Picture this: You’re making notes for your following exam from your Android phone and it keeps turning off eincredibly currently and also then. If you’re a worker, photo you are making entries from your Android device to your lap and aacquire, eincredibly 30 seconds or so, the screen goes off.

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Annoying, right? I’m certain you are below to find a solve to this problem and problem not, I’ve acquired you spanned through some quick workable fixes to avoid such Android display screen timeouts.

After scanning with the community forums, I uncovered that this difficulty is a prevalent occurrence in Samsung tools. But I’ve covered both Samsung and other Android phones in this how-to.

Read on!


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Why does Android screen timeout save resetting?

Before we get to the root of the difficulty, it’s essential to understand also that such display timeouts occur due to the device timeout settings. More on this later!

Screen timeout essentially implies the time as much as which your Android phone will certainly remajor on until it sleeps or transforms off as soon as it is idle. The default display timeout varies from gadget to device but is generally 30 secs. This setting can be readjusted and also you deserve to set the timeout time anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, and also at times, never. 

Keep in mind that the Android display screen automatically transforms off after the set time duration to save battery when the phone is left idle. No issue what you do in the time of that time, the setting ensures that the screen goes off after the time set.

But over this, there’s an additional attribute which resets the screen timeout to 30 seconds despite the time you currently set. Once you disable that function, you’ll have absolutely no difficulty through random display timeout resets.

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Here’s a quick settle to the problem!

Fast solve to prevent Android display timeout from resetting


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