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Sing, Spell, Read, and also Write Level 2 is designed for students who have actually mastered the 36 actions of the Level 1 Program, and the curriculum centers about utilizing 17 Grand Tour Storybook Readers to teach analysis, creating, spelling, grammar, and comprehension. Students will certainly construct a powerful 1,440-word spelling vocabulary and learn to transition their handcomposing from manuscript to cursive. In the Level 2 storypublications, youngsters will be introduced to various says, societies, and also areas across the southerly and also eastern United States, offering an cross-curricular social researches link.This teacher"s overview offers not just individual leskid instruction, yet likewise social appreciation tasks, comprehension tactics, guided analysis discussion questions, tasks, internet principles, and also correlated reproducibles for the storybooks. Each storybook lesboy includes the story on lessened student pperiods, story summary, setting notes, guided reading questions via page number cues, song notes for the sold-independently Music CDs, argued pacing, added analysis and also associated activities, and also recommfinished reading lists. Tabs separate sections between the overcheck out of the course; understanding methods for main ideas such as compare/contrast and also major idea/story detail; lessons for storypublications 1-8; lessons for storybooks 9-17; and reproducibles. 333 peras, softcover, spiralbound. This teacher"s hands-on is designed to accompany the sold-separately:SSRW Level 2 Grand also Tour Storybook Readers (17)SSRW Level 2 Music CDs. SSRW Level 2 Grand Tour Assessment Bookallows.
Title: Sing, Spell, Read & Write Level 2 (Grand also Tour) Reading Teacher ManualFormat: OtherVendor: Savvas (formerly Pearson)Weight: 2 pounds 4 ouncesISBN: 1567047459ISBN-13: 9781567047455Series: Sing, Spell, Read & WriteStock No: WW704745

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Q: Does this analysis hands-on include "everything"-- the stories, activities, and workbook pages? Or, do you still need to order the workpublications and also books separately?


This is the teacher"s hands-on. The workpublications (CBD stock # WW147378) and also the storybooks (CBD stock # WW704742) are offered separately.

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