Requirements to begin the mission: You have to finish the sixteenth primary mission (The Power of the Wraith).

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In many kind of respects, this mission resembles "Kill the Warchiefs", which you have been completing in the direction of the end of your continue to be in the Udun valley. What is distinctive around this mission is that you carry out not finish it in any location in particular. You deserve to complete it ever before considering that the minute that you have actually completed the sixteenth main mission (The Power of the Wraith). Up till the moment, in which you meet all of the needs, you will certainly not be able to progress to the last battles.

The plan is that you Brand a total of five Warchiefs of the Sauron"s army (the ones from Nurn). You have the right to score among the Warchiefs immediately, thanks to completing the sixteenth main mission "The Power of the Wraith ". This indicates that you should brand also four more, on your own.

There are two major techniques to brand also. The first one assumes that you repeat all of the steps that you have actually taken in the sixteenth major mission (The Power of the Wraith). Thus, you need to conquer among the Captains of the Sauron"s army and play an additional mission connected via him, in order to administer him through backup, while eliminating one of the Warchiefs. As a result of that, he will be advocated to a Warchief (that is loyal to Talion).

If this is the variant that you select, you need to picking a Captain that you want to watch advocated to the Warchief. It may be a "regular" orc, as well as among the bodyguards of a Warchief. The just difference is that you will have to play different missions after you conquer the Captain, after which he gets supported to a Warchief.

The following action is to reach the marker of the extra mission connected via the Captain that you have simply dominated. The course of this mission is different, depending upon whether you dominated a regular Captain or among the bodyguards of one of the Warchiefs. The objective is constantly the very same - you need to help the captain defeat the Warchief and also save him alive, at the very same time. After you begin the mission, constantly focus only on dealing damages to the Warchief and also, whenever before carry out not usage AoE strikes (e.g. Wraith Flash, shooting arrows at grog barrels), which would certainly wound the dominated Captain.


Defeating the Warchief will certainly aid you accomplish your goal. After the Sauron"s Army window pops up, the victory will be shown aget and you will certainly learn that the branded Captain has been promoted to a Warchief.

The second approach is much less troublesome, although you must mean even more complications, while trying to conquer the Warchief. The setup is that you strike the Warchiefs directly, in order to undermine them and brand them. Thus, in this instance, you do not have to overcome Captains.

If this is the variant that you select, you need to start by reaching among the yellow markers on the human being map. Just to remind you, the yellow icons signify the starting points for the goals connected with luring Warchiefs out.

As I have actually currently declared in the walkwith for the "Kill the Warchiefs" major mission, the missions linked with Warchiefs tfinish to differ. If you desire to attract a given Warchief out, you may have to get rid of, stealthily, the schosen orcs in the stronghold, or remove them in melee. Regardless of the problems of the mission, you must act up until the schosen Warchief appears in the battlefield.

While fighting the Warchief, exploit his weaknesses and also carry out not let him take advantage of his solid points.

The next action is the a lot of troublesome. You should strike the Warchief, BUT it is very essential to remember about a number of things:

You cannot use the attack that would instantly kill the Warchief (e.g. a stealthy kill). You only want to undermine him and also not to kill him. Apart from fighting the Warchief, you additionally must get rid of his bodyguards, slowly. This means, they will certainly not obstruct you, in the future, from branding. Unfortunately, this is tedious a job, bereason the Warchief have the right to summon numerous orcs into the battle. Because of this, usage solid AoE attack and also walk ameans from the battlefield, after you shed as well a lot wellness.

Continue fighting the Warchief. Your job is to carry around among two situations. If the Warchief deserve to be ordered, you must wait for his wellness bar to rotate green and also then try to grab him. If, yet, the Warchief can block your grabs, you must store bringing his wellness bar down, and also hope that you will be enabled to pick, in the direction of the end of the fight, if you desire to remove him or overcome him (of course, select the latter).

Note - If, yet, in spite of your attempts, the Warchief died, you should wait for him to be reput with one of the Captains. If you carry out to want to wait for the promotion, use a build tower and also speed up time, or leave Nurn for several moments (return to Udun).

Note - if the Warchief regeneprices spontaneously (this might be one of his strong sides), you cannot enable yourself moments of remainder, in the time of the battle. He might, in the meantime, regenerate some of hi wellness points and also it might be difficult to grab him.

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You have to store perdeveloping the over actions up till Talion maneras to dominate (brand) every one of the five Warchiefs of the Sauron"s army. Of course, you will certainly be indeveloped, by the game, that the mission has been completed and also, in the army window, over all the Warchiefs tright here are blue icons (an instance in the over screenshot).