The S Pen is a one-of-a-kind stylus incorporated right into the Galaxy Keep in mind series, as well as some of the later on Galaxy Tabs.

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To use the S Pen, rerelocate it from your tool by pushing gently on the end. On removal, your tool will certainly vibprice briefly. You deserve to likewise activate the S Pen by hovering it over the screen and conveniently pushing the S Pen switch at the end twice.Read on to find out how to make the most of the S Pen through your Galaxy gadget and also review our FAQ to discover out what renders each S Pen unique.

Please note: New features have been presented with each brand-new Galaxy Note and S Pen. Because of this, some of the features discussed below may not be accessible on older models.

A beneficial attribute of the S Pen is Air Command. This creates a tiny icon on your screen that appears once the S Pen is caused and have the right to be clicked on to expand also and show S Pen functions and also functions.

If Air Command does not show up as soon as you activate the S Pen, you may should switch it on. The path to turn it on will be different depending on your model and also operating system.

Settings > State-of-the-art Features > S Pen > Sjust how air command iconSettings > Cutting edge Features > Air Command > Floating iconSettings > S Pen > Air Command

Read our FAQ to uncover out more about Air Command and also just how to use it.

Using your S Pen as a remote control lets you take photos from a distance, manage PowerPoint presentations, browse Gallery and also even more.With the Galaxy Note10/Note10+ you deserve to go a action better and usage Air Actions to manage your phone through 6 gestures (left/best, up/dvery own, swing left/ideal.Follow the listed below procedures on your Galaxy smartphone to activate the S Pen remote regulate functions.



1Swipe down with 2 fingers from the optimal of the display to open up the Notification panel. Then, drag the notice dvery own to expand the menu.

4A message will certainly pop-up, asking you if you want to store utilizing your current S Pen or connect a new one. In this example, select “Keep using existing S Pen”.

Please note: Make certain the S Pen has actually sufficient battery for the Bluetooth connectivity to work correctly.

Change and customise the application, attributes or actions of your S Pen switch to adapt it to your preferences and also demands.

Please note: This feature is obtainable on the Galaxy Note9 and also Note10/Note10+. Availcapability and design could differ depending upon the design kind and operating mechanism installed.

Or, go to "Settings", tap "Cutting edge features", tap "S Pen", then tap "Air actions" to open the S Pen remote settings display.


Please note: Like various other Bluetooth gadgets, the S Pen’s max selection is 10m. The Note8 S Pen cannot be supplied as a remote regulate or use Air actions.

The Pen switch can be uncovered on the side of the S Pen. You deserve to customise the usage of the Pen switch in 2 ways:

Choose the app that launches once you press and hold the Pen buttonChoose what you would like to happen if you single or double push the Pen button

You deserve to select which app you would choose to open when you push and also hold the Pen switch on your S Pen for a few seconds.

5Select the application or attribute you wish to be introduced (e.g. Camera, Calculator, Translate), in this example “Camera”.

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4In the “App actions” area, tap the apps you wish to customise air actions for, in this instance “Camera”.