South Park: Phone Destroyer not working? Here's what the Google Play Error means, how to fix, and how to save the game from crashing.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is finally out on iOS and also Android tools. With zeal and a feeling of giddy, you land also in your device"s appkeep and downpack the game, anticipating the minute once you"ll ultimately have the ability to hit the Play button and also get began. You launch the game, wait as it downloads even more assets, and gain excited as it logs you in -- before unexpectedly being met with an error.

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The Google Play error to be exact.

What"s frustrating is that if you follow the directions given to you by the game, it will not also deal with anypoint. You"ll just launch the game to the very same error. Eextremely. Single. Time.

So what gives? This guide will present you what to perform.

How to Fix the Google Play Error inSouth Park: Phone Destroyer

Well, as it turns out, the directions that the game provides you for fixing the error are exceptionally misleading. The glitch doesn"t actually have actually anything to do via Google Play itself, and following the instructions to authorize out and log earlier in is probably just going to reason a bigger headache because that account is likely connected to pretty a lot whatever presently installed on your phone.

So if Google Play isn"t actually the worry behind the glitch, then what is? And why does the game insurance claim that Google Play is the issue?

Well, your Google Play account is actually associated to the error, simply not through the Google Play app. You"re the majority of most likely encountering this error because Google Play Gamings is not installed on your phone. Without this app, you can"t log into the game servers, which leaves you unable to play at all.

Of course, to resolve it, all you must execute is uncover Google Play Games in the Google Play keep and also install it. Once that installs, attempt launching the game and it have to run -- sans the glitch.

If this does not work-related, then there might actually be something wrong with your Google Play account. Try adhering to the game"s directions to log out and log back in. If that does not work-related, considering using or making an additional Google Play account and also that must obtain you in.

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Now that you have the right to actually play it, are you enjoying the game? Be certain to inspect earlier through for even more South Park: Phone Destroyer guides.