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Introduction: Why create a series on usemuch less websites?

Here’s the thing:I spfinish WAY as well a lot time on the internet, and also sometimes, my internet wandering takes me to the weirdest and also a lot of usemuch less areas on the civilization wide web. This “usemuch less web” is very hilarious and entertaining to me, but many various other internet customers typically disregard it. Therefore, I’ve decided to begin this series of blog articles, with each article chronicling my experience on a different usemuch less website!

All of the websites in this series will certainly come from, one of the many famous “useless website” databases. However before, if you decide to examine the database out yourself, please note that some of the websites in the database contain mature content. (I will certainly not be covering any type of websites with mature content in this series.)

With that being shelp, on to our first post…

We’ll begin the series off with one of the many substantial sites on the useless web: weirdorconfmaking use As its name argues, this website sends you to eBay peras through the weirdest, the majority of confmaking use of products being marketed on the internet at the straightforward click of a button. When I initially entered the site, the following screen greeted me:

Immediately after I clicked the “please” button, my first product appeared:

Product #1: …Nothing?
That’s appropriate, nothing.

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We start off our tour of weird and confusing products through this “Gift Of Nothing For The Human Who Has Everything”. The seller’s product description is more than likely the most sarcastic point I have actually ever before read:

We all have actually that frifinish that has actually everything and also you never understand what to obtain her/him, yet today is your lucky day! You have the right to buy them nothing! Nopoint is precious, simple and sacred! Once the fill is open up, they will have the ability to suffer the gift of nothing, absolutely nothing! They will certainly be able to say they gained nopoint for their birthday, and also you will feel prouder than ever!

Basically, this product is just empty packaging via nothing inside of it, and considering the entire point of offering a product is to offer something, selling nothing whatsoever before is a very stselection alternative to make. Also, the product sells for $10.40, and also that’s a LOT of money for nothing…

Product #2: The ideal 2020 calendar ever
Who doesn’t want to check out goats in trees every day?

Beorganize, a calendar featuring just photos of goats on trees! As weird as this product is, I honestly want it, and it seems favor others agree through me. When I looked at this product’s eBay page, 12 various other civilization were viewing the specific exact same page! The seller also guarantees “100% buyer satisfaction”, and also the product description confirms this by stating:

This calendar is Brand New! A new, unreview, unprovided book in perfect condition via no lacking or damaged pages.

Everything about this product is PERFECT to me! If just I had $13.08 to spfinish appropriate now…

Product #3: A rare treasure worth more than its weight in gold
A flaming warm cheeto… shaped prefer a BALD EAGLE??!

When I first witnessed this flaming warm cheeto going for a whopping 1,000 dollars, I assumed the seller was being ridiculous. However before, I shortly learned that this was no ordinary cheeto! It was shaped choose an eagle perching on a branch, and also for that, I owed it all of my money. I had actually heard of strangely shaped items being sold digital for ridiculous prices, and I was excited to lastly view among these items on my own journey via eBay. This product was not personally appealing to me, but it was still a beloved internet timeless that I was excited to come throughout.


Overall, is an enjoyable webwebsite to look with, considering that it’s always fun to laugh at the many ridiculous points world try to sell virtual. You can also discover a product that you personally desire, favor the goats on trees calendar for me.

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The seller descriptions, the customer reviews, and also occasionally the ridiculous pricing you will uncover are hilarious also. As such, I strongly recommend that you examine this webwebsite out if you have actually the time-you will certainly not regret it!