Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is all set to come clean about his connection through Oliby means of on this week's episode of 'Scandal.'



Olithrough and Fitz face some extremely substantial results and also Mellie brings in an old friend, Cyrus Beene, to make certain she gets her way. At the same time, Abby shows Olithrough she is totally capable of managing working at the White Housage, on Season 5, Episode 3 of "Scandal." Here's a recap:

The activity picks up appropriate after Oliusing admitted to the press that she's the First Mianxiety. Abby sees the news report and also realizes that she have to soptimal Fitz and Mellie's cozy "we're in love and the rumors are false" tv interview via Noah Somebody that's being videotaped appropriate then. Abby gets the Secret Service to hustle the president out of the interview and right into the Oval Office, wright here he sees the Yes Heard Round the World on TV. Fitz looks pleased and proud; Mellie is angry.

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Noah realizes he's been duped, and also won't hand also over the tape of the fakey-lovey-dovey intercheck out unless he gets somepoint in rerevolve. The White Housage has one hour to cough up one more intersee, or he'll broadcast the fakey-lovey-dovey intercheck out of Fitz and Mellie lying about the affair.

Oliby means of slips right into the White Housage to meet Mellie and Fitz in the Oval. "Oh look, It's the girl that can't shut her legs -- or her mouth," Mellie snarks. Mellie thinks they have to proceed lying. Fitz declares that he and also Oliby means of are doing the intercheck out together, telling the fact and relocating on. He seals the address a steamy Oval kiss.

Mellie calls in disgraced White Housage chief of staff Cyrus Beene to be her chief advisor. When Cyrus asks what Mellie desires in return for doing the interwatch, she answers, "I desire to destroy Oliby means of Pope. I want her to endure choose I have suffered. I desire her to experience so much it makes him experience. I want to make them bleed. I desire their eincredibly breath to reek of poiboy." Bitter a lot, Mellie?

Both sides start negotiating the First Divorce, via Abby delivering messperiods in between Team Mellie-Cyrus and Team Fitz-Olithrough. Mellie needs that Fitz assistance her presidential campaign, and also Oliby means of won't move right into the White Housage or marry Fitz until he leaves the White House, and also won't take the name Grant. Oliby means of advises that they need Mellie on their side, which implies letting her feel favor she's won.

Cyrus gets also more concessions from Team Fitz-Oliva, but when Mellie reads the agreement, she's still wants even more. Moooorree!! She accprovides Cyrus of having lost his edge, the worst thing you might ever before say about Cyrus. He heads earlier to the Oval, where he tells the president that Mellie is being unreasonable because she's hurt and also all alone. "You have to take her ago. That's just how this goes amethod," Cyrus states, suggesting that Olivia and also Fitz go ago right into the shadows until the president leaves office. Hey, it's just 18 months, and it will certainly take Olivia that long to architecture the logo for her jam jars.

Oliusing and Mellie have actually some awkward, raw and also honest girl talk as Mellie searches via her room-sized clocollection for a hidden jar of hootch. Mellie rants around the tough, tedious and also boring life of First Lady. No one cares around the wife; only the president matters. "You get dropped in a cage and also you are trapped," she cautions Oliby means of, that feels pity for Mellie yet recognizes the fact behind her words.

The deadline for the intercheck out is ticking down, and the 2 sides don't have actually a deal. Fitz, Mellie and the hooch fulfill on the White House balcony. Fitz sincerely apologizes to her for all his sins and also shortcomings, and thanks her for making him president. He truly believes she will be initially woman president. (It's necessary to note, in light of later breakthroughs, that Fitz is exceptionally hocolony in this scene. He's not claiming to love her again, yet he acknowledges that he wouldn't be a good guy without her.) Mellie has heard what she needed to hear, and also she agrees to execute a truthful TV intercheck out via Fitz at her side.

Cyrus feels he made the deal feasible, so he grovels and asks the president to hire him ago so they deserve to finish the term together. Cyrus provides it sound as if he'll have actually his lips surgically attached to the president's backside. Barely looking up from his files, Fitz coldly claims no, as if the two were never friends and also Cyrus never marketed his soul in business to his country. Cyrus struggles to hang onto the shreds of his dignity.

But Cyrus is the grasp of subtle revenge. He goes to Mellie and also strongly hints that Fitz is playing her. Mellie believes it. She's walking hand also in hand also through Fitz to the interwatch when she simply decides she can't do it, and also she flees. Abby heads to the push briefing room to settle the situation, which suggests throwing Oliby means of under the bus. Fitz hates the principle however Oliby means of convinces him that it's the appropriate point to execute, and she'll take the hit.

In the last scenes, we see Fitz protectively holding Oliusing on the sofa in the Oval. Cyrus and also Mellie, the newest power couple, drive ameans from the White House in a limo.

Olivia's father, Papa Pope, greets a visitor in the prison break room. It's Jake, that cautions Papa Pope to news reports that the Louvre is burning. Papa Pope says something cryptic that provides us think the fire is a authorize of something bigger and also badder in the works -no doubt another B613 conspiracy.

"She'll acquire nothing and also she'll choose it." Fitz stating what he'll give Mellie in a divorce.

"It indicates, politically, the president is her b---h. He will certainly be by her side on the (campaign) trail at the click of her ruby red heels." Cyrus explaining Mellie's requirements to Lizzie Bear.

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