Here in the wilds of Hollytimber and thereabouts, we choose to remind ourselves that age is only a number. Ahem. Well, that goes both methods. At “The Lovely Bones” premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Monday, it was clear that was steering that specific ship aiming for Osvehicle heaven, and her Wikipedia entry only has one section: "Early Life,"


That’s right, we’re not talking around Peter Jackson. OK, yes, he did straight the film, and “Bones” is exceptionally much his baby.

But holding together the film – and the actors – was the radiant Saoirse Ronan (SUR-shuh RO-nuhn), that was busy being nominated for Osvehicle, Golden Globe and BAFTA awards last year, once the majority of of her peers were trying on lipstick at the mall.

(Click on the image at appropriate for more shots from the premiere red carpet and also after party.)

Ronan, 15, plays the film’s central character, Susie Salmon, who’s murdered by her skeevy neighbor, played by Stanley Tucci. Wafting down the red carpet in a backmuch less champagne-colored silk gown, seemingly oblivious to the evening drizzle, she talked about exactly how tough it wregarding play the murder scene.

For Tucci, that is ...

"It wasn’t a hard thing for me to carry out,” Ronan said in her light Irish brogue. “I think it was tougher for Stanley because he’s a father himself. So I’d constantly be making sure that he was OK, bereason I was just worried around him. We all were, really."

Later, at the post-party at the Hollylumber Roosevelt Hotel, the 2 clasped hands and also posed for photographers. Hey, it’s just acting folks. Nopoint to view here. Move alengthy.

A excellent time was had by all, and also not simply because of the lovely spcheck out and also open up bar (which doesn’t hurt). Introducing the screening, Jackboy commemorated the main "Bones" opening “because it suggests we have no more work to carry out on the film. We believe in working on it till the studio takes it out of our hands, which they did 10 minutes back."

(Jackchild had eight additional months to work on the film in postproduction after Paramount pumelted the release date from March to December, in the hope of snagging an Osvehicle.)

One nice Jacksonian touch in the film: “Bones” is set in 1973, and also there’s a shot of a booksave window with a large J.R.R. Tolkien poster touting “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which was substantial at the time – and huge again this decade once Jackkid made the books into blockbuster movies.

Also braving the Arctic chill were Stalso Spielberg, an executive producer, and also costars Rachel Weisz, Michael Imperioli, Susan Sarandon, Rose McIver, Amanda “AJ” Michalka, Reece Ritchie, Nikki Soohoo and Christian Ashdale.

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— Irene Lacher

Photos: Stanley Tucci and also SaoirseRonan, peak, at the after party for the premiere of Paramount Pictures'"The Lovely Bones" at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Dec. 7, 2009. Ronan's costar Michael Imperioli recorded up via her on the red carpet.

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Credits: Kevin Winter / Getty Imperiods, top; Alex J. Berliner / Berliner Studio / BEImages, left.

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