At 56 years old I was at the point wbelow my bronzing powder was just not enough however I had not provided a foundation given that I remained in high college via acne. This product gives great coverage without my looking comprised. I was surprised that it looked heavy but feels light, and totally evened out my complexion. It does not feel grsimple. I had check out some reviews and also there is a trick to finding the correct shade. I use this through a Kabuki Flat Top Makeup Brush. Just dab it in and also also it out. Then I apply my usual bronzing powder and concealer. It really provides your makeup stay on a lot of of the day. The real selling point was how many people told me just how excellent my skin looked. They actually noticed the distinction. I gave this product 8 points bereason it is tough to find in a regional store and also the compact is cheaply made and is deceiving as to just how a lot product is actually purchased. My shade is tool beige and that provides my olive skin a 365 day a year slightly suntanned glow. It matches my medium bronzer perfectly.

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Great product and also simply what I have been searching for.

I am 45 years old through normal. little bit aging light skin and also have actually used about eexceptionally age defying, wrinkle reducing foundation out there that I might afford. I tried this for the first time around 6 months ago and also was so surprised by how smooth my skin looked! I moisten the applicator that is included with water before applying so it goes on smoothly. I have actually a few age spots starting on my challenge and through this consist of they are not visible at all. I have some skin discoloration and this evens my skin tone perfectly. I usage it on my face and my neck because of some discoloration on my neck. I have actually been told by several world that I look years younger given that using this product. The only complaint I have actually is that it does not last me extremely long. I go via one around eincredibly month or so. Well worth the price That I pay, conveniently accessible in discount stores an pharmacies and also I will continue to buy and usage this product.





Although I have been utilizing Revlon"s New Complexion make-up for 25 years. I"ve newly been extremely dissappointed in the product. When I was young I offered the liquid yet as I gained older, I necessary even more coverage for sunlight, age spots and blemishes and discovered their compact foundations to be perfect. Unfortunately, Revlon has adjusted their packaging to extremely cheap plastic (kinda reminds me of childs-play make-up), that is boxy and also a pain in the butt to open. The middle panel that is between the make-up and also the applicator are in the means of each other. It is a shame that Revlon has lowered it standards while increasing the price. The economic situation is turbulent enough so to continue to be dedicated to this product also after years of using it. The competition is tough out there and also have currently found a replacement that provides excellent coverage and much less expensive. It took a while because all of us women understand how hard it is to switch or find an additional product compatable to one we"ve been utilizing for years. They are either discontinued or changed so much that it does"nt perform the project it offered to. I feel relieved that I might uncover an additional product that fits my budobtain and perdevelops just also.




Revlon makeup sand also beige

This prouduct is great! I"ve just brought one and I love it. It dosent run down ur confront if yu sweat or cry. it"s also rapid and simple to use! It provides ur challenge look baby soft and also so herbal as if yu dosent have actually any type of on! Anvarious other factor why I love this prouduct is because it doesn"t give you acni witch is a pluss. If I had to price this prouduct 1-10 I would certainly offer it a perfect 10!


Jacksonville, FL


I feel pretty oh so pretty

Well if you have been analysis my reviews, you know that I am into coupons. I prefer to attempt various things as soon as tright here is a coupon attached. I do not really have actually a light complexion so therefore finding a compact through the right shade is challenging at times. I carry out like trying different face makeup and well I did try the Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup in Sand Beige.I need to tell you that I did favor the outcome of this confront makeup, I felt that I was able to cover up the marks that I wanted to cover up and also it provided me a smooth complete and also even tone to my challenge. The shade was a small also light for my skin complexion, so that godness that the store I bought it from let me take it earlier, It"s always a gamble via make up. However before I think this was sensibly priced and also via the coupon it made it better, and I additionally choose the fact that it lasts for rather a long time too. I would recommfinish this product to everyday make up customers.


Franklin Square, NY


Love this stuff!

I am so satisfied through this make up! it covers so well, it doesn"t look cavital, ever!!! So many kind of make up"s now a days make your face look fake or different than it is supposed to naturally. this make up is light, yet not transparent, so it still covers and smooths/evens out skin is a "new complexion" one action compact which means it is all in one action, which is so nice...tright here are so many kind of shades so you deserve to absolutely pick the one that matches your challenge in the ideal way possible, which is so nice!!! i think that this make up would fulfill anyone... it is so smooth and nice looking on my confront, i am so satisified with it...i hope that revlon continues to make this and will not disproceed it or anypoint, or i"ll be pretty bummed out...bereason it took me a while to find this consist of...and i dont want to need to search for one more one again because tbelow is not any type of that are very comparable today.

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Rialto, CA


Revlon Makeup

*Yes, I think this is an extremely good for the skin. It also looks good on the skin. Us as Ladys we prefer to look excellent once we go out through our friends or on a day or anypoint else we discover excellent to carry out. I think this* porduct is so epic and also i would certainly use it. I understand people that wear this on their confront and it look so excellent on them. Its even for once your out through your friends and also you wanna take images and also the flash is on this makup does not make your challenge look oily or anything. This is simply incredibly great i don"t think it deserve to get better then this,because this porduct last really lengthy so for u the party never ends yet additionally its not tough to acquire off yet at the exact same time its not very straightforward ether. Some ladys dont choose people or guys to recognize that they have makeup on why....possibly its bereason they desire world to think their skin is currently. And if you are one of these human being then this is for you and if your not one of these people well this is still for you attempt it it will certainly readjust your life.


Kalamazoo, MI


Revlon Compact Makeup is a miracle!

I have actually always been jealous of my sister"s skin. So this year for Christmas I asked her to buy me the makeup she offers for her challenge. She bought me **Revlon Face: Revlon New Complexion One Tip Compact Makeup Sand also Beige. I have never before provided a compact makeup rather choose this before. I provided to need to use a liquid structure and a powder structure yet this does the project that both of the others were doing. All I require is ****Revlon Face: Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup Sand Beige! The shade matches my skin tone perfectly. I have actually already been able to tell a distinction in my complextion bereason this product is actually excellent for your skin! It is simple to usage and also quick. It is also incredibly durable...all day! **Revlon Face: Revlon New Complexion One Tip Compact Makeup Sand Beige likewise offers excellent coverage for difficulty areas on my challenge. I will certainly definitely be recommending **Revlon Face: Revlon New Complexion One Tip Compact Makeup Sand also Beige to other friends.******


Grantham, PA


Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup could be better

Overall Revlon New complexion one action compact makeup functions well to cover blemishes. Although Its excellent for coverage of blemishes, it seems to never before last lengthy sufficient. Within a pair hours a brand-new application is required. 


Welsh, LA


Revlon Face: Revlon New Complexion One Tip Compact Makeup

Revlon Face: Revlon New Completion One Step Compact Makeup is the only type of coverup I will use. I have actually a couple of blemishes on my confront, and this makeup covers it up perfectly. It"s easy, rapid, and also blends well through my skin tone. I love the texture of it too!! Revlon Face: Revlon New Completion One Tip Compact Makeup is smooth and also it renders me feel beautiful, which is incredibly exceptionally important to me!! I feel that it has extremely excellent coverage. Revlon Face: Revlon New Completion One Step Compact Makeup is pretty durable also unless you start crying or sweating. Revlon Face: Revlon New Completion One Tip Compact Makeup is a tiny expensive, but I think it"s worth the money. I execute admit that it sometimes reasons me to breakout, which is negative, and also it have the right to be hefty, but usually it"s perfect! Revlon Face: Revlon New Completion One Step Compact Makeup gets four stars from me for suuuuuure! (: