Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will certainly be separated right into 2 parts: The prologue, Ground Zeroes, which takes location in 1975, and also the primary game, which takes location in 1984. Sound confusing? It's actually done that way to make it much less so.

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In a one-on-one intersee with Weekly Famitsu, Kojima talked around the factors to have actually Ground Zeroes be separate from the major game. "I think if players of the previous Metal Gear Solid games are immediately thrust right into the open civilization of the major game MGSV>, they can discover it confutilizing." Kojima defined. "Sindicate put, the major game world is vast. And you have actually no principle from wright here adversaries will taracquire you. As time passes, the game's reactions adjust relying on the player's actions. So a lot so that it's hard for us on the breakthrough side."

According to Kojima, Ground Zeroes is tright here to acclimate players to the brand-new open game style. Both time and the weather are addressed, however the world is otherwise open up, offering players a opportunity to get used to the fluid nature of being able to bring out objectives any kind of means they desire to.

"A lot of people seem to misunderstand also as soon as I use the term 'open up world' – <MGSV> is not a game where Snake spends a day fishing or changes work and also leads a various life." Kojima sassist about the open up nature of the game. "The field is open civilization, and you are free to perform what you desire, however your objective in MGSV is clear cut."


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Kojima stated that he wanted to focus on the "tactical" part of the "tactical espionage operations" game, such as researching maps, planning paths and also preparing devices for the upcoming mission and also then transferring it out. "It's like taking an entire hill and utilizing it to play a survival game (Editor's note: Think paintball)." Kojima described. "In survival games it's fun having actually shootouts, however it's equally as fun to set up methods like picking groups and planning your assault. That's the kind of play we're aiming for in MGSV."

Kojima did also note that the user interface would certainly be slightly different for Ground Zeroes and also the major body of the game, yet would certainly not intricate on exactly what would certainly be different in what sort of means.

The main themes of Metal Gear Solid V are "Race" and also "Revenge." Kojima did have this to say about the story for MGSV, "At the end of Ground Zeroes, somepoint terrible happens, and also that leads to the major game. Why is the layout of MGSV 'Revenge?' You'll have to play Ground Zeroes to understand also. This is the hypocenter—in various other words, the 'ground zero' of Snake's story." Oooh. Cryptic.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and also Xbox One, and also it can't come out quickly enough.

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