Kevin Owens successfully preserved the WWE Universal Championship Sunday night by beating Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell complement.

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The WWE Universe broke dvery own just how the match ended:

The Hell in a Cell element of the match was on complete display, as Bleacher Report"s Ryan Dilbert noted: 


Rollins vs. Owens is some high-voltage excellence. This is the kind of chaos the framework must breed. #HIAC

Chris Jericho snuck inside the cage to assist out his buddy Owens, and after the complement was over, he hit Rollins with a codebreaker (through WWE Network): 

Babsence Sports Online"s Robert Littal is already looking forward to a complement between the 2 down the line: 


KO retains, still BFF with Jericho, when among them revolve on each various other it will certainly be GLORIOUS hope they hold off for a lengthy time #hiac


Damn excellent complement. Used the Cell well, the weapons didn't distract from the Cell, Jericho's inclusion protects Rollins. #HIAC

KO and also Rollins have been at odds for the previous numerous months due to the circumstances surrounding Owens winning the Universal title.

After Finn Balor was compelled to vacate the championship due to injury the night after SummerSlam, a Fatal 4-Way in between Owens, Rollins, Romale Reigns and also Big Cass took place on Raw to recognize that would end up being the brand-new titleholder.

Triple H shockingly interfered by taking out Reigns, and also simply when it appeared as though he was around to assist Rollins win the title, he turned on his previous protege by hitting him with a Pedigree to encertain Owens would certainly win the Universal Championship.


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While the former architect of The Shield was granted a one-on-one match through Owens for the title at Clash of Champions, Chris Jericho"s interference, together with Stephanie McMahon"s timely referee change, led to Rollins falling short.

Raw basic manager Mick Foley then determined to offer Rollins another swarm at the belt because of the dispute surrounding what developed at Clash of Champions, and The Man vowed to take down those he thought to be holding him back, according to WWE"s official Twitter account:


"I'm no much longer a cog in the machine ... what I am, is THE MAN that will DESTROY that machine item by piece!" -
WWERollins #RAW

Before that bout, however, Jericho was provided a possibility to shake points up. If he could defeat Rollins in a enhance on Raw, Stephanie agreed to make the Hell in a Cell match a Triple Threat for the Universal Championship.

While Rollins controlled to come out on peak versus Y2J, tbelow was plenty of damage done after the contest, as Owens and Jericho attacked the former WWE civilization heavyweight champion.

As seen in this photo courtesy of Rollins" Twitter account, he wore a number of war wounds leading approximately Hell in a Cell:

Seth Rollins

IAmJericho. Like a badge of honor on the road to reclamation. #HIAC awaits...count me dvery own.

Tright here is perhaps no more dangerous enhance in wrestling than Hell in a Cell, and also Rollins gotten in at a disbenefit as a result of the bumps and bruises Owens and Jericho inflicted.

In enhancement to that, the looming possibility Jericho or Triple H interfering hung over the match choose a babsence cloud, bring about Rollins to be regarded as a far-ranging underdog.

As meant, Rollins and Owens put on a spectacular complement inside the demonic structure and also ongoing to prove they have actually great in-ring chemisattempt.

Both Owens and Rollins are deserving and also capable of being the challenge of Raw as Universal champion, yet KO as soon as aobtain managed to escape with the title in tow by hook or by crook over his chief rival.

While Rollins has actually come up short in massive matches rather regularly as of late, the manner in which Sunday"s bout played out may be a positive for him in the lengthy run, bereason it brought him one step closer to being the babyconfront character he has actually been trending towards as of late.

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One can only assume Rollins will be embroiled in a feud via Owens and The Authority for a lengthy time to come, and also even though that means he is being hosted down for currently, it will make it also more unique as soon as he does ultimately overcome the odds to become Universal champion for the first time.