"You went from a biker-machine-shop chick to a woguy who"s fresh out of college," LaBeouf tells steustatiushistory.org News around his ondisplay screen romances.

Unmuch less you"ve been living under a rock and/or have actually avoided all news related to "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," you"re likely well conscious that tright here was much aexecute around actress Megan Fox leaving the franchise and also, consequently, being replaced with model/first-time actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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With the film in theaters this week, fans have moved past guessing about the situations that brought about the alleged firing and also hiring of Fox and Huntington-Whiteley, respectively, and turned their attention to one more pressing question: How are the two characters addressed in the film? Specifically, just how does one gorgeous girlfrifinish exit to leave room for a brand-new one? And while we know this is a summer movie complete of fantasy, is it really believable that a man choose Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) can wind up via the likes of Mikaela Banes (Fox) and Carly (Huntington-Whiteley)?

steustatiushistory.org News went straight to the source and enprovided LaBeouf and Huntington-Whiteley to define the appeal and attractivity of their characters, Sam and Carly, and also to compare the "Dark of the Moon" relationship to the one in between Sam and also Mikaela, established in the initially two installments.

"The partnership the first time was a perboy chasing after a womale that he envied out of pure vanity," LaBeouf told us. "He didn"t also recognize her, and he gets melted by it," he included, hinting at a "Dark of the Moon" scene wbelow his character admits to being flat-out dumped by girlfriend #1.

", you uncover him through a woman who"s more nurturing, who has an extra maternal-form vibe; she"s lighter," LaBeouf described. "You went from a biker-machine-shop chick, which is a totally different sentiment, to a womale who"s fresh out of college working for the British embassy as a diplomatic aide; it"s a really different personality."

LaBeouf additionally revealed that before Huntington-Whiteley was cast, he suggested to director Michael Bay that they go for a girl that was the exact oppowebsite of Megan Fox"s Mikaela. "I remember pitching to Mike, "Maybe we have to go via a more bookish kind," " he rereferred to as.

"Mike shelp to me — and there"s two deals with to this that are hilarious and insane and additionally genius, so 3 sides. I remember him saying to me, "Shia, we"re not going through any kind of bookish anything. This is a summer movie — we require a summer girl." To his crmodify, Mike really understands his audience. There"s a particular audience that goes to watch these movies that has certain requirements that it demands out of its summer movies."

From Huntington-Whiteley"s perspective, her character sees somepoint different in Sam than Mikaela did.

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"She is so in love via him. He as a character, he"s so funny, Sam, and also he has such an excellent family in the movies," she shelp. "As the movie goes on, it type of unfolds that she"s had actually a hard time through her family. She"s operated really tough, she"s come from England. I think she finds him and also he"s the initially person who adores her, as he should, and also she loves that he adores her and they have this really lovely relationship," she defined. "It"s a sweet point. Shia was excellent to play that, with of course."

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