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Solar radiation provides several other energy resources possible, including ________.

A) nuclear energy

B) geothermal energy

C) tidal energy

D) wind energy

E) hydrothermal energy

For the United States, the main fuel that we use for our power is ________.

A) nuclear

B) wood

C) coal

D) oil

E) herbal gas

Scientists currently assessing the eco-friendly effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico report that ________.

A) the damages was limited to wildlife kills immediately after the spill

B) the entire Gulf food internet will certainly eventually collapse

C) the seaside marshes of Louisiana endured no measurable damage

D) Gulf productivity has actually already returned to normal and also no further results will certainly be felt

E) it may take years or years before the complete impacts are known

Of the adhering to, ________ is not a form of renewable power.

A) coal

B) geothermal

C) wind

D) solar

E) tidal

Secondary extractivity of petroleum ________.

A) reasons much less environmental damages than tertiary extraction

B) permits the oil to be extracted to the last drop

C) occurs instantly after primary extraction

D) is less expensive than main extraction

E) offers solvents, water, or steam

Coal continues to be the primary fuel offered to generate electrical power in the USA. This is partially bereason ________.

A) the quality of coal in the United States is extremely consistent from deposit to deposit

B) coal causes almost no air air pollution once burned

C) compared to organic gas and also oil, coal contains extremely few impurities, such as sulfur

D) coal deposits in the USA lie incredibly cshed to the surface and also are conveniently extracted

E) the nation has actually such huge reserves of coal

Crude oil is ________.

A) formed much less than 100 yards below the surface; in deeper areas through even more press, coal is formed

B) usable in its raw form

C) fractionated to sepaprice the chemicals used for gasoline, lubricants, plastics and also various other products

D) composed of much less than ten different hydrocarbon molecules

E) created in a vast selection of temperature and also press circumstances

Natural gas ________.

A) will certainly be depleted by 2030 at existing usage rates

B) produces much less greenhome gases per energy unit than coal or oil

C) is transported mostly by truck and rail

D) has actually octane as its major component

E) was found by Bunsen in 1885

Deposits of natural gas are a lot of countless in ________.

A) Spain and also Portugal

B) South America

C) Russia

D) the Center East

E) the Center East and Russia

Natural gas is ________.

A) trapped over some cities for commercial use

B) frequently associated via coal and petroleum deposits

C) just created by bacteria in the time of decomposition

D) more damaging to the atmosphere than coal once extracted

E) still a lot even more expensive than other fossil fuels

U.S. residential oil production peaked in the year ________.

A) 1970

B) 2010

C) 1980

D) 1995

E) 2005

One of the problems through finding new fossil fuel deposits in emerging countries is that ________.

A) their federal governments hardly ever allow extraction of the deposit without meeting expensive environmental regulations

B) it is exceptionally expensive to transfer the deposit elsewhere

C) those countries tfinish to save the resource for themselves, not sharing through various other countries

D) their governments seldom allow extractivity of the deposit without imposing huge taxes to money new social benefits for the country

E) international providers relocate in to harvest the brand-new deposit, and also very bit money or resource continues to be in the country

international companies move in to harvest the brand-new deposit, and exceptionally little money or resource continues to be in the country

Of the available plan options about ultimate convariation to renewable energy resources, environmentalists would more than likely favor that ________.

A) we arrangement for the switch to renewable power resources, yet not implement any type of plans till all fossil fuels have been depleted

B) we pass laws automatically banning the expedition and also development of further fossil fuel resources

C) we encourage, via subsidies, taxes rebates, and also grants, the quick advance and widespcheck out use of renewable different energy resources

D) we prepare for a gradual changeover by slowly raising capital and also putting different energy resources into location over the next 100 years

E) we pass laws immediately banning the use of fossil fuels

we encourage, with subsidies, taxes rebates, and also grants, the fast development and also widespread usage of renewable different energy resources

The oil spill resulting from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster ________.

A) is the worst oil spill in U.S. background, resulting in damages to marine and also coastal ecosystems

B) is taken into consideration a minor incident compared to other oil spills

C) overshadowed all non-allude oil spills by 500%

D) resulted in a irreversible ban on all offshore drilling in UNITED STATE coastal waters

E) was quickly cleaned up preventing loss of wildlife and damages to fisheries

is the worst oil spill in U.S. background, leading to damages to marine and coastal ecosystems

Efficiency of coal-fired power plants can be practically doubled by ________.

A) switching to oil

B) using household wastes in addition to the coal

C) using coal through higher sulhair content

D) including wood chips to the coal

E) cogeneration


Energy conservation in the United States ________.

A) is unmost likely to ever occur

B) will certainly be a reality only if there is another major war

C) have the right to be completed by changes in taxes laws

D) can be enhanced as individuals make mindful choices to alleviate personal consumption

E) can be completed only with changes in ecological laws

have the right to be enhanced as individuals make aware selections to minimize individual consumption

Energy have the right to be conoffered by ________.

A) replacing compact florescent with tungsten bulbs

B) repealing the Law of Entropy

C) cogeneration in power plants, fuel reliable transportation, reengineered appliances

D) replacing mass transit via even more and bigger roadways for cars and trucks

E) cogeneration in automobiles, especially in SUVs

cogeneration in power plants, fuel efficient transportation, reengineered appliances

The energy bill passed by the UNITED STATE Congress in 2007 ________.

A) mandates the quick advance of all continuing to be fossil fuel sources as conveniently as possible

B) will certainly, according to analysts, permit us to import only 25% of our oil rather of 60%

C) primarily focused on taxing polluters and also those that profit from the fossil fuel industry

D) elevated the CAFE typical to 35mpg for vehicles by the year 2020

E) mostly focused on major new plans for conservation and for breakthrough of renewable energy sources

increased the CAFE typical to 35mpg for vehicles by the year 2020

Many type of arisen countries have their economic situations closely tied to imported fossil fuels. One necessary consideration is that ________.

A) if power conservation is put into area, the expense of fossil fuels will decrease

B) if energy conservation is put into location, the price of fossil fuels will certainly increase

C) the economy deserve to be disrupted by the decisions made in fuel exporting nations

D) the economic climate will only enhance if the price of fossil fuels increases

E) as provides decrease, fossil fuels decline in price
the economic climate have the right to be disrupted by the decisions made in fuel exporting nations

When we burn fossil fuels, ________.

A) the greatest environmental impact is the impact on the ozone layer

B) the resulting carbonic acid leads to acid rain

C) we libeprice carbon ago right into the carbon cycle, enhancing the amount obtainable for plant growth

D) the best eco-friendly impact is the local damage from extraction

E) the best eco-friendly impact is boosted greenhouse gases

the biggest ecological impact is increased greenhome gases

The average miles per gallon rating of UNITED STATE vehicles has ________.

A) doubled in the previous 2 decades

B) made no development the past 2 decades

C) currently matched the 45 mpg rating mandated by the European union

D) doubled since the 2008 election

E) been raised to 40 mpg bereason of the 2010 power bill passed by Congress

made no development the past two decades

The exercise of reducing wasteful or unnecessary energy usage is dubbed ________.

A) technology reduction

B) power switching

C) energy efficiency

D) energy conservation

E) cogeneration

energy conservation

Organizations choose OPEC have created ________.

A) in order to take maximum advantage of arisen nations dependence on imported oil

B) as a military alliance to safeguard occurred nations" power reserves

C) to encertain that developing countries obtain their fair share of fossil fuels

D) to safeguard their nationwide members" petroleum reserves for their very own use

E) to build technologies to conserve non-renewable energy resources
in order to take maximum advantage of arisen countries dependence on imported oil

U.S. oil manufacturing ________.

A) is now high enough for us to export nearly 50%

B) has to fit the quotas implemented by OPEC

C) is adequate to satisfy nationwide needs thanks to significant conservation efforts

D) falls far brief of UNITED STATE oil consumption

E) will certainly optimal out in 2100, requiring for the first time imports to satisfy thriving demand

falls much brief of UNITED STATE oil consumption

Carbon sequestration ________.

A) involves recording carbon eobjectives and also then releasing them right into the stratosphere

B) permanently clears captured carbon from the environment

C) has actually verified to be more dangerous to the atmosphere than releasing carbon emissions

D) is an unprcooktop innovation just begun in 2008

E) has been supplied by UNITED STATE electric plants because 1955, converting carbon dioxide to limestone
is an unprstove technology just begun in 2008

________ is NOT a component of the innovation of "clean coal."

A) Removing carbon content from coal before combustion

B) Capturing and sequestering carbon emissions

C) Converting coal to syngas (organic gas)

D) Injecting recorded carbon dioxide into rock formations deep underground

E) Rerelocating sulhair oxides from the emissions

Rerelocating carbon content from coal before combustion

When assessing energy sources, it is helpful to usage a measure referred to as EROI, which is ________.

A) money invested in extraction and handling minus money in sales

B) amount of power invested minus warm released into the environment

C) power returned plus energy invested

D) energy returned separated by power invested

E) energy changed minus power invested
power went back separated by power invested

First emerged in the ________, nuclear power verified the the majority of development throughout the ________.

A) 1950s; 1970s and 1980s

B) 1960s; 1990s

C) 1980s; 1990s

D) 1940s; 1950s

E) 1930s; 1950s

1950s; 1970s and 1980s

Nuclear energy in power plants is developed through ________.

A) extractivity of energy from the nucleus of cells

B) bombarding radioactive aspects via electrons

C) fissioning uranium atoms by bombarding them with neutrons

D) fusion of electrons

E) ionic transdevelopment of atoms

fissioning uranium atoms by bombarding them with neutrons

When uranium-235 atoms undergo fission, ________ is/are created.

A) larger atoms such as plutonium

B) huge quantities of CO2

C) moderators and water

D) smaller atoms (fission fragments), totally free neutrons and energy

E) large quantities of power as all mass has been converted and also lost

smaller sized atoms (fission fragments), free neutrons and energy

Which of the complying with characterizes UNITED STATE nuclear power plants?

A) account for nearly half of residential power production

B) widely trusted and also embraced by the public

C) very subsidized

D) inexpensive to operate

E) largely unregulated
extremely subsidized

Nuclear power plants ________.

A) supply most of U.S. electricity

B) create more greenhome gas emissions than burning fossil fuels

C) were first emerged commercially in the early on 1990s

D) are illegal in France and also Lithuania

E) competent the the majority of expansion throughout the 1970s and also 1980s

knowledgeable the many development throughout the 1970s and also 1980s

All of the following are advantages of nuclear power except ________.

A) nuclear power plants generate no nitrogen oxides and also sulhair dioxide

B) uranium mines reason less eco-friendly damages than coal mines bereason much less uranium is needed to generate power

C) the power-generating process is emission-free

D) uranium generates far higher quantities of energy than coal by weight or volume

E) safe disposal of nuclear wastes

safe disposal of nuclear wastes

Effects attributed to Chernobyl ________.

A) significant respiratory illnesses yet no fatalities

B) were contained within the Ukraine

C) increased incidence of thyroid cancers

D) have actually not been extensively documented

E) increased incidence of emphysema
enhanced incidence of thyroid cancers




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