This elegant love song is a tale of unrequited love that comes together in the end. The message of the song is that life is complete of unsupposed occasions that regularly lead to what"s inevitably for the ideal. For Vanessa Williams, the song had actually distinct meaning as she recovered from a scandal where she was stripped of her Miss America crvery own once nude images of her surfaced. Williams ended up being a very successful singer and actress, overshadowing the scandal via her talents.

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This was composed by the songwriting team of Jon Lind, Wendy Waldman and Phil Galdston. According to an intercheck out with the authors in Songwriter Universe magazine, Lind and also Galdston created the song via bitter and ironic lyrics, which Waldmale readjusted to make it an uplifting song. The song was not intended for Williams, and the artists they shopped it to turned it dvery own, yet once Vanessa Williams heard the demo, she told her record company that it was the song she"d been waiting for her entirety life - the song was her entirety story.
This topped the Hot 100 for five weeks and also was named by the ASCAP as its Tune of the Year for 1992, definition it was perdeveloped even more than any other song in that year.

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Mary Grace Jabagat Agan from Kuwait Is this a great song for lovers? Staci Duckett from Atlanta Georgiavanessa williams she is beautiful and also talentedMichael from Vienna (austria)I have constantly loved this song, both for its sweet melody and also its lyrics - and of course Williams" excellent performance! You do not need to be Vanessa Williams to make the experience that frequently in life in the end it turns out for what is inevitably the ideal.I heard it for the first throughout the credits for the wonderful Australian drag comedy "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" untill the final joke through the love doll having landed in a Japanese monastery. The soundtrack of the film saved the best song for last indeed. K from Miami, FlVanessa does a good project with this song; She brings it to life.check out more comments
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