I can’t run as quick I used to be able to. I turned 50 a few weeks back. I don’t really feel any kind of various than I did when I was 49, however yet I can’t seem to shake that number. It seems substantial. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s just perspective. I think I’ll just go through perspective. After all, forty didn’t seem as well huge. Thirty was barely a blip. I don’t also really remember 20. The just thing 50 really reminds me of instantly is that my basic medical professional shelp I’ll should have a colonoscopy this year. Shit.

For some reference: In 1971, movie tickets were $1.50, and a gallon of gas averaged 40 cents. The average cost of a new house was $25,250. Disney World in Florida opened up while the voting age was officially lowered to 18. Federal Express and Tupac Shakur were born in 1971, and on the music scene Led Zeppelin IV was released while Doors’ frontguy Jim Morrikid died of a drug overdose in Paris at the age of 27. The Billboard Tune of the Year was “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night, and also likewise in 1971 The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards turned 73 (unverified). You store going Keith!

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“Rat, when it comes dvery own to making out, whenever before feasible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.”

I’m additionally reminded exactly how time is ticking ever before so conveniently specifically once I watch a movie or a video or old concert footage where the star is no much longer via us. I watched an old documentary on Amazon Prime the other day about The Eagles and their “Hell Freezes Over” album and concert from 1994. I bought that cd a day or two after it was released. I love The Eagles, but it’s difficult to imagine that was about 27 years earlier. It renders me sad to hear the sweet sounds of Glen Frey and also realize he’s been gone for over 5 years currently. But I perform imagine Glen is somewhere taking it basic.

This blog hasn’t even been approximately five years yet, yet it’s acquiring cshed. I think I like composing on here because the words are out there. They seem long-term, and they might also be out tbelow long after I’m gone. I told my wife to make sure she pays my yearly website domain fee need to anything happen to me, because all of these words might disshow up prefer they were never before composed, prefer they never existed need to my payment lapse for also long. She simply shook her head at me. I’ve heard of digital and also social media executors so possibly I have to look into that. I don’t understand. Maybe my wife and/or daughter will certainly eventually fill that role. I have a lot of other things via higher priority right currently, so I’ll concern around social media executors and also the such tomorrow, and hope that tomorrow comes.

But whatever does come along throughout my 51st year in this earthly body, I desire to execute my finest to be present and also completely immersed in the minute. Eventually, that’s really all I have actually manage over. And, I’ll keep running simply as rapid as I can… except as soon as it’s time for the anesthesia for my colonoscopy.

“Look at the method we gotta hide what we’re doin’ ‘Cause what would certainly they say if they ever before knew.”

You know who else turns 50 this year? You gained it. Tiffany type of Darwish transforms 50 this September. I wasn’t specifically into Tiffany when she debuted in 1987, and had her occurring “The Beautiful You: Celebrating the Good Life Shopping Mall Tour ’87.” I preferred shopping malls, yet I wasn’t going to a concert at one. I wanted to buy fresh kicks and also cassettes and also publications at the mall, not watch a peer sing pop covers of Tommy James and also the Shondells. But that’s precisely what Tiffany’s management team did – they reserved a 10 city tour that contained 3 twenty minute performances at miscellaneous shopping malls founding in Peramus, New Jersey.

At the age of 16 years, Tiffany type of ended up being the youngest female artist to accomplish a No. 1 album (quadruple platinum) and also likewise the youngest to have 2 consecutive No. 1 singles. I hadn’t watched this totality video more than likely considering that because 1987, and also I need to say I wasn’t totally turned off by it. The truth that some of the scenes are in soon-to-be-relics recognized as shopping malls provides this video rather nostalgic. A Motley Crue video this is not, however a solid 80’s representation this video most assuredly is.

Tright here are two parts of this video I really like: at the 1:10 mark you obtain to watch “security” holding earlier the raucous shopping-mall crowd, and then the dance sequence that begins around the 2:23 mark and also consists of the old man with the crazy hair dancing on phase via Tiffany kind of. In a couple of even more years I might be the old male through the poor hair dancing at a concert through a teenage superstar. Life is complete of possibilities. Possibilities that incorporate being a worldwide superstar singer at the age of 16.

So, below is then 16-year-old Tiffany type of through among those two consecutive number one singles – a remake of a #1 hit from 1967 by Tommy James and also the Shondells – “I Think We’re Alone Now”…

A happy early on birthday to Tiffany kind of, and, as constantly, thanks for checking in and analysis.

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I appreciate you all… also you – random internet reader whom I’ll most likely never meet.