Eighteen-year-old Princess Sofia of Enchancia was really happy because she was freshly the massist of honor in her stepsister Amber's royal wedding to Prince Axel of Albuquerque, who had been crowned king. Axel was her friend Prince Hugo's older brother. Sofia and Hugo were extremely happy for Amber and Axel.

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But now that Amber and also Axel were king and also queen of Albuquerque, Hugo was going to be the duke and run the capital—without the firm of a duchess. But he wasn't going to be alone any alonger bereason there was only one princess he remained in love through and had his eyes on—and also she was Sofia.

Sofia's 1ninth birthday had arrived, and also tbelow was going to be a surpincrease party for her. Tbelow was going to be an also bigger surpclimb for her than the party. Sofia's mommy Queen Miranda and stepfather King Roland also II had actually agreed to let Hugo ask Sofia for her hand in marriage. Roland and Miranda were really happy that Sofia was acquiring engaged, however Amber and her twin brother James weren't happy around the proposal—specifically because her fiancé was going to be Hugo, and she was in love through him.

It was almost time for Sofia's birthday party, and also Miranda was worried about what Sofia would certainly say to Hugo's wedding proposal.

"Relax, Miranda," sassist Roland also. "You understand how a lot Sofia loves Prince Hugo, and also I'm certain she'll say yes once he proposes to her. It'll be a magical minute for them."

"But, Daddy, Sofia can't say yes to Hugo's proposal," shelp Amber.

"Amber, why are you against Hugo as soon as you're married to his older brother?" Miranda asked. 

"Mom, it's just that she belongs right here in Enchancia," shelp James.

"Amber, James, if Sofia really loves Hugo, then, she'll need to say yes," shelp Roland also. "He needs a duchess to love and also to help keep him company while he runs the capital in Albuquerque, and also Sofia is the just princess he's in love via."

"We know it's going to be tough once Sofia leaves Enchancia, however let's be happy for her when Hugo proposes," included Miranda.

It was time for Sofia's birthday party. Sofia was wearing a beautiful purple dress, and Amber came in to check out her.

"Amber! How are you and Axel?" asked Sofia.

"We're doing good, Sofia," shelp Amber. "There's a large surpincrease waiting for you in the ballroom."

Amber escorted her sister to the ballroom doors. "Are you ready?" she asked.

"I'm all set," said Sofia.

"Close your eyes," said Amber.

Sofia closed her eyes, and also Amber opened the doors and also took her hands and very closely escorted her right into the ballroom. Everybody was quiet once they observed the birthday princess.

Then Amber shelp, "Okay, you can open your eyes now."

When Sofia opened her eyes, everybody shouted, "Surprise!"

Sofia was surprised. "Happy birthday, Sofia," sassist James.

"Thank you," sassist Sofia.

Miranda, Roland also, and Hugo each hugged Sofia—and it was time for her significant surpclimb.

"Come on, sweetie," aid Miranda. "It's time for your massive surpincrease."

"There's more?" Sofia asked. She was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.

Amber and also James watched as they parental fees and also Hugo escorted Sofia to a chair. Hugo told Sofia about her true feelings for her, and also she told him around her own feelings for him. Amber and James were virtually shocked to hear about this. Roland also, Miranda, and the royal household from Albuquerque were happy to hear this.

It was time for Sofia and also Hugo's magical minute.

Hugo knelt on his knee and also took out a ring box. Inside was a 3-rock diamond ring. He took Sofia's hand and also slipped the ring on her finger. Gazing right into the princess's blue eyes, he asked, "Princess Sofia, would you please execute me the honor of sharing my life and also being my duchess and also my bride?" Sofia was extremely surprised.

Just as Amber and also James were expecting Sofia to say no, Sofia simply happily screamed, and also she jumped on Hugo and knocked him down. Everybody knew what that supposed.

"That's a yes!" Roland also exclaimed.

Everybody roared in applause. "Congratulations!" the guests exdeclared.

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 It was perfectly official—Sofia and Hugo were involved. Now Hugo won't be a lonely duke in the funding, and also Sofia was going to be his beautiful duchess. Everybody was really happy for the engaged prince and princess—except for her brother and also sister.