Medically reperceived by Kristen M. Moyer, MD, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Hospice and Palliative Medicine — Written by Kimberly Holland on September 25, 2020

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Tugs and also twists, pulls and also plucks. Your belly can experience all kinds of sensations on a everyday basis. Most are entirely normal, however sometimes, an inexplicable motion or feeling may stand also out.

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In this short article, we’ll explore what causes you to feel activity in your lower abdomen.

We’ll look at the even more evident reasons, choose pregnancy and digestion. We’ll likewise look at much less widespread reasons and also once that inexplicable activity might be a sign of somepoint even more concerning. Read on.

Causes of abdominal activities once pregnantCasupplies of abdominal movements once not pregnant
turning overindigestion
stretching limbsovulation
flexingmuscle spasm
kickingphantom kicks
allergic reaction
intestinal obstruction

Pregnancy is a time of new experiences. One of those has the comactivity happening in your abdoguys. As babies develop, their movements, yet tiny, deserve to be progressively felt by the person transporting them.

Quickening is the term offered to explain the flutters and also sensations of activity that pregnant people experience. Many world will certainly endure these first fetal movements in between 16 and 25 weeks. This is throughout the second trimester.

By the third trimester, you need to be feeling activity frequently. In succeeding pregnancies, you may be able to feel those movements earlier as your body knows what to expect, but the timelines for motion can be various for each perkid and each pregnancy.

What activities might suppose if you’re pregnant

If you feel activity while you’re pregnant, your baby may be:

turning overstretching limbsflexingkicking

When you might have to see a doctor

Movement in your abdoguys while you’re pregnant is expected and also a lot of likely normal. However before, occasionally, various other sensations in your abdomen can be signs of a potential difficulty.

If you alert any type of of these following indications and symptoms, don’t wait for your following checkup — contact your medical professional right away:

significant diarrheadizziness or faintinga fever higher than 100°F (37°C)feeling pain or burning while urinating or having difficulties urinatingvaginal bleedingunexplained vaginal discharge, such as a gray or white discharge that smells foulblurred vision or seeing spots in your eyescracked and also bleeding nipplesswelling in your hands, challenge, or fingerschronic, serious headachespain in your arms, chest, or legs

Pregnant world aren’t the just ones that might suffer unusual movements or sensations in the reduced abdomales.

Usual body functions prefer digestion have the right to reason these feelings. Even gas or indigestion deserve to be responsible. Understanding the likely reason for these activities have the right to aid you decide if they have to be treated or if they may warrant a expedition to the medical professional.


When you eat, the muscles in your digestive tract begin relocating to lug food via your stomach and also into your intestines. You may feel these muscles moving immediately after you eat or also a few hours later.


On the flip side of digestion is indigestion. Indigestion have the right to cause:

heartburnnauseastomach painbloatingvomiting

Less frequently, you might experience a gnawing sensation in the stomach, which can feel like muscle activity.

Indigestion deserve to be treated at home via over-the-counter antacids. But if you suffer chronic indigestion, or begin to suffer significant vomiting, black stools, or unexplained weight loss, look for treatment from a healthtreatment provider.


During a menstrual cycle, you might experience a range of sensations and also feelings. Cramps at the begin of a menstrual period might make muscles in your lower abdomen feel tighter. This might feel prefer activity.

Throughout ovulation, you might also experience jumps or pops in your lower abdomales. This is typically caused by the odiffer stretching to release the maturing egg. Often, this sensation is mild and short-term.

Muscle spasm

Just as you deserve to have muscle spasms in your arms or legs, you deserve to have actually muscle spasms in your abdoguys. These involuntary contractions have the right to be the outcome of muscle strain or overuse. But they can also be a sign of dehydration.

Many muscle spasms are mild and also will certainly pass on their own. If you continue to have actually them, or if they worsen and also become major, you should talk via your physician. They may want to look for contributing components for these muscle spasms.

Phantom kicks

People who’ve been pregnant may endure phantom kicks, or a sensation that a baby is in their abdomen. This feeling is many common soon after distribution, yet some human being suffer it even years later.

Likewise, world that have had actually a miscarriage or abortion might experience this sensation.

Allergic reaction

A feeling of fluttering or twitching in your abdoguys may be a sign your digestive tract is suffering an allergic reaction to somepoint you ate. It’s unprevalent, however these feelings have the right to be pertained to celiac illness, or an abnormal reaction to gluten.

Avoiding foods with gluten can assist prevent these movements and any type of accompanying symptoms of celiac condition. These might include:

abdominal bloating or painpersistent diarrheaconstipationvomitingweight loss

Intestinal obstruction

Digested food pposts take a trip from your stomach via a long line of intestines and organs before they leave your body as stool. Sometimes, that digestive route can come to be blocked.

The blockage might be partial or total. When the blockage occurs, you may endure a selection of symptoms, consisting of muscle cramps that deserve to feel favor motion.

Other symptoms of an intestinal obstruction include:

severe bloatingnauseavomitingconstipationincapacity to pass gas or stoolabdominal swelling

An intestinal obstruction have to be diagnosed and also treated by a doctor as quickly as feasible. No residence treatment will be able to rerelocate the obstruction.


Diverticulitis is a condition that affects the digestive tract. It causes uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. It deserve to likewise reason pain and also muscle cramps in your abdoguys, which may feel like activity.

Without treatment, diverticulitis can cause symptoms like:

nausea and also vomitingblood in stoolscontinuous pain in the abdomenbleeding from the rectum

If you have actually any of these symptoms, you must make an appointment to check out your medical professional.

Feeling activity in your abdomales isn’t an inexplicable experience. Jolts and jabs have the right to be caused by a arising fetus. It have the right to additionally be the outcome of normal digestion, muscle spasms, or ovulation.

A more major concern prefer intestinal obstruction isn’t a prevalent cause of motion in the abdomen, yet the sensation deserve to be a authorize of it.

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If the feeling of movement in your abdoguys becomes chronic or you start suffering added symptoms, make an appointment to view a medical professional.

Even if it’s the result of indigestion, a medical professional deserve to assist you uncover relief. If the sensation is caused by something else, therapy might aid prevent worsening symptoms.