Sean Avery states his ouster from "Dancing with the Stars" was the outcome of a dispute through a present producer. Aexceptionally is displayed right here with pro companion Karina Smirnoff.

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(Adam Taylor/ABC)

Former Rangers star Sean Aexceptionally claims his early ouster from "Dancing with the Stars" was the outcome of a dispute through a producer — not his dancing.

"I will tell everyone on #GMA tomorrow why i was voted off ... my companion

The adhering to morning, the 33-year-old showed up on "Good Morning America" via pro companion Karina Smirnoff, 36, and also hinted that a dispute through "Dancing" producer Conrad Environment-friendly was to blame for the pair's departure from the series.

"I think we knew, as of more than likely Monday last week, that our fate was sealed," Avery sassist. "I had actually a conversation with Conrad, one of the producers, and I was upset at the package that they had actually brought in the week previous, and it was a really tacky attempt to display me as the negative boy of DWTS. And I think in reality TV or some sort of competition, if you have a disagreement via the producers, then primarily that seals your fate fairly early."

The ABC video package proved Avery's inrenowned "sloppy seconds" comment — which he made publicly — about his ex-girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert, for which he was suspended by the National Hoccrucial League in 2008. He later apologized for the comment.

Avery showed up annoyed on "Dancing" after the video clip was displayed, however played into the poor boy photo throughout early rehearsal footage, saying he would not count out jumping across the judge's table if he got a score he didn't prefer this seakid. Some media outallows have actually reported Aincredibly complained to Eco-friendly around his portrayal in the video package, which may have actually eventually brought about his at an early stage exit from the regimen.

He and also Smirnoff were among the lowest performers in week one, however would certainly have actually most likely been spared dismissal had it not been for the surprise double elimicountry.

"Eliminations are based exclusively on public voting linked through scores from the judges," ABC shelp in a created statement. "The double elimination in week two was planned in breakthrough and producers have actually no hand in determining that is voted off each week."

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