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Evilkittenproductions from EuropeI"d choose to add 2 points to the facts:1. All repeating lyrics were just sang when, then were just copy and also pasted.The line "Everypoint you say to me" appears 5 times.Chester just sang it the first time. The second, fourth and also fifth are simply replicated and pasted from that.The third time is the exemption, which is one more genuine take.The exact same goes for the line "I require a little room to breathe".The line "Just like before" shows up 2 times, and also is doubled.It was only videotaped once in both tracks and pasted the second time.The layered hook lines "Takes me one action closer to the edge, and also I"m around to break" and ""reason I"m one step closer to the edge, I"m around to break"are partially replicated and also patched together rather badly from many various takes and additionally quantized to fit together.The reduced harmony is simply a pitched copy of a continuous take.2. There are 5 guitar tracks, 1 of them consists of the intro riff and the short band-restricted component prior to chorprovides.The intro riff is just played once. The second time it comes about, you guessed it, it"s simply a pasted copy of the initially time.Same goes for the band-limited part.The various other 4 are just the same component quadruple tracked via 2 unique tone distinctions. Or 1 take reamped 4 times via various amps (or settings) and impacts, it"s tough to tell through the high acquire.Also the drums are fairly sample "enhanced".In conclusion, it"s rather the amateurishly/lazily made song.It"s impressive exactly how this song is pretty a lot a quickly hacked together project, compared to the success it got them and also exactly how great the end result sounds.Natalie from Lorena, TxI love love love this song. I remember being in the seventh grade and also our English teacher went roughly asking all of us 12/13 year old"s, "What is your favorite lyric of all time?" Me being me, he involves me and I go, "Chester screaming shut up as soon as I"m talking to you!!" That"s as soon as everyone related that lyric to me being some scary son, and I"m not, I just love the life that lyric has in it. He screams it, he genuinely offers all he hregarding simply scream it out. It sounds favor he is just so fed up, he is so prepared to get it all out. And occasionally I really desire to have the ability to perform the same. Imagine hearing yourself scream via all your heart on the radio, and remembering how enveloped you were through that feeling. Imagine being on a stage and also being able to scream out that feeling, and also everyone in the audience understands perfectly well that you are going all out. Chester and also Mike really are something remarkable as soon as it pertains to their lyrics and also vocals. April 16, 2021Age: 15River from Gloucester, Vathis song is literally my life, my parents seem to never listen to a single word i say, and also it does obtain annoyingAlthough if it"s about the producer"s stuff, that"s insaneBut I think it was most likely first made to be a kind of song for teenager angst and also some was added on.John from Chester, VaIt"s so ignorant as soon as civilization hate on artists for being moody and also quote un quote "complaining or whining" in their music. The lyrics of a song aren"t necessarily about the writer"s own life, he"s trying to relate to their audience. Zero from Nowright here, NjI remember listening to the radio approximately the moment as soon as this song initially came out and the band weren"t extremely renowned and they were proclaiming this album and also there was a snippet of an intercheck out describing this song and Chester (I think) was saying somehting alengthy the lines of, "We were at the allude wright here we were just fed up through our social resides and we just had actually to attempt to find a means to expush ourselves," so yeah, it might incredibly well be around not fitting in at institution, although they were more than likely simply creating around the frustration of the producer making them write the song over and also over aacquire and also went earlier and experienced that the lyrics were relatable to being picked on.By the method, does anyone recognize what the line, "I find bliss in ignorance," might pertain to?Snow from ..., NyStory of my life. All those little bit things everyone does without also reasoning about it... it"s taking me one action closer to the edge and also I"m about to BREAK There"s no much better way to describe it than just listening to this song.

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Its a really good part in the song also, kinda like it was supposed to be in thereZac from Drexel, MoThis song is around how eexceptionally little point human being carry out in ignorance(such as make fun) is pushing him over the edge and also he is about to explodeSarah from Morganville, NjThis is an excellent song if you just need to blow off vapor. ;) The remixed version on "Reanimation" is even more comments