Back in Concord, at a nearby seashore, Beth states goodbye to Jo, informing her that she is not afraid to relocate on because she has actually been loved by everyone, specifically Jo, and also that… Read More 

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When you were first born, not an hour oldI told Marmee–"Beth is mine!"Everyone has someone special in the worldAnd I have you, my sweet BethGive me a job to do!Let's pretend we're riding on a kiteLet's imagine we're flying through the airWe'll ascend until we're out of sightLight as paper, we'll soarLet's be wild up high above the sandFeel the wind, the human being at our commandLet's gain the view and also never before landFloating far from the shore
Some things are meant to beThe clouds relocating fast and also freeThe sunlight on a silver seaA skies that's bideal and blueAnd some things will certainly never before endThe thrill of our magic rideThe love that I feel inside for youWe'll climb high beyond the break of daySleep on stardust and also dine on bits of moonYou and I will uncover the Milky WayWe'll be mad (we'll be mad)
And exploreWe'll recline (we'll recline)Aloft upon the breezeDart about (dart about)Sail on via windy easePass the days doing just as we pleaseThat's what living is forSome points are expected to beThe tide turning endlesslyThe means it takes host of meNo issue what I doSome things will certainly never before dieThe promise of who you areYour memories when I am much from you
Back in Concord, at a nearby seashore, Beth says goodbye to Jo, telling her that she is not afraid to move on bereason she has been loved by everyone, particularly Jo, and also that she is grateful to have actually had actually them with her throughout her life time.


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