Suggested level: 11

Group: Secondary Quests

Location: Velen

You will get this quest when you read the "Fist Fights" note posted on the Crow"s Perch Notice Board or once you take part in among the fights.

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Note: The order in which you defeat the initially 3 opponents does not issue.

When Geralt found out a fistfighting circuit was operating in Velen, he made a decision to test his stamina and enter. You should know Velen bouts were exceptional for their dirty and no-holds-barred fighting, but to someone that fights monsters dirtily and leaves no holds untried on a everyday basis, this was no worry.

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1. Defeat Fishgulper.

You"ll uncover Fishgulper close to the Lindenvale Inn. To begin a fight, talk to the bookie and also make a bet, 1 - 70 crowns.

Before you begin, Fishgulper will ask to soptimal to you in exclusive. He knows he can not beat you, but he really needs the prize which is some food. You deserve to pick to throw the complement or not.

If you perform throw it, you have the right to then do a rematch, this time beating him. If you do not throw the enhance, you can stop through him after the fight and offer him some money (5 crowns) so he deserve to buy food for his family members. After winning the fight you will get 25 XP.

2. Defeat Smithy.

You"ll uncover Smithy (he is level 9) in the Inn at the Crossroadways. As in the previous case, talk to the bookie, area a bet (1 - 70 crowns) and also beat your opponent. You will certainly get 25 XP once you win.

3. Defeat Jonah.

To face Jonah (he is level 6) you should go to Blackbough. This time you have the right to bet 1-50 crowns. You will certainly get 25 XP as soon as you win.

When you beat the last of your enemies, the bookie will tell you to go to Crow"s Perch and challenge the sergeant that is the champion of Velen.

As any kind of half-intelligent odds-maker would certainly have predicted, Geralt defeated all the neighborhood champions and also was granted to the best to fight for the Velen title.

4. Fight the sergeant for the Velen title.

Go to the baron"s castle and talk to the sergeant. He is level 12. This time you have the right to bet 1 - 80 crowns. You will get 75 XP as soon as you win.

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The final bout was no walk in the park, but thanks to his well-honed skills and also a little bit of luck, Geralt arised victorious. From then on he was known throughout Velen as "That Bloody Outsider Who Defeated Our Best Lads."

After completing Fists of Fury: Velen you will certainly get or will certainly have the ability to obtain Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions (1 of 3).