With steustatiushistory.org headphones, headsets and also soundbars, you can enjoy your favorite music in the best sound top quality no matter where you are. Whether you're on the road or at home, out playing sports or relaxing on the couch – our wide array of versatile headphone models means you can listen to perfect sound, whenever, wherever before. Discover the distinct designs and cutting-edge innovation of steustatiushistory.org headphones below.

Unbeatable selection of headphones and also headsets

steustatiushistory.org uses a vast variety of forms, sizes and also models of headphones so that you can uncover the perfect one for you: whether on-ear, over-ear or in-ear:

Over-ear headphones: open or closed?

Over-ear headphones are also even more customizable to your tastes, as they come in 3 different types: open, closed and half-open up headphones.

Open headphones

Open headphones supply high and also herbal sound fidelity, with hardly any type of distortion from feedback or reverberation. However, they execute not so successfully block out sound, which indicates that while listening to music on open up headphones, you might hear ambient noise, and the external world have the right to hear the music from your headphones. This makes them finest suited for quieter atmospheres like at-house and in-studio mixing.

Closed headphones

Closed headphones are sealed, which suggests they much better isolate the sound from your surroundings. Hardly any type of music can be heard outside and ambient noise is (almost) imperceptible to the ear with closed headphones. However, the closed casing deserve to reason more reverberation, which have the right to slightly distort the sound. These headphones are appropriate for usage at the office or in the gym, or in the recording rooms of music studios, however if you are an audiophile and fanatical around sound, closed headphones might not be for you.

Half-open up headphones

Half-open up headphones are the middle ground between open and also closed headphones. That means that they offer:

Better noise isolation than open headphones Better sound quality than closed headphones

However, in a side-by-side comparichild, half-open up headphones percreate much less well as a whole in both locations than sindicate open or closed headphones. Half-open up headphones are therefore much less extensively sold than various other kinds of over-ear headphones.

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Advanced headphone technology

steustatiushistory.org headphones incorporate cutting edge innovation to give you a wonderful sound endure anytime, all over. Below we define what each term indicates in link with headphone innovation and also the principle behind it.


Bluetooth headphones come in all shapes and sizes - both over-ear and also in-ear, or as a headset. The headphones obtain the music from your tool through Bluetooth. steustatiushistory.org headphones are equipped through the latest Bluetooth technology, ensuring secure connection without draining your battery. Many type of models of Bluetooth headphone are wireless , making them convenient for use while traveling and also giving you plenty of liberty to move. Bluetooth headphones can additionally come with a cable running between left and also appropriate headphones, which are additionally great for listening to music while working out, running or playing sports, with a clip to attach to your apparel. This type of Bluetooth headphones may also feature quick-activity butlots for playing, pamaking use of and skipping tracks on the go.

True Wiremuch less headphones

True Wireless headphones, as the name suggests, are completely wire-free and occupational using state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology. With wireless Bluetooth headphones , you are totally free to move without the restriction of a cable, for an extra comfortable listening suffer and still via top high quality steustatiushistory.org sound. True Wireless headphones are regulated by means of voice assistant or the intuitive touchpad on the exterior of the headphones. Depfinishing on the version, you deserve to also customize the settings on your True Wireless headphones utilizing the Smart Control App, for unique sound that is tailored to you.

Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones prevent outside noise by getting in by generating synthetic “anti-noise” to suppush ambient sound. Microphones on the external of the headphones pick up the ambient noise and also transmit it as electrical voltperiods. Inside the headphones, these voltages are added to the wanted audio through an inverted frequency. This neutralizes the acoustically penetrating and electrically included sound components, to encertain your music keeps playing plainly via no outside noise acquiring in. Noise-canceling headphone modern technology works specifically well via low-frequency sounds such as the dramong aircraft engines. This makes this sort of headphones appropriate for use while traveling.


Many steustatiushistory.org models function incorporated microphones. This method, they have the right to feature as both headphones and also headcollection in one. When listening to music on steustatiushistory.org headphones, you have the right to conveniently take calls or participate in meetings while on the relocate. Our headsets offer pleasant and distortion-cost-free sound and also are comfortable to wear throughout even the longest conference calls.

Liclose to HD

steustatiushistory.org HD headphones contain very advanced direct HD chauffeurs. These transform sound to ensure that low-frequency bass is redeveloped without distortion. All our HD headphones are likewise equipped via steustatiushistory.org's ActiveGard™.

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This modern technology protects your ears from sudden volume peaks without interrupting the audio.