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Can rob suppose "to steal"?: Usage Guide

Transitive feeling 1c, in which the straight object is the thing stolen, is occasionally thought about to be wrong, or maybe archaic. The feeling has actually been in use given that the 13th century and is found in previously literature. contrive to rob the honey and also subvert the hive — John Dryden It is still in usage though not as widespread as other senses. then robbed $100 after the clerk fled — Springarea (Massachusetts) Morning Union

Recent Examples on the Net Later, young Big is saved from peril (both fecal and physical) once Deer Lady reflects up to stomp some dudes who are trying to rob the regional edge save. — Kali Simmons, Vulture, 30 Aug. 2021 As well as losing networking avenues, beginning a new task from our bedrooms deserve to rob us of the opportunity to understand the structure of a team – and the subtle interpersonal dynamics between our colleagues. — Natasha Preskey, refinery29.com, 19 Aug. 2021 Testimony showed that on that Thanksproviding Day, Mitchell went to an apartment wbelow Byrd was remaining and questioned his setup to rob the Airport Inn. — Carol Robinchild | Crobinson
al.com, al, 7 Aug. 2021 Cannick said in the letter that Kelly"s new lawyers haven"t been able to fulfill with him in perboy bereason of the quarantine and that proceeding through the R&B star"s trial as booked would rob him of reliable and also systematic representation. — CBS News, 6 July 2021 While more days away from home can definitely be good, workcations deserve to rob you of the benefits of totally unplugging, engaging and also relaxing. — cleveland, 23 May 2021 Covid-19, the illness brought about by the coronavirus, can rob a person of the capacity to breathe, and ventilators act as an exterior collection of lungs. — Washington Post, 31 May 2021 Biden said Trump’s proposal to carry out $200 cards to Medicare beneficiaries would certainly rob the routine of valuable funds. — Bart Jansen, USA TODAY, 13 Oct. 2020 According to police, Aguilera and Martinez lured 2 men to the 300 block of Northeastern Fifth Street in Grand Prairie to rob them. — Tom Steele, Dallas News, 28 Apr. 2021

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History and also Etymology for rob

Center English robben, from Anglo-French rober, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High Gerguy roubōn to rob — more at reave