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Album Type Regular Genre Dance Record Label SM ENTERTAINMENT Distribution KMP HOLDINGS Release Date 2013.04.29 Share

SHINee’s Third Full-length Album Chapter 2‘Why So Serious?-The misconceptions of me’ in Stores on April 29!The modern band, SHINee, will release Chatper 2 of its 3rd full-size album on April 29. SHINee swept various music charts via their third full-length album Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you’ that they released on February 20. Chapter 2 is likewise comprised of high top quality music containing the distinctive identity and also colors of SHINee. Furthermore, it additionally provides fans the fun experience of finding the keywords that are hidden and also linked together in the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 albums, and it is hence intended to be obtained warmly by music fans approximately the world.‘The misconceptions of me’ is made up of tracks containing lyrics and also an ambience felt by the dreams that SHINee aspired, their misconceptions of ideals, actual reality and also dreams, and the gap in between ideals. It is largely made up of effective and also dark tracks, consisting of ‘Nightmare’ that punctuates SHINee’s vocal abilities in which they cry out to a despeprice love, and which is the track that incorporates the whole Chapter 2 album, therefore offering a completely opposite appeal compared to Chapter 1.The title song ‘Why So Serious?’ is a funk rock dance genre that combines the powerful and catchy melody of pop through electronica sounds. It talks wittily about a zombie that has actually resided in darkness for a very long time that falls in love through a human girl.SHINee has resulted in rather a stir via their elegant performance using a specially designed stand-up microphone for ‘Dream Girl’. They are aget preparing an effective performance based upon the lyrics of ‘Why So Serious?’ and also are intended to capture the eyes and ears of music fans around the people when aobtain.‘Orgel’, which Jonghyun composed the lyrics to, supplies dreamy lyrics and a repeated melody to create a mystical feeling as if the melody leads one into a dream. Minho and Key’s effective rap is added to complete the song in a sensual fashion.Also, ‘Sleepless Night’, which Max Changmin of TVXQ composed the lyrics to, is a soft pop ballad that expresses the longing for shed love in a sorrowful manner. The beautiful piano performance, sweet string sounds, and the bittersweet and sentipsychological melody are highlighted by the vocals of SHINee.

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This song has currently been revealed throughout the showcase in February and is expected to concentrate the attention of fans waiting for its official release.The dark sounds in ‘Excuse Me Miss’ creates a distinctive cdamage by being unified with soft and also sweet lyrics, while the effective dance track ‘SHINe’ combines high top quality lyrics that express the love of fans as a ‘shine’ in addition to hard drum sounds to include enjoyment to listeners.Other tracks incorporate the dance song ‘Dangerous’ that has actually outstanding analogue sounds and solid drum beats, ‘Like a Fire’ that sings around a burning love for just one perboy using the intense adlibs of SHINee, and the digital pop number titled ‘Evil’ that vividly defines a nightmare. The album is made up of a complete of nine tracks of miscellaneous genres and also is even more than sufficient to suffer the varied musical colors of SHINee.Meanwhile, SHINee’s 3rd full-size album Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?-The misconceptions of me’ will certainly be released on April 29.