The Windy City, Chicearlier, Illinois is a large metropolis on the scenic Lake Michigan.

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The Skyline is punctuated via large high-rises, such as the Willis Tower (Former Sears Tower) and the Legendary John Hancock Center at over 1,451ft high.

Chicearlier is likewise known for its tasty foods from Chicago style pizza (Deep dish) & mouth watering Chicago warm dogs.

In addition, Chicago is understand for its Jazz and also of course the Notorious 1920s gangster Al Capone!

Cooperstown in Ostego County is rather the opposite! Cooperstown is a quaint village location through a charming major street, where you will certainly uncover plenty of vintage shops & excellent restaurants.

Baseball fans will recognize the town as home of National Basesphere Hevery one of Fame which celebrates the legendary players & supervisors from yesteryear. This is a great area to lug the kids!

Many kind of pick to head down to Doubleday Field, to watch a ball game!


National Basesphere hevery one of fame is an excellent area for families! Source: Thisiscooperstvery

Should you take a road pilgrimage in between Chicearlier and also Cooperstown?

A road trip in between Chicback and Cooperstown will certainly take you via some of the many significant organic wonders in the USA! We stopped off at Niagara Falls and the glorious Finger Lakes region for some wine tasting!

We also passed, “Motor city” Detroit, Cleveland also and also many kind of memorable little towns in Ostego county.

How lengthy is the drive from Niagara Falls from Chicago?

Driving direct Niagara Falls is 525 miles from Chicago! This will take you roughly 8 hrs using I-69 N and I-94 E.

I recommended protecting against in Detroit to break up the road expedition favor we did!

When is the Best time of year to visit Niagara falls?

Peak circulation at Niagara falls is in the daytime during optimal tourist seaboy (June, July, and August). If you want much less tourists you have the right to head an different time of year.


New York City to Niagara Falls road trip

Which is better New York side or Canada side of Niagara falls?

The Canada side (Ontario) of Niagara falls (Horseshoe falls) is the finest. It is the largest of the 3 waterfalls and also has actually the majority of hotels, restaurants & attractions in the tvery own of Niagara.

Insider Tip:

Take a drive along the scenic Niagara Parkmethod.

(For even more on Niagara Falls inspect out our, New York City to Niagara falls Road trip!)

How long is the drive to Finger Lakes from Chicago?

Driving direct to Finger Lakes region, New York would certainly take you about 10 h and you will certainly cover 649.0 mi, (travelling via I-90 E).

How long is the drive from Niagara Falls to Finger Lakes?

The great news is Finger Lakes is simply 2 hours 15 mins (133 miles) from Niagara Falls! 

How lengthy is the drive from Cooperstvery own from Chicago?

Driving direct to Cooperstown from Chicago would take you 12 hours and also you will cover 765 miles via I-90 E

This have the right to be a long drive, that’s why its good speak off at some impressive wonders encourse choose Niagara Falls!

Interactive Road Trip Map: Chicback to Cooperstown

Dive into our interenergetic road pilgrimage map below!

User Guide:  Simply Click the +/- butlots to zoom in & out, Click on a favourite attraction, and click directions symbol to give you the driving or walking course directly there!

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Roadway Trip Itinerary (Chicback to Cooperstown):

Chicago, ILDetroit, MICleveland, OHBuffalo, New YorkNiagara Falls Seneca County, NYFinger Lakes, NYGilbertsville, NYMilford, NYCooperstown, NY 

1. Chicago, IL

Here are my peak 5 unique points to carry out in Chicback prior to you hit the road!

5 Unique Things to perform in Chicago?1. Visit the Millennium Park – FREE! 

Millennium Park  is not just a public park, its a true expression of the Chicago experience! It is the largest public space inside the 319 acres of Chicagos Grant Park, located downtvery own. This area has, gardens, sculptures and also attractions.

Crvery own Fountain: 

Crvery own Fountain was designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa the fountain is made up of 2 50 foot glass block towers which of display rotating images of over 1000 Chicago citizens.

The fountain fires water out of the huge mouth and also is really well-known via youngsters in the time of the summer months.


Crown Fountain Chicago

Cloud Gate (The “Bean”)

A Large public sculpture weighing in at over 110tones and also is over 66 feet long and 33 feet high. This is an astonishing sculpture to view and was designed by British Artist Anish Kanegative.


Cloudgate Chicearlier Bean

Other highlights at Millennium Park encompass, Lure Garden and Maggie Daley Park. A big 20 acre adendeavor park which contains rock climbing, slides and mirror walks.

Wright here is it?

201 E Randolph St, Chicback, IL 60602, United States

2. Willis Tower (“Sears Tower”) 

The Willis Tower is a 110-story, 1,450-foot skyscraper in Chicback. When it was completed in 1973, it exceeded the World Trade Center in New York to end up being the tallest structure in the world!


chicago-view from willis tower

3. Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a 3,300-foot-long pier on the coast of Lake Michigan. Here you will find many type of fairground rides & attractions consisting of a 360 Chicearlier, (A Premiere monitoring deck), Centennial Wheel (Observation Wheel)  Museum of Conmomentary Art, the Childrens Museum, River Cruises and many more!


Navy Pier Chicago

How much does it cost? 

It is FREE to enter Navy Pier, each attractions or display has it’s very own admission price.

4. Green Mill Lounge – Can you spot Al Capone’s ghost?? 

Head back to the 1940s at Chicagos Eco-friendly Mill Lounge. Here you can find regional Jazz Musicians, poets and was once a hangout for the Notorious Gangster Al Capone.


Environment-friendly Mill Lounge Chicago Al Capones hangout

5. Relax at the Lakefront Promenade 

As Lake Michigan spans across the whole size of Chicearlier, you need to really take advantage of these glistening waters! Head down to the The Lakefront Trail wbelow you will discover 18 miles of biking & walking via scenic lakefront views.

Best Summer Spot:

Beach? If you fancy a beach head to Oak Street Beach, which is on North Lake Shore Drive.


Oak Street Beach Chicearlier 1

2. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan, birth place of Motown and also an Icon of the automotive market, “Motor City”.

Things to carry out in Detroit:Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum of Amerideserve to Innovation is the biggest indoor-outdoor museum facility in the United States and also is went to by over 1.6 million human being every year.


Henry Ford Museum

Outdoor Adventure Center

The Outdoor Adundertaking Center is the perfect area to sample the “Great Michigan Outdoors”. Here you will certainly discover many kind of interactive activities and experiences from cycling to viewing waterfalls, fishing and many kind of more!

Belle Isle Nature Center

The Belle Isle Nature Center guarantees to carry the wildlife of Michigan to Detroit. Here you have the right to discover a variety of animals, and also plant species. Be certain to try the deer encounter where you deserve to feed the deer.

The Detroit Institute of Arts

One of the top rated Museums in the U.S.A, the Detroit Institute of Arts offering art, music, film gallery games and also art making!

Wbelow to eat??Chicago’s Eastern Market – Foodie Favourite!

Eastern Market has to be one of my favourite locations to visit in Detroit. Founded back in 1891 here you will uncover one the largest outdoor farmers sectors in the nation.

In addition to local produce you will uncover, hip cafes giving a range of foods items from Tacos to Coney Island Hot Dogs. Head to Berts Warehome Theatre for some live Jazz & Motown…of course!


Eastern Market detroit. Source; Detroit

3. Cleveland, OH

Cleveland deserve to be a good city to visit. Attractions include, the Rock and also Roll Hevery one of Fame, Cleveland Metro Parks nature reserve, Emerald Necklace and also the Museum of Art,.

A bit known national park is located just southern of Cleveland (Cuyahoga NP).

Is Cleveland Dangerous!?

While Cleveland does have a really high homeless population which does cause crime, take a trip throughout the day is fine and also simply be mindful at nighttime. Or simply lug on driving! haha

4. Buffalo, NY

Drive up the shores of Lake Erie to arrive at Buffalo, New York. Some famous attractions here include:


If your feeling hungry you have to try some of the spicy buffalo wings from Duffs. If your into spicy wings, this is the place. Tright here medium is boiling, and also they even have actually “fatality sauces” which are just for those which desire a actual spicy obstacle.


Duffs buffalo wings new york. Source:

5. Niagara Falls – New York

You’ve made it to Niagara Falls, a raging wonder of the world! Fun facts about Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls is over 15,000 years old, formed simply the last Ice ageThe Largest Fall (Horse shoe falls) is on the Canadian side 176 feet / 53.6 meters high.600,000 UNITED STATE gallons / 2,271,247 litres per second circulation over Horse shoe drops.The initially perchild to go over the Falls in a barrel and endure was a 63 year old female schoolteacher.30 Million Visitors involved Niagara falls each Year20% of the human beings freshwater lies in the Great Lakes and also a lot of flows over Niagara Falls. In 2012 Nik Wallenda was the initially perchild to cross the Niagara Falls by tightrope in 116 years. (He also had actually to current his passport at the border despite being on a tightrope!) 

Niagara Falls. Source:

6. Go wild at Seneca County 

Drive west right into New York’s Seneca County, and also be sure to check out Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge an area which offers of 10,000 acres of swampland and has actually been a national landnote since 1973.

7. Finger Lakes

Take the brief drive to the Finger Lakes Regions where I indicate you spfinish a few days.

Fun Fact: The name “Finger Lakes” originates from the finger form of two lakes Seneca and also Cayuga, which are some of the deepest in the US.

The location is also renowned for its wine vineyards, via over 100 in the area! You will certainly additionally uncover watercraft cruises, farmers industries and also a range of Museums.

If you require some driving inspiration head to Watkins Glen International racing circuit


Finger Lakes New York

8. Gilbertsville (Otsego County) 

With a populace of just 399 human being, according to a 2010 census, Gilbertsville is a tiny village situated in the scenic Butternut valley, simply a brief drive from Unadilla, NY.

The village of Gilbertsville was included to the National Register of Historic Places in May 1983, making it a unique district to visit. Be sure to examine out:

The Major’s Inn, a medieval English Tudor & Gothic Building, which is open up seasonally & hosts many type of one-of-a-kind events.


The Major’s Inn Gilbertsville

Wagner Farm State Forest provides over 450 acres, via searching & trapping allowed during proper periods.

9. Milford (Otsego County)

Just nine miles south of Cooperstvery own and also just a 20 minute drive from Oneonta, NY, you will certainly uncover Milford. Attractions below include:

 Cooperstvery own Brewing Company

Cooperstown Brewing Company is just one of many type of good craft breweries in the Cooperstvery own location. Here you will certainly uncover english ales such as Old Slugger, Nine Man Ale and also Benchwarmer,

Cooperstvery own & Charlotte Valley Railroad

After a few drinks, you have the right to hop on board the Cooperstvery own & Charlotte Valley Railroad for a scenic train ride alengthy the Susquehanna River Valley.


Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad

The Murdock & Murdock Gallery

Here you will find artwork-related from old legends to modern contemporaries. They likewise offer American, European paintings, bronze, marble and also also Tiffany kind of lamps!

Raspberry picking at Middlefield Orchard

Pick apples, apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries & sweet corn at Middlearea Orchard, just a brief 10 miles north in Middlefield, NY.

10. Coopers town (Otsego County)

Cooperstown in Ostego County is a quaint village area which packs a huge punch in New York state. Baseround fans will recognize the tvery own as home of National Baseround Hall of Fame which celebrates the legendary players & supervisors from yesteryear.

Many select to head dvery own to Doubleday Field, to watch a round game! Head alengthy the charming primary street to uncover plenty of quaint shops & great restaurants.

If your right into some culture why not examine out the civilization renowned Fenieven more Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum. 


Coopers tvery own (Otsego County 1

Winter Festivals?

If your right here throughout the winter time be sure to inspect out seasonal performances at The Glimmerglass Opera Festival

Outdoor activities:

If you sophisticated heading outdoors then head to Glimmerglass State Park, a 593 acre which offers year round activities consisting of swimming and camping on the timber lined shores.

Hyde Hall:

Hyde Hall, is 50-room mansion which acts as a 19th century museum, of a bygone era once powerful english family members had substantial chateaus in their previous colonies. The house is taken into consideration one of the finest examples of neoclassic nation mansions everywhere in the United States.

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Essential Road Trip Tips:


Make certain you are equip with some good Photography Gear!

Make sure your Car is serviced, through a spare tire or alternatively rent a fully trusted automobile.

How to acquire the best auto rental Deals?