What is an AI voice actor?

It all starts with a talented voice actor spending hours training our AI how to percreate.

Our AI design learns just how to perform by copying the genuine voice actors distinct speech fads, pronunciation, and also emotional variety.

The end result is an AI voice actor you can usage in your games or movies.


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Replica made it extremely simple to quickly create voice lines and also play-test our advancement builds, prior to we recorded the last lines via actors.




Role: HERO Style: Hatred


Whoever before taught you exactly how to fight need to be dead by currently, bereason that was the weakest strike I"ve ever before been struck by.


Role: AI Style: POLITE
Captain, five unknown ships have actually just showed up 41 clicks from our place. I have actually allowed the defence protocols.


Greetings traveller, you look like you could usage a drink. Might I interest you in a mug of ale? Or just how around a kidney pie?

How we can assist

Replica is at the cutting edge of AI voice technology and also we desire to explore via you brand-new imaginative methods it deserve to be provided. Reach out if you have any concerns or ideas you"d like to discuss. team


Save on production prices or usage as a proof of idea to secure a greenlight by making use of placeholder voice acting in your movie or game.

Work on the script prior to bringing in voice actors. See exactly how the manuscript functions in a scene. Easy to make changes to manuscript. Get a greenlight for your job.

Indie Creators

Not eincredibly creator has the budacquire to hire a full cast of voice actors, we assist administer a voice for eextremely task.

Access to voice in your games Great for computer animation studios A fraction of the cost of a voice actor

AI voices are still at the cutting edge of technology and the actual potential hasn"t been completely explored yet. It opens up new imaginative avenues for anyone willing to experiment.

Real time voice generation. Integprice directly via your game engine. Dynamic scripts.

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Voice artists—on demand also

Using AI, Replica Voices permits you to produce natural-sounding performances easily, on-demand also without a voice-over artist or studio.

Ethics + voice protection

We take the usage and also defense of AI voices seriously. With the quick advancements in synthesized audio modern technology, it"s vital to encertain voices are just offered for good.