one you climbed out of before) and also return to the Old House.Return to the second floor and also use the Lantern to balance the scale by the door that leads east.Head via the Kids Room Contaminated Room, hallmeans, and ultimately to the Detention Room , which has a child"s bed in it.In the Detention Room, crouch, then crawl through the hidden passage in the wall behind the bed.Take the D-Series Arm from the corpse and start to head back in the direction of the first floor.When you action out of the Detention Room, shoot and also kill the Molded waiting on the other side of the door. Alternately, you can attract it right into the room and also then run around it to escape.Run previous all continuing to be Molded on your method to the initially floor. Ignore the phone in the Altar Room.Exit the Old House from the front door.Head outside to the Trailer in the Yard.

Trailer: Save and overlook phone call

Go into the Trailer and save your game.When the phone rings, do not answer it.Leave and also go back to the Main Housage.

Main House: Processing Area, Red keycard, and also Blue Keycard

From the Main Hall, take the Scorpion door to the eastern.Soptimal and save in the northeastern safe room if you prefer.Head downstairs to the Processing Area.Run all the method to the Dissection Room above the Morgue.Check the neck of the deputy for the Snake Key.Run to the northern door in the Morgue Area, past a Molded, and use the Snake Key to exit.Exit the Processing Area, dodging any type of Molded that assault alengthy the way.Save in the northeast safe room.In the Key Hall, run previous the Molded, and usage the Snake Key to enter the Master Bedroom on the east side of the second floor.From the Master Bedroom, enter the Storage Room to the southern and also grab the Backpack.Back in the Master Bedroom, set the clock on the nightstand also to 10:15 to open up the passage to the Workshop.In the Workshop, pick up the Red Keycard from the table.Escape the Processing Area aacquire, running previous any type of Molded on the prowl.Save again! Saving is great for you.Back in the Key Hall, conveniently run past the Molded and gain to the west side of the second floor.Use the Snake Key to enter the Kids Room.Examine the lamp and also push the button to lower the ladder to the Attic. Grab the consumables by the ladder if you need them.In the Attic, finish the Judgment shadow plinth puzzle to get the Blue Keycard.Optional: If you want to go for the Stabilizer in the Yard, grab the Toy Axe from the shelf behind the wardrobe (near the ladder). It"s a valuable item and also won"t take lengthy to gain.Head ago downstairs, overlook the phone , and also exit to the Yard.

Yard: Shadow plinth puzzle (optional) and also head to Testing Area

Dash to the Trailer and enter it to get rid of the Molded in the Yard.If you gained the Toy Axe, action off the western porch stairs and also head southwest to the concealed shadow plinth puzzle. Make a 7 through the axe to fix the puzzle, which will get you a Stabilizer. Use it instantly.Run ago to the trailer to reset the adversaries aget and also conserve your game.Back in the Yard, run to the western gate and also usage the Red and Blue Keycards to enter. This is a suggest of no rerevolve, so hopetotally you didn"t forget anything.

Testing Area: Keypad attempts, Steroids, Fat Molded fight

You start out on Testing Area 2F, not the first floor. In the first room of the Testing Area, connect with the television.Take the corridor to the room with a box and some shelves. Watch out for two trip-mines in this room.The following room (the Supply Room) has numerous even more trip-mines. Shoot or avoid them and also continue to the following hallway.In the hallway, break the initially cprice yet don"t ruin the one on the stairs; it"s booby-trapped. The stairmeans leads to the initially floor, which is presented in the map over.When you reach the room on the left via the keypad on the door, closely shoot the tripwire bomb before entering. Anvarious other bomb is covert up on the wall to the appropriate.Interact through the keypad. As soon as you"re offered the choice, enter among the codes Lucas provides you (such as 0621) and also then back amethod from the door while the boobytrap swings dvery own.Enter another code, such as 0514. This opens up a side door to the appropriate.Take the side door that opens to the hallmethod. Head with the room at the corner and also back right into the hallway. The box just outside of the edge room is safe to open.Duck under the tripwire just prior to the corner that leads to the barn. Beware the crawler just past it.Right beyond that tripwire at the edge, there"s a little room with 4 explosives in it. Run into the room and cshed the door to prevent the crawler.Clear out the bombs in the room. Then grab the priceless Steroids from the base of the locker. Don"t open up the cprice in the locker, as it"s boobytrapped.Sprint through the barn, past 3 Molded, and up the stairs to the second floor.Get in the safe room at the peak of the stairs and save.Drop down to the northeastern area wright here the Fat Molded fight will shortly take place.Take the stairs up and also grab the Battery from the barrel. All of the cprices other than for the one on the desk upstairs are safe to open up.Back downstairs, use the Battery on the console.Fat Molded battle! When the elevator opens, aim at the Fat Molded from up cshed and also automatically dodge his bile by stepping just behind the elevator wall. Then shoot him repetitively in the head via your pistol. 10-20 continuous headshots need to destroy him.After killing the Fat Molded, stand also aside to stop taking damages from the explosion.Take the elevator up and also head into the Rest Area (the room via the burned corpse).Just north of the Rest Area, press the switch to reduced the stairs.After taking the stairs ago to the initially floor, action into the room with the keypad and Item Box.Put every one of your items into the Item Box. This is the first of three times you need to use an Item Box to development in the game.Go into 1408 on the keypad and head into the Party Room location.

The Party Room: Puzzle, D-Series Head, and also restoring inventory

Take the candle from the dummy.Go via the door on the left and also then the door on the appropriate to reach the room through a cake in it.Look at the cake to get instructions from Lucas.Turn on the cooktop relight the candle.Turn appropriate and also usage the candle to burn the rope holding a door shut. Get in the balloon room.Inside the balloon room, enter the word LOSER on the lock.Get in and also take the Valve Handle.Back in the birthday cake room, discover pipe close to a door and affix the Valve Handle to it. Turn off the sprinkler.Use the stove to light the candle once more.Placed the candle on the cake.Pull the boards off the hole in the wall.Grab the bomb from the floor, place it in the wall hole , and also step approximately the corner to prevent the explosion.Pick up the D-Series Head and also the Testing Area Map in the Monitoring Room.Save your game prior to using the item box.Use the Item Box to withattract your pistol, shotgun, knife, Crank, D-Series Arm, and ammo. If you"ve unlocked the Albert R-01 pistol, withattract that instead of the typical pistol.Save again and then departure to the Boat House.

Boat House: Safe room, boss fight, and also curing Mia

Use the Crank on the initially winch. Pick up the nearby item (if needed) prior to crossing the bridge.Check the shack to the northeastern and the crate by the second winch for ammo.Apply the Crank to the second winch.Run west to the main Boat House. You should need to dodge 2 Molded near the entrance, one of which is a crawler.In the Boat House safe room, grab all ammunition and conserve your game. My time at this point: 1:44:00 (you can do better!).Head upstairs and communicate through Zoey for a cinematic. Accept the items she hands you.Boss fight! Drop right into the water and blast Jack"s lowest eye through your shotgun till he stumbles. Shoot the next eye, then run and grab ammo from the edge of the room. Keep firing at his eyes from close variety via the shotgun, which need to stun him practically repetitively. Switch to the pistol if he climbs to the top level, then ago to shotgun once he comes down aobtain. Never before go back to the upper level.After defeating Jack, wait at the door. You"ll have to inject him through the serum as soon as he grabs you one last time.When asked to pick in between Mia and Zoey, cure Mia.

Wrecked Ship: Fusage and also Old Videotape

Examine Ethan"s body.Get in the ship and also continue through its hallmethods.Go to the room onWrecked Ship S1 via a hatch in the floor. Trigger the cut scene by walking roughly, which opens the hatch.Drop dvery own the hatch and also take the passageway to floor S2.On floor S2, take the north course that leads to a space where the ship"s wall has been ruined.From tbelow, head up the stairs and also then climb the ladder.Drop right into the water, climb the next ladder, and continue up the stairs to Wrecked Ship 1F.Get in the Laundry Room, the large room simply east of the stairinstance in the facility.Head to the fuse box on the southern wevery one of the room. Dodge the Molded and also grab the Fuse.Exit from the eastern door and head northwest to the fuse box near the door causing the western stairinstance.Use the Fuse on the fusage box and also enter the stairwell.Take the stairinstance to the third floor.Enter the Security Room and also play the Old Videotape.

Old Videotape

Exit the safe room and head eastern to the Dining Room.Crawl through the southeastern passage and look at the black vomit.Return to the hall and also then head southeast with the Bunk Room, dodging the Molded inside. Exit throught the southerly door and close the door behind you.Go into the elevator and also kill the Molded who drops into it.Push the switch for Floor S2.On floor S2, run via the hallway, dodge the Molded that shows up on the left, and also grab the ammo at the finish.In the room outside of the No. 1 Engine Room, run straight to the Remote Bombs on the wall. Dodge the Molded that drops from the ceiling and also escape through the bombs.In the No. 1 Engine Room, dodge the Molded at the height of the stairsituation and proceed west to the Cargo Bay.Get in the Cargo Bay and collect the Corrosives.Directly south of the Cargo Bay, use the Corrosives to open the No. 2 Engine Bay and go inside.Circle clockwise roughly the room and also reach the door you came via simply as Evie closes it.Run back to the elevator, shooting or detonating the Molded in the No. 1 Engine Room and in the hallway outside of the elevator.Call the elevator and also head to the third floor.Climb out of the elevator and also head northeast via the Bunk Room. If an foe ambushes you external of the northern Bunk Room exit, entice it right into the room and then run roughly th table to escape earlier to the hallway.Rerotate to the Dining Room and also go west through it to the Break Room.Climb via the hole close to the ceiling to the hallmeans.Take the stairs up to the third floor.Head with the Security Room and also fulfill Alan.Go into the Control Room and also exit with the northern door. Do not usage the computer!Skip the movie that plays once you run into Evie. Yes, this one have the right to be skipped!

Wrecked Ship: Repair the elevator, save Ethan, leave

Save your game in the Security Room. My time at this point: 2:14:00.Head to the elevator and open up it.Inside, climb the ladder and also drop down to Ship 4F.Go southeast to the Captain"s Cabin.Grab the Lug Wrench and the Wrecked Ship map from the desk. Then head out to the elevator.Drop down the elevator and also usage the Lug Wrench on the hatch.Climb dvery own to the initially floor and conserve your game in the Maintenance Room to the southwest. You can grab the MPM Handgun from the drawer, yet you"ll never before have to usage it.Grab the Fuse from the box by the northwest stairwell.Return to the elevator and climb as much as the second floor. You can grab the Survival Knife exterior of the elevator, but you"ll never before need to use it.Go into the Guest Room in the southwest and get the Corrosive from the floor.Take the northwestern stairwell approximately the third floor.Save your game in the Security Room. Better safe than sorry!Head through the Control Room and also usage the Corrosive on the northern door. If you"re quick enough, you can avoid damage from the Molded that spawns while you open it.Follow the path into the Sick Bay. A Fat molded spawns as soon as you enter.Grab the Power Cable from the machine on the western wall and run previous the Fat Molded earlier to the hall. He"s so slow!Rerevolve to the elevator , dodging the Molded in the Control Room.Drop down the hatch and also usage the Fusage and also Power Cable on the elevator wall panel. You can also run ago to the Security Room to save before proceding.Take the elevator to floor S2.Dodge a couple of Molded, consisting of a crawler, on your way to the No. 1 Engine Room.In the No. 1 Engine Room, run previous the Molded and Fat Molded. You don"t have to fight them!Enter the No. 2 Engine Room and also look at Ethan.After the cinematic, leave the ship and also enter the Swamp.


Follow the path to the safe room.Collect the items in the structure, consisting of the Backpack and Grenade Launcher.Save your game prior to utilizing the item box.Use the item box for the final time, equipping the grenade launcher, shotgun, handgun, knife, and ammo. Take the Albert R-01 pistol instead of the continual one, if you have actually it.Save your game again prior to heading outside.Run south to the elevator and also push the button to call it, dodging Molded till you enter.Head down to the Salt Mine.

Salt Mine

A crawler will assault at the finish of the initially room. Run past it, however crouch to protect against the tripwires in the next area.Continue running previous all Molded on your method to the four-way interarea.At the interarea, grab the Remote Bombs and then head west.Push the minecart with the southern wall.Run previous the wall you just destroyed, dodging the Molded who ideologies from the left.In the room through the stairsituation, shoot the tripwire bomb before climbing the stairs. Don"t open the crate at the optimal of the stairs.In the Growing Room via the lapheight computer system, grab the last Steroids from behind the 2 bathtubs that are close together.From tbelow, go southern into the Storage Space.Open the case and usage Eveline"s Tconcern Samples on it.Take the E-Necrotoxin developed by the case.Go south into the safe room. Grab any adjacent ammo and also conserve your game. My save time: 2:34:00.Step out to the west and make your method along the path.Run previous as many type of Molded as possible, utilizing your shotgun to shoot just the opponents that block thin pathways.In the room through the two Fat Molded, hit them with a single Remote Bomb once they spawn. If you"re super fast and also lucky, you have the right to climb the ladder prior to they recover and also shoot you. However before, it"s safest just to finish them off via bombs. You just need one bomb for the last boss.Escape via the thin break in the wall and reach the final safe room. Save! My save time: 2:38:00.Push the boarded wall down and also enter the Guest Housage for the last time.

Guest House

Proceed through the initially floor and also just previous the Kitchen, wbelow you"ll confront Eveline and threaten her via the E-Necrotoxin.Go upstairs to the Attic and challenge Evie.Walk towards Evie till you reach and also inject her with the E-Necrotoxin.Boss fight! Use a Remote Bomb on the monster"s face as shortly as it becomes fragile. Then blast her with grenade shots until the following phase starts. If you die below, you"re most likely making good sufficient time that you can simply rebegin from the checkpoint fairly than reloading your save.Once the fight goes outside, shoot Evie via your pistol and/or Grenade Launcher.

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Grab the Albert 01-R as soon as it becomes obtainable (also if you already have one) and unpack shots into the boss"s challenge till she dies.Skip the finishing movies and/or credits if you"re in a hurry.That"s it! This totality playwith need to have taken under 3 hours. My time was 2:46:00, and also I sacrificed time to refine this guide. The "Just Get me Outta Here" Achievement/Trophy is yours!

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Resident Evil 7: Bioperil is a game that fans of horror games won"t want to miss. And bereason it"s an Xbox Play Anywbelow title, Windows 10 gamers will not need to miss out either.

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