Shamsa has actually not been seen in public since 2000, while a friend of Latifa told the court she tried to escape Dubai on a yacht


Sheikh Mohammed and his 6th wife, Princess Haya, in 2013. Haya is sassist to have actually fled Dubai after discovering what taken place to Latifa. Photograph: Facuncarry out Arrizabalaga/EPA
Sheikh Mohammed and his 6th wife, Princess Haya, in 2013. Haya is sassist to have actually fled Dubai after discovering what happened to Latifa. Photograph: Facunperform Arrizabalaga/EPA

Two decades back, 19-year-old Princess Shamsa was snatched from the street in Cambridge.

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She and two friends had actually visited a bar. Later that evening, a car pulled up and, by her account, at least four armed guys were inside. She asserted they were Dubai nationals from Sheikh Mohammed’s individual staff. Shamsa said she was ordered into the auto, thrust to a residential property in Newmarket and flvery own to Dubai by personal jet the following day.

These events in August 2000 triggered a police investigation, accusations of diplomatic interference and inquiries around the behaviour of one of the UK’s most distinguiburned imperial tourists.

The previous month, Shamsa had fled the Longcross estate close to Chobham, Surrey, where her father – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the vice-president and also prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and also ruler of Dubai – had actually set up the household for the summer. Her mother, Houria Ahmed Lamara, is Algerian.

Slipping with an open gate to Chobham Typical, Shamsa made her means from Surrey to a short-lived hostel in southern London. She visited check out an immigration solicitor and sought advice about staying in Britain.

She then travelbrought about Cambridge, from wright here she was abducted. In an e-mail she later on regulated to smuggle out from captivity in Dubai to the solicitor, Shamsa alleged: “I was caught by my father, he managed to track me dvery own through someone I retained in touch through.

“I was caught on the 1ninth August, in Cambridge. He sent 4 Arab men to catch me, they were transferring guns and threatening me, they drove me to my father’s area in Newmarket, tright here they offered me two injections and a handful of taballows, the incredibly next morning a helicopter came and flew me to the aircraft, which took me earlier to Dubai. I am locked up until this particular day.”

She added: “I haven’t viewed anyone, not also the guy you contact my father. I told you this would certainly happen … I understand these human being, they have actually all the money, they have actually all the power, they think they deserve to perform anypoint. You said that if he kidnapped me, you would call the Home Office and also involve them. Now, I am not only asking you to report this instantly, I am asking your assist and to involve the authorities (involve everyone).”

The family court judgment says that police were aware of her abduction as beforehand as the month it taken place. Police documents expose the investigating officer, DCI David Beck, “spoke on the telephone to an individual who purported to be Shamsa” that shown that she had been taken to Cambridge by a man who booked a room for her in a hotel.

“At a time once she was drunk, the guy drove her to a remote area. He gained out of the auto and 4 armed males gained in. She was taken to Newmarket and also then by helicopter to an airport in France wbelow she was met by her brother and also others prior to being put right into one of her father’s private jets and also flvery own to Dubai.”

Shamsa named three people whose identities were later on confirmed by Mohammed Al Shaibani, the present director general of the ruler’s court in Dubai. Police shown that the initially perchild called by Shamsa had indeed booked the precise room number in the hotel determined by her for the appropriate days in August 2000.

News of Shamsa’s alleged kidnap and also compelled go back to Dubai was revealed by the Guardian in December 2001. At that phase, the sheikh declined to talk about the clintends.

Last year, in a witness statement to the court, the sheikh sassist Shamsa was fragile and just a child and also he felt “overwhelming relief” as soon as his absent daughter was uncovered. Shamsa has actually not been checked out in public since her abduction.

While the loss of Shamsa was quickly forgained, the abduction of her sister Princess Latifa, in March 2018, was much harder for the sheikh to dismiss.

A video produced by Latifa, and brave testimony given by one frifinish in certain, offered the rationale for the attempted escape, and the alleged brazen and violent manner in which the princess was went back to Dubai by police officers acting for her father – according to him, for her own welfare.


Princess Latifa (left) and also her frifinish, Tiina Jauhiainen. Photograph: HandoutThe video, which Latifa had actually instructed associates to release in the occasion that anypoint happened to her, defined her father as someone that “will kill human being to protect his own reputation … he only cares around himself and also his ego. So this video can save my life. And if you are watching this video, it’s not such a great thing. Either I’m dead, or I’m in an extremely extremely very negative situation.”

It relayed exactly how in 2002, just two years after her sister’s loss, Latifa had additionally chose to flee but was sent out earlier at the border through Omale and imprisoned for 3 years and also 4 months.

“It was constant torture, consistent torture, even when they weren’t physically beating me up, they were torturing me,” sassist Latifa. “They would certainly make sounds to harass me and also then they would certainly come in the middle of the night, to pull me out of bed, to beat me …”

Latifa’s friend, Tiina Jauhiainen, who gave dental and also written proof to the household court, was on the watercraft on which the princess attempted to escape. The court judgment details how Jauhiainen, who first met Latifa in 2010, shelp that as they came to be closer, the princess confided in her around Shamsa and around her very own attempt to escape Dubai in 2002.

Jauhiainen shelp she agreed to assist her frifinish in a brand-new escape plan, with the original principle being to swim underwater from the coastline of Dubai out to a watercraft. In the end the distances affiliated were also great and also an alternate plan was hatched, entailing reaching the yacht from a light dinghy from Muscat, Oguy.

At around 7pm on 24 February 2018, they got to the yacht, the Nostromo. Over the following eight days, it cruised southern in worldwide waters in the Arabian Sea. Throughout this duration, Latifa and also one more crew member connected with various individuals, which might have actually allowed the Dubai authorities to locate them. After about six days, they came to be mindful of a boat shadowing their passage and a coastguard spotter airplane from the Indian mainland making continual sorties over the boat.

Jauhiainen shelp the Nostromo was about 30 miles off Goa, India, once it was boarded by Indian one-of-a-kind forces, employing smoke grenades or gas and also gunfire. She shelp she was “frightened to death”, dragged to the deck with her hands tied behind her earlier, and also observed Latifa lying prone on the floor through her hands similarly bound.

Jauhiainen alleged that Indian commandos repetitively shouted: “Who is Latifa?” before an Arab guy was lugged onboard and also established the princess. On the other hand, her friend was desperately shouting that she was entitbrought about asylum.

Jauhiainen, that has actually not watched or heard from Latifa considering that, claimed: “Latifa’s last words that I heard as she was dragged away kicking and also screaming were words to the effect that: ‘You can’t acquire me ago alive. Don’t take me ago. Shoot me here; don’t take me ago.’”

Jauhiainen said she and various other crew members were taken back to Dubai by members of the UAE army, that had reput the Indian soldiers on the boat. She was accprovided of a plot to extort money from the sheikh yet was ultimately released on problem that she would certainly not talk around any kind of aspect of the story or attempt to contact Latifa.

Princess Haya, the sheikh’s 6th and youngest wife that was reported to have fled Dubai last year, shelp she initially thought her husband’s account that Latifa was unwell balanced and that the story was an effort by others to extort money from him, however ended up being increasingly concerned after analysis reports in the global media. Describing a visit to watch Latifa on 6 December 2018, Haya told the court: “She opened the door, looked at me, taken on me, and also burst into tears. She cried for a lengthy time. She looked breakable. She had no makeup on and she had actually pale skin.”


Princess Haya getting here at the Royal Courts of Justice in February. Photograph: Aaron Chown/PALatifa was viewed in public in December 2018 throughout a meeting in Dubai via Mary Robinson, the previous UN high commissioner for human legal rights and ex-president of Ireland, which was arranged by Haya.

But as her pertains to enhanced, Haya states she was told by the sheikh to soptimal interfering in events that did not concern her.

Although the abductions of Shamsa and also Latifa had actually been formerly reported, they had constantly been rubbimelted by the sheikh. The judgment of the president of the household court, Sir Andrew McFarlane, is the initially time they have been heard in court and also vshows the reporting.

He concluded: “The description of the means in which Latifa was treated by the Indian protection services and likewise as soon as the Arabic man had actually established her, does not offer any type of indication that this was a rescue quite than a capture. The final words that TJ heard Latifa shouting say a great deal. She was pleading for the soldiers to kill her quite than challenge the prospect of going back to her household in Dubai. Drawing these matters together, I conclude, on the balance of probcapability, that Latifa’s account of her motives for wishing to leave Dubai represents the reality. She was plainly despeprice to extricate herself from her family members and ready to undertake a dangerous mission in order to carry out so.”

He included that he had no reason to doubt her account of her attempted 2002 escape and subsequent imprisonment, throughout which Latifa shelp she was preserved in solitary confinement in the dark and repeatedly beaten. McFarlane said: “I feel confident in relying upon all that Latifa has shelp in the video film and elsewhere, both around her previously abortive attempt to escape over the border to Oguy and her succeeding detention.”

Haya is sassist to have actually determined to flee Dubai after learning the full details of what happened to Latifa.

The 45-year-old – complete name Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein – is the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and also half-sister of the present king, Abdullah II. She married Sheikh Mohammed in 2004, and the couple have actually 2 youngsters.

Haya and also the Sheikh were seen as the perfect couple before the court case lifted the lid on the interior fractures of the household.

Last spring, the princess was reported to have actually took a trip initially from Dubai to Germany type of and supposedly sought asylum there. In July, the Guardian revealed that a legal battle had actually been introduced in the family members courts over the welfare of the two kids.

That conflict escalated into a collection of hearings prior to Sir Anattracted McFarlane, the president of the family division of the high court of England also and Wales.

Among those who offered evidence were DCI Beck, formerly of Cambridgeshire police, who led the investigation right into the disappearance of Princess Shamsa in the UK in 2000, and Jauhiainen, who assisted Latifa’s escape from Dubai in 2018.

Many of the proceedings were not open up for public reporting however the media, that are allowed to attend family members court hearings, were present for much of the proof and also were ultimately enabled to publish the findings after attempts by the sheikh to suppush them.

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The sheikh has denied all the allegations against him. In a statement issued to the media, he said: “This situation involves extremely individual and exclusive matters relating to our children. The appeal was made to safeguard the best interests and also welfare of the youngsters. The outcome does not protect my children from media attention in the means that various other kids in family members proceedings in the UK are defended.

“As a head of government, I was not able to take part in the court’s fact-finding process, this has resulted in the release of a ‘fact-finding’ judgment which inevitably tells only one side of the story. I ask that the media respect the privacy of our children and also carry out not intrude right into their stays in the UK.”