disappear, escape, flee, fly, go, move, quit, retire, start, take off, withdraw, ambiguous, enigmatic, equivocal, incomprehensible, mysterious, veiled

Idiom Scenario 1

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Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Where are you going?

Colleague 2: Never mind. I need to check out a guy about a dog.

Colleague 1: You are constantly disappearing favor this and also never an explanation.

Colleague 2: What you carry out not know cannot hurt you. Better that you perform not recognize. Then you have actually plausible deniability.

Idiom Scenario 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: After three beer in less than an hour, I have to go watch a guy about a dog.

Friend 2: Is your bladder obtaining a small full?

Frifinish 1: Yes. Wbelow is the bathroom please?

to watch a man around a dog - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 44

to watch a guy around a dog - Gerund Form:

Seeing a guy about a dog, she departed with no explanation.

to check out a guy around a dog - Examples:

1) When someone claims that they are going to see a guy around a dog they really intend that they are unwilling to expose the true nature of their company.

2) Frank would certainly announce that he was going to view a male about a dog. Sometimes he would certainly take Doyle via him. His mum didn't favor ...

3) He checked his watch. Time to go and also check out a male about a dog.

4) I can't stop; I've gained to view a man around a dog.

5) Re: Going to view a male around a dog. My mommy always used this expression to refer to going to the washroom.

6) "I'm going to watch a male around a dog," I'm going to pee, normally at least a short distance away.

7) The expression is "I am gonna check out a guy around a dog" which someexactly how suggests I am going to the bathroom.

8) "See a male about a dog" has an old-fashioned and also rural flavor.

9) ... he buy his equipment from? He went 'to watch a man about a dog'! In various other words he provided his netfunctions.

10) My dad was specifically the same. "Off to watch a guy about a dog" was a phrase I heard a lot once I was growing up.

11) "Just off to watch a male about a dog." I waited for two weeks for that brand-new dog.

12) And I really had no idea that seeing a guy about a dog had anypoint to execute with peeing!

13) ... the perprevious shelp he had actually to "go watch a male around a dog" and also he supposed he was going to go perform some drugs.

14) "I have to go view a man around a dog" in what appears to be recommendation to utilizing the bathroom.

15) ... father constantly shelp to me "I'm going to see a man around a dog" and he sassist that no issue where he went, so that is hilarious.

16) ... civilization did the expression "I'm going to check out a male about a dog" end up being a euphemism for going to the bathroom?

17) I'm on my means to Mexico City, see a man about a dog. On the level. A racehorse from South America. - Checking out?

18) ... whiz so bad my ago teeth are floating! "Seeing a guy around a dog."

19) Foracquire the whole shebang around seeing a guy around a dog. You must saddle up and go see a woguy about a will certainly.

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20) Beth's dad is constantly "seeing a man around a dog." I think he requirements some aid because the family bacount sees him anymore.