This weeks run report comes from the latest member of our 50 club, and starts via the quote over...

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"The quote above (by Dean Karnazes) sums up what is all about, especially the never provide up part. No-one will feel any kind of much less of you if you do have to walk or crawl any kind of part of the course. The reality that you brought on makes you unique and component of the family.

I must admit I didn"t always obtain It appeared to me that getting up early on a Saturday morning to run three miles in a regional park was somepoint that was only done by civilization various other than me! Well after now I ran my 50th and I deserve to now say that I definitely gain it - and feel favor I belengthy as part of the family. In fact on 5th November as soon as both of my usual park runs (Bexley and also Dartford) are cancelled because of firefunctions displays being set up I am now desperately looking to discover a that is on so I can get my weekly park run deal with. Saturday is not Saturday without it beginning through


Why is so important? For me it"s a bit favor the old saying "It"s not the winning, it"s the taking component that counts". You additionally acquire to fulfill so many kind of nice civilization who are all tright here for various reasons but all have actually their very own goal – to acquire to the finish no issue exactly how long it takes and no issue exactly how you obtain tright here, for this reason the quote from Dean Karnazes.

As always the event could not take place without the assistance of the many type of volunteers that turn up each week to firstly put up the course, then marshal, time your run and then hand also you your finishing location and sdeserve to your barcodes to provide you your time finishing place etc. So now our thanks go to:

Jacki CLEMENT, Jacob DUNKLEY, Richard FURZE, Grant GRIFFIN, Debbie HART, James MACDONALD, Ian MCLEAN, Cliff MORLEY, Jackie MUSSETT, Brian PHELPS, Kyrrie ROSTEK, Marcus SMITH, Louise TARSKY, Andy WHITNELL, Keeley WICKS, Lynette WOODWARD.

The rota for future weeks is looking a bit bare at the moment so if you are not able to run in future weeks for whatever reason, yet still desire to take component, then please look at and email bexleyhelpers for any of the functions that you can aid through. Full training will certainly be offered.

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Also do not fsteustatiushistory.orget your printed barcode. Without this your time and location will not be recognized and also you have to hide under the umbrella phrase "Unrecognized Athlete" - and no-one desires to be unrecognized.

On to todays race. It was a fairly grey and also chilly start, although most likely perfect for running. Tright here were 335 runners, of whom 25 were initially timers. Welpertained to the Danchild Family. a whopping 64 world set pbs - well done to you all. First male over the line was Mark Jennings, an initial timer to Danchild from North Befast Harriers, adhered to by Richard Jeep of Bournville Harriers. Third over the line and also first lady was Caroline Ford of Cambridge Harriers, an additional first timer to Danson. Second Female was Rose Baker, of Cambridge Harriers, a regular at Dankid and my work colleague!

Part of standing out is the assorted clubs that world join as they store coming ago - this week we had Genevive Hibbs establishing a brand-new PB as she joined the 10 club (for junior runners) and me (Andy Whitnell!) joining the 50 club at a small over my PB! It always seems an age amethod when you look at the milerock clubs, yet then you uncover yourself ideal on optimal of it and wanting to order that tshirt!


Well that"s it for one more week. Don"t foracquired your intricate dress for following weeks Spooktacular run and if you haven"t yet but could, have actually a think around donating a few quid to our fund towards an AED - hopefully the most expensive thing we"ll never should use! Details can be found