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Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing

Chapter Five Responsibility Accounting and also Transfer PricingNama: Rony PutraNIM: 120620140027MAGISTER AKUNTANSI

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RMK Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing- Nurhayati.docx

Mata Kuliah Dosen Pembimbing: Akuntansi Manjeguys : Prof.Dr. Mediaty,SE.,Ak.,MSi.,CATUGAS RMK Responsibility Accounti

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Accounting CONCEPTS Multiple Choice Questions

cc cc  c c  cc  c  cc Accounting Principle is general legislation or rule followe

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Accounting Concepts Multiple Choice Questions

1Accounting Concepts Multiple Choice Questions 1 There is excellent uncertainty around the continuance of a service. This

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Ex04 Responsibility Accounting & Transfer Pricing

MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING 1.Segment Income & ROI Barfield Deep Sea Division is among the operating units of Global Trea

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RESPONSIBILITY ACCOUNTING AND TRANSFER PRICING MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. The biggest challenge in making a decentralized company attribute efficiently is: A. earning maximum revenues through fair practices. B. minimizing losses. C. taking advantage of the specialized understanding and skills of highly talented managers. D. obtaining goal congruence among division managers. E. emerging an adequate budgetary manage system. Answer: D LO: 1 Type: RC 2. What practice is existing when divisional managers throughout an organization job-related together in an effort to achieve the organization"s goals? A. Participatory management. B. Goal attainment. C. Goal congruence. D. Centralization of missions. E. Negotiation by subordinates. Answer: C LO: 1 Type: RC 3. Consider the following statements around goal congruence: I. II. III. Goal congruence is obtained once managers of subunits throughout an company strive to attain the goals set by height management. Managers are frequently even more involved around the performance of their very own subdevices rather than the performance of the whole organization. Achieving goal congruence in most establishments is relatively straightforward and straightforward to achieve. Which of the over statements is (are) true? A. I only. B. II only. C. I and also II. D. II and also III. E. I, II, and III. Answer: C LO: 1 Type: RC 4. Which of the following performance steps is (are) provided to evaluate the financial success or faientice of investment centers? A. Residual earnings. B. Rerevolve on investment. C. Number of suppliers. D. Economic worth included. E. All of the over measures are supplied except "C." Answer: E LO: 1 Type: RC 5. ROI is most as necessary offered to evaluate the performance of: A. cost center managers. B. revenue facility managers. C. profit center supervisors. D. investment center managers. E. both profit facility managers and investment facility managers. Answer: D LO: 2 Type: RC 6. Which of the complying with is not considered in the calculation of divisional ROI? A. Divisional revenue. B. C. D. E. Earnings velocity. Capital turnover. Sales margin. Sales revenue. Answer: B LO: 2 Type: RC 7. Which of the following is the correct mathematical expression for rerevolve on investment? A. Sales margin ÷ resources turnover. B. Sales margin + capital turnover. C. Sales margin - capital turnover. D. Sales margin x capital turnover. E. Capital turnover ÷ sales margin. Answer: D LO: 2 Type: RC 8. The ROI calculation will indicate: A. the percent of each sales dollar that is invested in assets. B. the sales dollars generated from each dollar of earnings. C. just how efficiently a company offered its invested resources. D. the invested funding created from each dollar of revenue. E. the as a whole quality of a company"s income. Answer: C LO: 2 Type: RC 9. A company"s sales margin: A. should, by definition, be better than the firm"s net sales. B. has basically the exact same meaning as the term "contribution margin." C. is computed by splitting sales revenue into earnings. D. is computed by separating revenue into sales revenue. E. mirrors the sales dollars generated from each dollar of earnings. Answer: C LO: 2 Type: RC 10. Which of the complying with is the correct mathematical expression to derive a company"s resources turnover? A. Sales revenue ÷ invested funding. B. Contribution margin ÷ invested funding. C. Income ÷ invested capital. D. Invested capital ÷ sales revenue E. Invested funding ÷ earnings Answer: A LO: 2 Type: RC 11. Capital turnover shows: A. the amount of revenue created by each dollar of funding investment. B. the number of sales dollars created by each dollar of funding investment. C. the amount of contribution margin produced by each dollar of resources investment.

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