About I Don"t Kcurrently What It Is

"I Don"t Kcurrently What It Is" is a song created and performed by Canadian-Amerideserve to singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwbest. It was the initially single from Wainwright"s 3rd studio album Want One and also was released in a slim-line jewel case format on July 26, 2004. In enhancement to the UK and also Japanese versions of Want One, the song additionally appears on the bonus DVD that acsuppliers Want Two (Rufus Wainwright: Live at the Fillmore), All I Want (DVD), and Want, a repackaged UK double album that consists of Want One and Want Two. even more »

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I don"t know what it isBut you got to do itI do not know where to goBut you obtained to be thereI don"t know wright here to fallBut I know that it"s comfortable, wellI don"t know where it isPutting all of my time in learning to careAnd a bucket of rhymes I threw up somewhereWant a locket of that made me loseMy perfunctory view of all that is aroundAnd of all that I doSo I knock on the door, take a step that is newNever been below beforeIs tbelow anyone else who"s tooIn love through beautyPlaying all of the gamesAnd thinks three"s companyIs tbelow anyone else who has actually slightly mysterious bruisesI do not recognize what it isSick and also looking roughly at friendly facesAll declaring a war on much off placesIs there anyone else who is throughWith complaining about what"s done unto usSo I knock on the doorAnd I am on a trainGoing God knows wright here toTo get me over, to get me overGet me heaven or hell, Calais or DoverI was hoping the train was my huge numberDocking in Santa Fe and also the Atchikid TopekaBut we"re chugging alengthy, done away by the crossing handsWe"ll heading for Poland also or limbo or Lower ManhattanFind myself running aroundI don"t recognize what it isTo acquire me overI do not recognize what it isTo get me overI don"t know what it isTo get me overTo gain me overYou gotta perform itYou gotta be there

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Rufus Wainwappropriate Rufus McGarrigle Wainwideal (born July 22, 1973) is an American-Canadian singer-songwriter and composer. He has taped salso albums of original music and also countless tracks on compilations and also film soundtracks.

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He has actually likewise composed a timeless opera and collection Shakespeare sonnets to music for a theater item by Robert Wilson. more »