There are 12 treasures to find in each of the 5 game people in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. If you find all the 12 treasures in one of the game worlds, you unlock a fun mini-game. However before, collecting all the prizes have the right to prove to be a daunting task. Tright here are a couple of things you should note prior to we start locating the treasures.

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Firstly, whenever you pick up a treasure item, you have a particular time limit in which you have to obtain it to the arcade machine in the world’s hideout. Furthermore, if you gain hit by a guard on your way ago to the hideout, it will certainly reset whatever. Keep in mind to stay out of water as well as it slows dvery own your movement considerably hence decreasing your chances of making to the hideout in time.

Furthermore, we advise that you buy the Para glider and Rail Sprint abilities from ThiefNet. These abilities will make your life much less complicated by providing you that additional little of mobility. Furthermore, you will must have actually all 5 costumes for Sly Cooper unlocked. They will be vital in retrieving the treasures.

For even more help on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, read our Clue Bottles Safes and also Sly Masks Guide.

Now, considering that all that is out of the way, let’s start our search for the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure:

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Turning Japanese

Gyro Slicer 2000Location. North of the hideout, on the high column.

Meditation TurtleLocation. North of the Gyro Slicer 2000, on the roofoptimal.

Raccoon DarumaLocation. In the northwest area of the map, to the southwest of the previous treacertain area. To reach it you will require Sly’s Archer Costume and fire a rope arrowhead.

Dragon Cregulation StatueLocation. On peak of the waterfall behind the ancestor’s door. Sly requirements to knock back a fireball while in his Samurai Costume to clear the course.

Golden Lion statueLocation. The founding allude for this treasure is straight south of the previous treasure area on the map. You will should have actually 2 of Sly’s Costumes to reach this one; Sabertooth and also Archer. These costumes will certainly assist you reach the ancestor door.

Lucky NekoLocation. On the tall column just southern of the hideout.

Jade Samurai HelmetLocation. Go behind the Geisha home, you will uncover the treasure on a crate.

Tales of Samurai Hippo ComicLocation. This one is additionally behind an ancestor door. To reach it you will certainly need Archer Costume. Fire the rope arrowhead from the optimal of sushi shop. Then hop onto the switch and use costume’s time slow-moving capacity to get to the door prior to it closes.

Jade PeachLocation. Behind the structure, southern of the sushi shop, on a cprice.

Samurai WarriorLocation. South of the hide out are low platforms. Drop dvery own to the platforms and also use the Jailbird Costume to relocate crates out of the method. You will obtain to one more ancestor door via the treasure.

The Ninja CookbookLocation. On a boat, in the eastern area of the map.

Golden TeapotLocation. Just north of the hideout, on a low platcreate.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Go West Young Raccoon

Bag of CashLocation. Underneath the hideout. Come from the southern of the hide out. You will certainly should have actually Jailbird and also Samurai Costumes available to acquire to ancestor door.

Fake MoustacheLocation. You will certainly need to usage the Sabertooth Costume’s capability of ‘pounce’ from the platform simply southwest from the hideout to gain to the ancestor door.

Ten Gallon HatLocation. Follow the train tracks to the southern, you will certainly watch the treacertain on height of a rock.

King Monessential LoveLocation. You will need to ride the train and then jump to reach an otherwise difficult platcreate to get to. Now, use the Archer Costume’s rope arrowhead to reach the treasure another ancestor door.

Golden SpikeLocation. In the south-eastern side of the map, there are a series of rope arrowhead targets. Use them to obtain to the ancestor door. You will certainly require Thief Costume’s ability of slowing time to gain inside the door after hitting the lever.

Branding IronLocation. Just from the Golden Spike treacertain piece is a low canyon location. Jump dvery own to find this location on the boardwalk.

Tacky TombstoneLocation. Find the quiver barrel on the map, just north from your previous treasure location and also usage Archer Costume’s rope arrow capacity to reach the ancestor door.

Diamond CactusLocation. Located in between the two ramps in the north-eastern area of the map.

Steer HornsLocation. Located in the very same location as the previous treacertain location, simply to the east is the ancestor door. You will certainly need Sabertooth and also Jailbird Costumes for it.

Tempdental Flux DriverLocation. Between a pair of outhomes in the northern section of the train’s course.

Street SignLocation. On the roofoptimal of the Toothpick’s HQ. It’s the blue structure the in the north section of the map.

Bottle of SarsaparillaLocation. To the far north of the map, on a ledge.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Clan of the Cavern Raccoon

Ruby CrystalLocation. Behind some trees, to the south of the hideout.

T-Rex SkullLocation. Just east of the hideout are a collection of rope arrow targets. Use them to acquire to the ancestor door.

Grizz’s Lair KeyLocation. To the north of the last treacertain area, behind a seires of dummies for the Sabertooth Costume is one more ancestor door. You will certainly Thief Costume’s capacity of slow-moving time once you hit the switch and also attempt to get to the door in time.

Spiked ClubLocation. In a low volcanic area straight west from the previous treacertain area. You will certainly require Archer and Samurai Costumes to reach the reach the door and also open up it.

Slytankhamen’s Vase – In the north-main component of the map. On peak of the large skeleton. You will have to paraglide approximately a surrounding geyser to increase up there.

Mona LitaLocation. Located in a tunnel in the far north component of the map.

Lutrela’s NivadensisLocation. In the exact same tunnel, behind an ancestor door throughout the lava. You will certainly require Jailbird Costume’s capability of the round and also chain.

Grizz’s StakesLocation. Beyond an ancestor door in the far north-western component of the map. You will certainly need the Jailbird and also Sabetooth Costumes to gain to the door.

Sabertooth SkullLocation. On a ledge over the icy river. Take the course from the Grizz’s statue north to obtain tbelow.

Cavern PaintingLocation. In the map’s centre, near the icy river’s spike

Stone WheelLocation. Located in between 2 roof tops in the western area of the map.

Dino EggLocation. Just to the eastern from the previous treasure place. Tbelow will certainly be a place where you deserve to zip line across the icy river and to the treasure.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Of Mice and Mechs

Brass SpyglassLocation. Behind the substantial tent in the circus part of the map.

Rolling pinLocation. On the peak of the dunking booth in the very same location of the map as the previous location.

Golden ArrowLocation. Located in the much north area of the map. Just to the west of the left bridge. You will certainly require Sabertooth and Thief Costumes for this one. To jump across gaps and acquire to the door before it closes.

Middle ages Metal ManLocation. In the north-eastern edge of the door is an additional ancestor treasure. You will require a Samurai costume to knock back the fire ball and open up the door.

Archer’s HandbookLocation. Make your way to the moat. To its prompt left would be a seires of targets and dummies. Use Archer and also Sabertooth Costumes to gain the ancestor door on the other side.

Coin PurseLocation. Directly oppowebsite from the castle bridge is a targain spot. Use Archer’s rope arrowhead capacity on it and go over to gain the treasure.

Jewelled ShoeLocation. To the eastern of a castle bridge is a low platcreate via an ancestor door. You will require Jailbird Costume’s ball and chain ability to open it.

Bell TowerLocation. On a balcony simply to the east of the previous treacertain place.

Stain Glass CompassLocation. In the north-eastern part of the map, there is a tower. Scale through Sir Galleth to find the treasure on height of it.

Silver MugLocation. In the cellar on the eastern side of the map.

Golden AnvilLocation. Scale the massive tower with Sir Galleth on the south main component of the map. Treasure is discovered on the optimal of it.

Magic PotionLocation. Beyond the ancestor door in the southeast component of the map. You will certainly need the Archer Costume to gain to the door.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Forty Thieves

101 Ways to Chef A ScorpionLocation. To the south of the island tright here is a collection of targets on tiny island also leading to the ancestor door. You will need the Archer Costume’s rope arrowhead capacity for this.

Thief Treacertain ChestLocation. Ancestor door is located in the southeast part of the map defended by a laser floor. You will need Jailbird and Samurai Costumes to reach and open it.

Golden Magic LampLocation. On the street in the south-western part of the map.

Gold CobraLocation. On a roofoptimal in the south main component of the map.

Miss Puffin’s CookiesLocation. In the north-eastern component of the map tbelow are some big moncrucial deals with. You will uncover the treasure apeak one of them. You deserve to obtain to it by the springy flagpoles nearby.

Jewel Encrusted Silver ScimitarLocation. On the other side of the river, on peak of a crate in the eastern area of the map.

Arabian CarpetLocation. Thunstable an opening in the wall in the northeast section of the map. There will certainly be a gap which you have the right to jump throughout making use of the Sabertooth Costume. On the various other side of the gap will be the ancestor door.

Jewelled PillowLocation. The treacertain is situated in a hallway to the north of the village.

Bright Cane PolishLocation. This treasure item is located on top of a tall tower in the northern part of the city. You will certainly must climb a pole with slow time ability of the Thief Costume caused.

Le Paradox PortraitLocation. Behind an archmeans in the north component of the city.

Miss Decibel PaintingLocation. To the much north of the map is the ancestor door. You will require Archer and thief Costumes to obtain to it. It is located on a peninsula adjacent to the palace.

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Marble Horse HeadLocation. To the right of the previous treacertain location. Head behind the royal residence. Tright here will certainly be series of cperiods and laser floors between you and the ancestor door. Use Jailbird and Sabertooth Costumes to acquire to the door.