1. Balance

GunnerBombardmentChanged cooldown start suggest to the begin of missile launchAfter utilizing skill, if the ability is cancelled before missile launch, then cooldown does not apply

2. Battleground

Battleground matchingChanged to develop groups based upon player rankingsApplies to all battlegrounds with ranking

3. Merchant NPC

Added magic materials seller in cities (Highwatch, Velika, Allementheia, Kaiator)The complying with items are offered :Supreme MetalEnchantment SealAccessory MorpherUnprevalent Accessory MorpherOld Accessory MorpherAdded Ancient Accessory Morpher. The foolowing items have the right to be morphed :Quatrefoil Brooch to Marrow BroochPowerful Goddess’s Brooch to Dracoloth BroochAdjusted Quatrefoil Brooch stats :Effect duration : From 15 seconds to 20 secondsAttack stat : From 363 to 372

4. Quest

Revised level 11 to level 64 development mission questsRevised boring and also unimportant search lineAdded brand-new story quest for cohesive flow of storyReincompelled quests’ and also search items’ descriptions to support the storyAdjusted Argon-associated story quests’ proper levelThe complying with is the list of changed story questsPlease refer to the list of revised quests for recently included Argon-related questsFalsified Lok’s Shadow (placeholder)Cleasing Tirkai : From level 58 to level 35Sky Cruiser Intrepid Platform (placeholder)Confident Support : From level 59 to level 60Commander’s Fury (placeholder)Building a Mysterium : From level 59 to level 47Hope and Despair (placeholder)The Three Towers : From level 59 to level 57Sole Survivor : From level 59 to level 57Argon WarFire for Effect : From level 60 to level 64The Goddess of War : From level 60 to level 64Into the Heart of Darkness : From level 60 to level 64Gearstalker : From level 60 to level 64Finding the Flame : From level 60 to level 64An End to War : From level 60 to level 64Revised story quests’ groupsAdjusted story search recommended as well to proccasion story searches being skewed in the direction of a details range of levelChanged story search progression indevelopment relying on the recently revised story quest lineIn situation a story search is in development, the latest story search in development will resetStory pursuit precursor to the story quest that will certainly automatically complete if not yet completedThe adhering to is the list of revised story search team and also story pursuits :Valkyon Wants You, recommfinished level from level 11 to level 16Inventory Trick (6359)Joining the Ranks (6305)Isolated Town (303)Devan Uprising (301)Eliminate Tuebenius (304)To the Devan Encampment (305)Sinister Ritual (306)Pulling Back the Veil (302)Cultists’ Conspiracy, recommfinished level from level 16 to level 23The Force Behind the Devans (602)Going on the Offensive (603)From the Mouths of Scions (604)Some Gave All (605)Once More Unto the Breach (48701)For Valor Above and Beyond (704)Insanity Epidemic, recommended level from level 23 to level 30Circle the Wagons (1501)Source of Epidemic .. 전염병의 원인을 찾아서 (new)Pure Rock Madness (1502)Behind the Plague .. 역병의 배후 (new)Blood Will Always Tell (1503)Watchguy of the Manor .. 저택의 감시인 (new)A Manor Invasion (1504)Discrmodify Wbelow Credit is Due (1505)Phantom Menace, recommended level from level 30 to level 33Revelation of the Goddess (2001)These Aren’t the Weapons We’re Looking For (2002)The Mystery Deepens (2003)Enemies in the Midst (901)Sic Semper Proditores (902)Relic of a Bygone Period (903)The Fall of the Betrayer (904)Falsified Lok’s Shadow (placeholder), recommended level from level 35 to level 40Cleansing Tirkai (4701)Abandoned Argon Post .. 버려진 아르곤의 주둔지 (new)Secrets Not Meant to Be Knvery own (2501)A Race via Dark Places (2502)Dark Dreams Sundered (2503)The Guardian of Velika (2505)Allementheia, recommended level from level 40 to level 41The Desert Jewel (2701)Rotten to the Core (2702)Visions of Destiny (2801)Kaidun, recommended level from level 41 to level 43The Traitor of Acarum (3101)Where’s Kaidun (3102)Freeing Kaidun (3103)Fraya’s Fury, recommended level from level 43 to level 51Sign of Hope .. 희망의 단서 (new)Fraya’s Fury (4001)Unveil the Mask (3901)Building a Mysterium (4501)Seeking the Core (801)Rescue the Core (401)Fraya’s Faith (804)Search and also Destroy (49301)Puring the Plague (49302)Danger In Kaiator, recommfinished level from level 52 to level 54The Gauntlet Thrvery own Dvery own (5501)The Indomitable Spirit (5502)Drowned In Blood (5601)Sikander’s Bane (5602)Hope and also Despair (new), recommfinished level from level 54 to level 57The Imprisoned God (3701)Test of the Imprisoned God .. 거신의 시험 (new)Fragment of Hope (3702)The Three Towers (4601)Sole Survivor (4602)Beast of Destruction, recommfinished level from level 58 to level 60Into the Furnace (5201)Labyrinth of Terror (5202)Materials for Miracles (5203)Thulsa’s Doom (5204)The Harbinger of Annihilation (5205)Pora Elinu and a New Hero (placeholder), recommended from level 50 to level 58 (Reaper-course tutorial quest)Called to Serve (8701)The Ash Princess (8702)Picking up the Pieces (8703)Secret of the Red Seal (8704)Take the Fight to Them (8705)Those Who Sow the Wind… (8706)Reap the Whirlwind (8707)Rise from the Ashes (8708)Member of Valkyon Federation .. 발키온 연합의 일원 (new)Sky Cruiser Intrepid Platdevelop (placeholder), recommfinished level from level 59 to level 60New Danger .. 새로운 위협 (new)Confident Support (4702)Supplies and also Demands (17201)Checked Baggage (17202)Worse than the Disease… (17203)The Sky Cruiser (17204)An Military Travels on its Stomach (17205)In-Flight Entertainment (17206)The Battle for Intrepid (17207)Breach the Reach, recommended level from level 60 to level 61No quest changeSpring Valley, recommfinished level from level 61 to level 62No pursuit changeEx Prima, recommfinished level from level 62 to level 63No pursuit changeWar Is Nigh (18118)Arx Umbra, recommfinished level from level 63 to level 64No quest changeThe Reckoning (19112)Argon War, recommended level from level 64 to level 64The Tune of War .. 전쟁의 노래 (new)Fire for Effect (4801)The Sautomobile of War .. 전쟁의 상흔 (new)The Goddess of War (4802)Into the Heart of Darkness (4901)Gearstalker (60303)Finding the Flame (5001)An End to War (5002)Adjusted to increase XP and gold reward from story questsProgressing story quests reward a finish set of gear correct to player’s levelProgressing story searches reward unprevalent, rare glyphsLevel 23 quest “For Valor Above and Beyond (704)” now rewards “Flying Skill: Tulpar”Also distributes gold, enchanting materials, combat consumables, and also crystals as rewardsRerelocated story search tab from Vanguard Initiative UI. connected Vanguard Request rewards have been included to story search rewardsDeveloper commentChanged certain quests from story quest to zone questChanged story searches will lose progression and also will must re-accept as zone searches to proceedThe complying with is the list of story searches rereadjusted to zone quests :Cultists’ ConspiracyScruffy Kumas Herders (701)Building a Msytery (702)Kelim’s Report .. old-For Valor Above and Beyond For Valor Above and also Beyond (704)The Popori KingdomA Tale of Two Tails (2301)Sibling Rivalry (2302)The Doprimary of Witches (2303)The Precocious Apprtempt (2304)The Bard’s TaleShakan, Not Stirred (2802)Zenobia’s Loss (3201)To the Wild JungleA New Breed (4101)Dagon’s Treasure (4201)CastanicaLike a Brother to Me (802)The Long Goodbye (803)Miner Problems, Certainly (402)Balder’s RefugeTo the Garden of the Sun (3001)Keeper’s of the Sun (3002)Seren’s Lake (3003)Into the Light (3004)Under Balder’s Eye (3005)Developer commentAdjusted to rerelocate XP reward from zone pursuits, and boosted material rewardsRewards level correct tokens to exadjust for gold, enchanting materials, combat consumables, glyphs, gear, and crystalsDeveloper comment

5. Item

Progression line gear obtaining methodMonsters no longer drop Relic PiecesDungeon and field monsters currently drop weapon, equipment, and also accessoriesCompleting story searches now reward level proper gearProgression line equipment enchantingDecreased max enchanting tier, while enhancing rise of stats per tierChanged enchanting material from requiring Feedstock and also Alkahest to enchant any piece of equipment to requiring Relic Fragment to enchant weapons, and also requiring Relic Piece to enchant armor/gloves/bootsAll enchanting tier enchanting success rate is 100%Progression line equipment rarityAdjusted to boost in rarity as equipment minimum level need increasesProgression line gear item levelIncreased Relic Weapons’ item level by 25Progression line crystal slotsFixed to boost in crystal slots and gear minimum level necessity increasesAll four crystals unlock from level 32 weapon and level 38 armorProgression line rerollable optionsObtaining a Relic Weapon unlocks one random rerollable optionChanged from manually picking gear rerollable alternatives to randomly selecting gear rerollable options for armor and also accessoriesArmor level 58 and over will certainly remain the exact same and be able to choose rerollable optionsProgression line equipment bindingChanged to immediately soulbind upon obtaining equipment as gear is now “bind on pickup”Existing Relic Weapons will remain the very same with “(Old)” preresolve attachedExisting armor and also accessories will certainly reprimary the same

6. Dungeon

Added 1-guy instances for development line story pursuits to proccasion dungeon instance corresponding from delaying search progressThe following is the list of dungeons included as 1-male instances :Necromancer’s Tomb (1-man)Golden Labyrinth (1-man)Akasha’s Hideout (1-man)Saleron’s Sky Garden (1-man)Labyrinth of Terror (1-man)Ebon Tower (1-man)Kelsaik’s Nest (1-man)Manaya’s Core (1-man)1-male instances do not reward XP by itself and require story search completion for XP rewardBosses of 1-male instances may drop accessories and enchanting products appropriate to its levelAdjusted to rise Manaya’s Core (5-man) instance level necessity to level 64 correct to the freshly revised quest lineArgon Corpus continues to be the same as a level 60 dungeon, and also deserve to proceed through An End to War pursuit line without completing Argon CorpusChanged dungeon Vanguard Request rewards :Token : From 1 token to 5 tokensAdjusted equipment cost to 5 tokensAdjusted glyph box and also glyph ticket price to 5 tokensAdded cystals to token exadjust shopOther existing token exadjust prices reprimary the sameDeveloper comment

7. Field

Changed drop items of progression line area monstersRelic Pieces and also crystals no much longer dropField monsters now drop level appropriate tokens used to exreadjust for weapon, armor, accessories, combat consumables, and crystalsAdjusted Northern Shara’s Argon fields’ monster levels proper to the freshly revised search lineAdjusted recommfinished level need of zone searches in appropriate zonesRemoved particular zone quests to reflect the newly revised Argon War story quest lineThe following is the list of zones with its zone pursuit level requirement changed :Thrallorganize : From level 58-60 to level 45-47The Three Towers : From level 58-60 to level 52-57Tirkai Foremainder : From level 58-60 to level 32-34Khanovar Front : From level 59-60 to level 63-64Argonea : From level 59-60 to level 63-64Granarkus : From level 59-60 to level 64-65Rerelocated common solo Vanguard Researches of level 11-64Key solo BAM Vanguard Repursuits for progression stays the sameChanged level-appropriate token rewarded from solo BAM Vanguard RequestsToken : From 1 token to 5 tokens(Same as above)Developer comment

8. UI

Changed UI name from `steustatiushistory.org Store` to `Store`Added `steustatiushistory.org Store` food selection listing to primary food selection UI as its own iconAdded T-cat recharge switch to T-cat shopAdjusted T-cat recharge button in Wardrobe


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Style shop

K steustatiushistory.org exclusive comment

10. Services

K steustatiushistory.org exclusive comment

Bug fixes

Fixed worry in Parquina’s Nest (hard) where during combat through first boss honey drops did not fallFixed concern wright here Mystic’s Thrall Lord does not move as soon as ordering to follow/attackFixed worry where Warrior’s Assault Stance level 2 description was awkwardFixed worry where certain success in Special tab shown an English achievementFixed K steustatiushistory.org exclusive issueFixed worry wbelow event calendar did not screen properly