Arc base pin curls
(half-moon or C-shape) - give good direction and may be supplied for an upsweep effect or a French twist.

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Back-brushingbuilds a soft cushion. To mesh 2 or even more curl fads together for a uniform and also smooth comb-out. (ruffing)
Back-combingBuilds a firm cushion on which to form a cushion or base for the optimal or extending hair (teasing, ratting, matting, French lacing)
Curlthe forerunner of the roller. It offers for height in the finiburned hairstyle.
Closed facility curlsproduce waves that decrease in size toward the end.
Cornrowingdone in the same fashion as visible French braiding except that the sections are incredibly narrow and also create a predetermined style.
Diagonal shapingsvariations of the forward shaping via the exemption that the shaping is formed diagonally to the side of the head.
Finger wavingshaping/directing the hair into alternative parallel waves/deindications using the fingers, combs, waving lotion, hairpins or clippers.
Forward shapingsdirected towards the confront.
Full-stem curlspermits for the greatest mobility - placed completely off the base.
Half-stem curlspermits more flexibility - the curl is put one-half off the base.
Horizontal shapingscomb-directed parallel with the component.
Invisible braidingpercreated by over-lapping the strands of hair on top of each various other.
No-stem curlsput straight on the base of the curl. Produces a tight, firm, sturdy curl.
Oblengthy shapingswaves that remain the same width throughout the shaping.
Open facility curlscreate also, smooth waves and unidevelop curls.
Pin curls - circlethe part that develops a complete circle. Size of the curl governs the width of the wave and its stamina.
Semi-stand up pin curlsoffered to create a change from standup pin curls to sculptured pin curls.
Stand up pin curlthe forerunner of the roller - offers for height in the finimelted hairstyle.
Stemthe area of the pin curl, between the base and first arc (turn) of the circle.
Rectangle-shaped base pin curlstypically recommfinished at the side front hairline for a smooth upward impact.
Reverse shapingscomb-directed downward, then instantly upward in a circular activity, away from the confront.
Ridge curlsplaced behind the ridge of a shaping or finger wave.
Shapinga area of hair that you mold right into a style to serve as a base for a curl or wave pattern.
Skip wavescreated by a mix of finger waves and pin curl patterns.
Square base pin curlsused for also building suitable for curly hairstyles without a lot volume or life.
Tonesupplied to describe the warmth or coolness of a shade.
Triangular base pin curlsrecommfinished alengthy the front or facial hairline to prevent breaks or splits in the finiburned hairstyle.

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Vertical side shapingsdirected in a method that areas the open up and closed ends in a vertical fashion.
Visible French braiding done by plaiting the strands of hair under, thus making the brassist visible. (inverted braid)