This is your first Shadows of the Past mission. In these objectives, you"ll replay memories from Celebrimbor"s previous.

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You"ll have actually 2 optional goals in each of these missions. Tright here are 3 levels of rewards. You gain the Bronze reward, together with any story based rewards, sindicate for completing the Key objective. You gain the Silver reward for completing the Key Objective and also either of the optional missions. You gain the Gold reward for completing the Main Objective and both of the optional objectives.

Find Celebrimbor"s Ancient Barrows

Head towards the objective marker, down in a cave underground. You will not enrespond to any kind of resistance.

There"s a hidden door in the ago of the cave that will certainly just open once you enter the Wraith World. Press L1/LB to reveal the door.

As you walk via the door you"ll immediately start the initially of Celebrimbor"s flashearlier goals, after a brief cutscene.

In addition to the Rûth mission, this cave has numerous various other functions.

The cave have the right to be provided as a Rapid Travel Point to come here immediately at any time.You can go back to this cave to retry any type of of Celebrimbor"s Flashago missions in the Gondor area.Tright here is an Ithildin Door in in the back of the cave that have the right to be opened up as soon as you collect all 6 Ithildin hidden on the city wall surfaces.
Completing eexceptionally Shadows of the Past mission in the game will certainly provide you the Legendary Bright Lord"s Rune.Completing all objectives in eexceptionally Shadow of the Past mission in the game will offer you the Legendary Bright Lord"s Hammer.


Mission Reward: Elven Rage Skill

+500 MirianUse Elven Rage
+1 Skill PointBuild your Wrath meter to full through in 1:40*
+1 Carved Wealth GemKill 10 orcs via Elven Wrath*

* Optional missions are interchangeable. You have the right to finish either one to unlock the silver reward, but should finish both to unlock the gold reward.

Celebrimbor has impressive Level 60 devices, making him much even more powerful than Talion at this allude in the game. You"ll just have actually the abilities that you"ve unlocked for Talion, though.

If you find the optional missions also tough, you have the right to constantly come earlier and do this mission aget in the future in the game as soon as you"re higher level and have even more abilities to permit you to kill adversaries much faster.

If you"re smart around it, you deserve to quickly earn all of these missions at a low level.

Build the Power of the Ring

To complete this mission, you just have to fill your Wrath meter and also usage the Elven Rage capacity. You gain Wrath by killing enemies. Celebrimbor"s tools additionally renders it so he gains Wrath when he takes damages.

The trick to killing adversaries easily enough to fill your Wrath meter in the 1:40 optional objective time limit is to take benefit of the bow. Celebrimbor has most focus, and his equipment renders him restore a large amount of emphasis via eextremely kill. You have the right to easily headshot kill 9 opponents in a row without ever getting low on focus.

After you run out of arrows, just run off to one of the side courses to look for even more, and return to complete the fight after you refill your Elf Shot.

The Heavy Glaive assault (Hold Square/X) is also very efficient right here. Charge the strike and also lay right into a big team of orcs to construct can and also likely wrath. You have the right to also kill your very own orcs to build wrath, so feel cost-free to hit a group of opponents that are fighting and also waste them all to quickly construct your can and also wrath.

Unleash the Power of the Ring

Once your Wrath meter is complete, use Elven Rage by pushing L3 and also R3 at the very same time. Sindicate making use of the capacity will certainly end the mission.

However, tbelow is an optional objective of killing 10 orcs through Elven Rage.

To perform this, you should have 10 orcs to kill. If you simply mowed down a entirety battalion of orcs via your bow and also automatically usage Elven Rage, you might not have enough adversaries left to kill for the optional objective. The initially optional objective is to develop your wrath meter within 1:40. It says nopoint around having to use your Elven Rage within 1:40. After your Wrath is complete, wait to usage Elven Rage till a fresh team of orcs runs in. Make certain you have 10 orcs to kill prior to you use the capacity.

To kill 10 orcs, you want to usage consistent strikes. Elven Rage offers you infinite emphasis, arrows, and also could - however none of that is crucial for killing grunts. Normal Warriors, Hunters, Savperiods, Defenders, and Archers can all be eliminated with a solitary push of the assault button during Elven Rage. Spam the Square/X switch while pushing the L stick towards the orcs to easily mow them down with lethal auto-aimed arrow assaults.

Minas Ithil - Shadows of the Past

In each area in the game, tbelow will certainly be three of these challenge objectives. After you finish all three missions, it will unlock a fourth mission wright here the goal is to dominate a powerful Orc Captain. Minas Ithil has one added mission, bereason Rûth is completed throughout the Shadows of the Past Story Mission, so it does not count toward the three missions for that location.

Like the collectibles, if you do not complete the Shadows of the Past Side Missions in Minas Ithil prior to the finish of ACT I, you won"t have the ability to do them aget until a lot later in the game. You should attempt to complete each mission via at least one optional objective prior to the finish of ACT I so that you acquire the free skill point from each mission.Each mission requires accessibility to a details ability prior to you can unlock it. You"ll have to unlock these abilities before the finish of ACT I if you want to play the missions.


Mission Requirement: Brutalize Skill

+500 MirianBrutalize the Uruk Captain
+1 Skill PointKill only the Captain*
+1 Carved Life GemComplete the mission in 1:30*

* Optional goals are interchangeable. You can complete either one to unlock the silver reward, yet must finish both to unlock the gold reward.

Brutalize the Uruk Captain

This is a really straightforward mission. Abilities favor Elven Agility and also Shadow Strider will certainly make getting to him while limit a lot less complicated, yet neither are essential. You"ll desire to stay high, moving along the rooftops to stop confrontations with other orcs. Keep amethod from the few archers on the roofs.

When you approach the captain, you"ll want to drop to the ground and also climb up the structure to perform a Ledge Takedown from below. If you try to approach him from above the archers on the structure above him will certainly spot you.

Tbelow are ramcomponents on the ledge staying clear of you from getting to the Captain, but Celebrimbor will simply carry out the brutalize for you. He deserve to simply go right through the ramparts to reach the Captain conveniently.

There"s no factor you shouldn"t have the ability to complete all the missions on this mission.


Mission Requirement: Perfect Counter Skill

+500 MirianKill 30 Enemies
+1 Skill Point10 Perfect Counters*
+1 Carved Warrior GemReach a Hitstreak of 30*

* Optional missions are interchangeable. You deserve to complete either one to unlock the silver reward, but must complete both to unlock the gold reward.

Kill 30 Enemies

You"ll be battling in an arena with several Orc Warriors. There are just Warriors right here. Nobody has any kind of tough attacks or defenses, and you mostly won"t have to worry about any type of ranged attackers in this fight (although Warriors carry out occasionally throw tools at you).

More orcs will certainly rush right into the arena to rearea those that fall. Tbelow is fundamentally an limitless number of orcs - although no more than the 30 you have to kill plus a full screen of orcs, of course.

Killing 30 warriors is simple. Completing the optional objectives can be challenging if you"re not skilled at the fighting.

Concentrate on the optional goals one at a time. It"s tough to maintain a hitstreak while you"re concentrating on Perfect Counters. 30 adversaries is plenty. You"ll have no trouble building a 30 hit combo and obtaining 10 sepaprice perfect counters lengthy prior to you kill off 30 opponents, as lengthy as you"re primarily relying on melee combat.

The easiest means to keep a combo is to constantly spam the counter button while you"re attacking. Pressing the respond to button while nobody is attacking you will certainly break your combo. However before, if you initiate an attack and then press the respond to button, it will not break your respond to, also if nobody is attacking with you. So press Square/X to strike, then instantly begin pushing swiftly Triangle/Y to respond to. If someone strikes prior to your strike lands, you"ll respond to them. If not, stop trying to respond to as soon as your strike lands and also begin your next attack prior to going earlier to countering.

Facing only Warriors, you must have actually no trouble building a 30 hit combo utilizing this strategy.

Perfect counters are not tough. You simply need to wait until the respond to icon turns blue before countering. You won"t get perfect counters via the over technique, however if you"re fighting usually and also attempting to counter as you check out incoming strikes, many of your counters will probably be perfect counters without even trying. You don"t require 10 in a row. Just 10. This must not be challenging.

After you fill both optional missions you deserve to kill the staying enemies yet you please.


Mission Requirement: Shadow Strike Skill

+500 MirianShadow Strike Kill 14 Archers
+1 Skill PointFinish in 1:05*
+1 Carved Wealth GemShadow Strike Kill Each Tarobtain while in Bird of Prey*

* Optional missions are interchangeable. You deserve to finish either one to unlock the silver reward, however have to finish both to unlock the gold reward.

Shadow Strike Kill All 14 Archers

This one is very hard - at least if you"re trying to obtain the optional missions. it"s the time limit that is tough.

You should have actually Bird of Prey to unlock Shadow Strike.You likewise need Elven Agility for rate. Generally the game forces you to gain Elven Agility initially, however you can opt out of that. Make certain you have actually Elven Agility prior to you attempt this.Finally, you"ll desire to unlock the Eagle Sight Upgrade for the Bird of Prey ability. Eagle Eye reduces the amount of focus offered while you"re jumping and also aiming through the Bird of Prey ability. Without Eagle Sight, you"ll run out of emphasis and also will not be able to maintain Bird of Prey lengthy sufficient to aim your Shadow Strikes properly.

Once you have all these abilities unlocked, the optional missions are doable, however you have to still mean it to take a couple of tries. I actually gained it on my second attempt when I had actually these upgrades, however I had actually been practicing trying to obtain it without Eagle Sight for rather a while, so I was exceptionally great at it by then. Rather than going after the archers right ahead of you, I recommfinish turning to your right and also starting through the archers on that side of the level, then swinging earlier to the left toward the end of the mission. This will certainly save you on higher ground throughout the mission, making it even more most likely that you"ll have the ability to find your targets.

Of course, if all you"re going for is the ability point, you deserve to conveniently complete the non time-connected missions. It"s just the time limit that is challenging.

Ancient Warchief: The Fear Eater

Mission Requirement: Dominate Captain Skill

Cirith Ungol - Shadows of the Past


Mission Requirement: Dragon Rider Skill

+500 MirianKill 35 Orcs with Fire
+1 Skill PointFinish in 1:50*
+1 Carved Warrior GemKill the Captain*

* Optional missions are interchangeable. You have the right to complete either one to unlock the silver reward, yet need to finish both to unlock the gold reward.

Defeat 35 Orcs via Fire

There"s no easy means to perform this. The best problem is that this is not a great space for a Drake. It"s very challenging to maneuver a flying Drake inside a device of caves like this. They"re sort of an outdoor pet.

This is also very maybe your initially endure flying a Drake, so learning under these problems is hard.

You deserve to breath fire by pushing R2/RT. You will continue flying forward while breathing fire, covering distance easily, but making it hard to aim..You have the right to float in area by pushing L2/LT. You have the right to breath fire while hovering to aim even more successfully.While hovering, you deserve to relocate about horizontally with the L Stick. You can increase altitude by holding Triangle/Y, or decrease your altitude by holding O/B.You can pick up an individual orc by holding Square/X, and also then eat them through R2/RT. You do not have time for that in this mission. Stick to fire.When you build up your can, you can shoot a lengthy variety explosive fireround through R1/RB.You have the right to likewise increase your flying speed by pressing X/A. Time the switch presses with the flaps of the Drake"s Wings for optimal rate. It"s exceptionally tough to manage vertical motion and turning while accelerating in this method, so attempt to do this only once you must go directly.

Watch your mini-map for large clusters of yellow arrows indicating orcs and fly to them and blow fire at them. Your Drake will develop might extremely quickly once you hit opponents via fire. If you have actually can accumulated, look for big clusters of adversaries listed below you external the array of your normal breath weapon and also lob a fireball at them to take out a chunk of opponents throughout the room while you go after closer targets.

At some point you"ll must pursue the orc captain. He"s on a bridge running via the facility of the area. There"s most luck involved in taking him down. He"s a random orc, so he might be Mortally Vulnerable to Fire and also go dvery own instantly, or he could withstand also half a minute of flames prior to he dies.

If he renders it to the ladder on the bridge and also starts climbing down, you"ve lost. You will never kill him in time to be able to fulfill the moment limit if you have to wait for him to climb dvery own the ladder, and it"s as well hard to save him lined up in your flames as he"s climbing. Go ahead and also rebegin if you"re trying for all 3 objectives.

Of course, if all you want is the skill point. you deserve to neglect the strict time limit and also take your time killing orcs. Actually killing 35 orcs and the captain through a drake is pretty straightforward. Just don"t perform the captain last. Once you kill 35 orcs, the level is over.

The Rare Beastborne cloak boosts the damage dealt by Beastern allies by 50%. This ability have the right to also show up on any kind of Epic Cloak and the majority of Legendary Cloaks. Find a cloak with this capacity before you attempt this mission to minimize the amount of time you must spfinish blowing fire at an foe to kill him. This will certainly particularly speed up just how conveniently you can take out the captain.


Mission Requirement: Bird of Prey Skill

+500 MirianDefeat 7 Uruks through Bird of Prey
+1 Skill PointDefeat 3 Uruks via Headshots*
+1 Carved Wealth GemFinish in 0:40*

* Optional missions are interchangeable. You deserve to complete either one to unlock the silver reward, however need to complete both to unlock the gold reward.

In order to complete all the goals in this mission, you absolutely must have actually the Elven Agility ability, and the Eagle Eye upgrade for Bird of Prey.

Reach the Vantage Point

You have very bit time in this mission. You should run to the objective marker as quickly as possible. Use Elven Agility to obtain a burst of speed by jumping over obstructions. Remember that you have the right to sprint at the price of emphasis by pressing L3.

Don"t sheight to resolve any of the orcs along the means. Any delay will certainly reason you to fail the moment objective. Run ideal previous them.

Defeat 7 Uruks through Bird of Prey

Once you reach the top of the platform, simply store running and leap off the platcreate, then double jump and get as close to the archers along the earlier of the circular platcreate as you can.

Press L2/LT while in the air to activate Bird of Prey, making use of emphasis to slow-moving time while you"re in the air.

You should shoot 7 orcs prior to you land also. You have to land also 3 headshots. Try to land headshots on the closer orcs on the center platform, so that you deserve to just kill the orcs on the far towers with body shots. If you do not gain every one of the orcs in the first jump, you can have time to climb ago up the circular ledge in the middle and jump off for a second Bird of Prey within the time limit.

Celebrimbor"s shots are extremely powerful. You do not must charge your shots to kill these orcs. Even an uncharged body swarm will certainly kill an Archer - although you"ll need a headswarm or a charged body swarm to kill the Warriors. Most of the orcs around below are Archers.

Keep in mind that you have the right to just afford to miss out on 2 shots. You only have 9 arrows, and also you have to kill 7 orcs. If you miss out on more than 2 shots you won"t have actually the arrows to kill the orcs you need. You do not have time to go looking for arrows.


Mission Requirement: Caragor Rider Skill

+500 MirianDefeat 10 Uruks
+1 Skill Point4 Caragor Stealth Kills From Above*
+1 Carved Life GemAvoid Detection*

* Optional missions are interchangeable. You deserve to finish either one to unlock the silver reward, yet should complete both to unlock the gold reward.

Defeat 10 Uruks

This one is very straightforward given that there"s no time limit.

Remember, you do not should get 10 Stealth Kills. You just need to kill 10 Orcs without being detected. You do not even need to continue to be on your Caragor. All you need the Caragor for is the optional objective of killing 4 Orcs with Stealth from over while on your Caragor.

Start by killing the archers on the towers via your bow. You aren"t going to be able to obtain kills from over on them anymeans. This will make it so there"s nobody to watch you as you"re stalking the various other orcs from the rooftops on your Caragor.

With the Archers out of the way, the rooftops are yours. Your Caragor have the right to even handle walking across the ropes running over the camp. Just wait till an orc listed below is isolated and jump down and also stealth kill him, then climb ago up to the rooftops where there"s nobody to view you.

After you"ve gained your 4 Caragor Stealth Kills, feel totally free to dismount and also take the last 3 Orcs out on foot. Tools choose Shadow Strike make this exceptionally basic - specifically if you have the Chain of Shadows upgrade.

Old Warchief: The Grog Hoarder

Mission Requirement: Dominate Captain Skill

Núrnen - Shadows of the Past


+600 MirianKill more orcs than the attacking Drakes
+1 Skill PointKill 15 orcs via explosions*
+1 Polished Life GemKill a Drake*

* Optional goals are interchangeable. You deserve to complete either one to unlock the silver reward, however need to complete both to unlock the gold reward.

Defeat More Orcs than the Attacking Drakes

The challenging objective below is killing 15 orcs with explosions. Tbelow are 5 exploding objects in the level. You must tarobtain them immediately, because the Drakes will destroy them with their flames, racking up kills, and preventing you from having actually enough explosions to acquire the 15 kills you require for the optional objective.

Jump off the platdevelop in front of you and also usage Bird of Prey to hang in the air and shoot the three stacks of grog at the finish of the pier.When you land, immediately revolve left and you"ll uncover a small grog barrel that you deserve to shoot for even more explosion kills.Next off, Shadow Strike to the edge of the pier, then turn best and you"ll uncover another stack of Grog Barrels that you can shoot.

If you damage all 5 explosives you must obtain your 15 explosion kills, and have an practically insurmountable lead over the Drakes. Now you can turn your attention to killing a Drake, which will certainly offer you a further benefit in keeping your lead.

If a Drake lands on the ground, you can kill it with a single Execution move. You should have plenty of Might accumulated from all those explosions.

Otherwise, just concentrate on getting headshots on the beasts until one breaks. The Orcs will certainly aid you out via this. Once a Drake has actually broken, you can shadow mount him (assuming you have the Shadow Mount and Dragon Rider skills). You can usage the drake to rack up more kills, or you have the right to just kill him. While riding a Drake (or any kind of mount) organize down R1/BR to kill it. Keep in mind that you can just do this if you"re over land also. There are no mechanics for swimming in this game, and you"re just allowed to dismount a Drake in a location wbelow you deserve to safely land also.


Mission Requirement: Caragor Rider Skill

+600 MirianDefeat 50 adversaries in the forest
+1 Skill PointDefeat 6 opponents through placed executions*
+1 Polimelted Warrior GemComplete the fight in 2:30 or less*

* Optional objectives are interchangeable. You have the right to finish either one to unlock the silver reward, yet must finish both to unlock the gold reward.

Dominate the Caragor Pack Leader

If you have the Shadow Mount skill and Caragor Breaker Upgrade this is basic. Ssuggest aim at the Caragor and push O/B. Otherwise you"ll must break the Caragor and also Mount it.

Reach the Forest

As you ride with the area, numerous normal Caragors will certainly be released from cages. Because you"re riding a Dire Caragor, all of these Caragor will certainly instantly be dominated and will end up being your followers.

Follow the objective marker. The time limit does not start till you reach the destination, and you will not enrespond to any type of opponents till you get there.

Defeat 50 Enemies in the ForestBonus Objective:Defeat 6 enemies via Mounted ExecutionsBonus Objective:Finish the fight in under 2:30

Tright here are 3 huge groups of orcs in the forest. You"ll should kill them all to finish the objective.

The initially thing you need to worry about is acquiring your Mounted Executions. There are 2 ways to gain a Mounted Execution.

You have the right to construct up can while riding a Caragor by attacking. Once your could meter is complete, press Triangle/Y + O/B to percreate an execution.You deserve to ssuggest percreate a ground finisher R2/RT + Square/X on an adversary that has actually been knocked to the ground.

Swing your spear at opponents, and also follow that up through ground finishers every time an adversary gets knocked dvery own. When your can is complete, try to aim your executions at Defenders - the orcs moving shields. These orcs are incredibly tough to kill while riding a Caragor. You should have the ability to obtain your 6 executions in the initially team of orcs, or very at an early stage right into the second team.

Once you have actually your executions, you don"t have to continue to be on your Caragor. You can kill orcs much quicker using effective AOE assaults choose Mighty Swarm or Elven Light if you dismount and also fight them on foot.

Use your Caragor for riding in between teams of adversaries to acquire around quicker. If your Caragor dies throughout a fight it does not reason you to fail the mission. Remember that if you have actually a Mount ability assigned, you deserve to speak to another mount to assist you get around faster if your original Caragor drops in battle.


Mission Requirement: Graug Rider Skill

+600 MirianEliminate the 3 Ghûl Infestations
+1 Skill PointDefeat 100 Ghûls via Fire*
+1 Polished Wealth GemComplete the mission in 2:00 or less*

* Optional objectives are interchangeable. You can finish either one to unlock the silver reward, yet need to finish both to unlock the gold reward.

You"ll begin this mission atop a rare Fire Elepsychological Graug. This guy handles a tiny little bit in different ways than normal Graug.

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You can still punch/stomp with Square/X. You have the right to also use O/B for a backhand also attack.Hold L2/LT + R2/RT to blow fire at your adversaries.When your can is full, push Square/X + X/A to unleash an capacity where you"ll blow fire about your feet, killing whatever adjacent.Normally you can push Triangle/Y + O/B to pick up and eat an adversary, consuming could and also restoring your Graug"s health and wellness - but that ability is not available here. Apparently this Graug doesn"t have a taste for Ghûls.When you"re aiming and also you have full might, you can additionally push R1/RB to pick up and throw a boulder at a taracquire. This has actually better selection than your normal fire, yet costs could.