Artist: Big Gemini f/ Flo Rida, Lil RobAlbum: Hypnotized Remix 12"Song: Hypnotized (Get With You) (Remix) *Typed by: no1wammy* Censored before release, only radio edit exists* Sfinish corrections to the typist(Big Gemini in background) Yeah... Gemini... I check out ya, shorty Ace 1 Flo Rida wanna understand your name, girl (Yeah...) Come here, let me holla at ya (Ay...) HeyShorty, I been watching you byI wanna get to understand youFlo Rida, I"m so hypnotizedShaped prefer a cokeBottleLady, so do not you be surprisedI go for brokeModelBabies rotate me on, you"se a dimeYou on that level, shineLike my Roley bezelYou deserve a medal, ma, if I let you recognize that thisFella right below is feeling youSomething distinct "boutLittle mama, yeah, you"re sexy and also cuteGirl, you readyApple bottoms, so that say you the trueLike my ChevyYou a difficulty, steal a display coming throughHeyI wanna recognize your name, I wanna present you thangsI wanna check out you Get Low while I provide you dough and also fly ya to the planeWe action out in the rain, that"s genuine ghetto fameShorty, I hope we do it, simply for you, once I"m on the Cherry lanesChorus: Ace 1BabyI can"t keepMy eyes off youSo hypnotized byThe means, you moveAnd I simply wanna knowBaby, what"s your nameAnd possibly later onWe have the right to go somewhereBecauseLittle mama, all I really wanna carry out isGet, with you (What"s it gonna take, yeah)Ye-ahHeyTell me what I gotta doI ain"t choose these various other suckers runnin" game on youI"m sure you hear it all the moment, butI don"t spit linesI do not waste breath <*shit*> on all that messIf I sassist it, then I intended it, not to try to get in between yaAnd I ain"t gotta wild you to make you a believerSome choose to make it rain, yeah, we can make it rainLike JD as soon as shelp, <*shit*>, Money Ain"t A ThangI ain"t tryin" to impush you, look mama, you have the right to tell, would certainly I gottaBut that do not matterBut that do not matterAnd we can get it poppin" like these champagne bottlesGo and also play difficult to gain alengthy, it"ll make me attempt harderCome onRepeat ChorusHook: Ace 1BecauseLittle mama, all I really wanna carry out isGet, with youYe-ahTell me, what it"s gonna take toGet, via youYe-ahHow have the right to she lose with what she use, I love the method she movesI love the means your body so smoothI love the method sheFlows to the groove (Groove...)And now she keepsLil Rob in the mood (Mood...)YeahAll it took was one look in her eyes, and I was hypnotizedGet them swirls in my eyes, as soon as this girl"s in my sightHave the website dynomite (Mite...)Such a sightTo check out, to meThe only girl I wanna biteCause I choose it (Like it)You most likely delighted (Lighted)To acquire you excited (Excited)Keep you ignited (Ignited)You should beThe baddest thing I ever seen, I think I viewed you in my dreamOr possibly it was a magazineI do not really know (Know...)But I obtain so excitedWith you and also your anatomy...Repeat ChorusBecause