These line were said by a thinker but do you think its incomplete when we analyze it with strengths & threats.

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Answer added by ALAMGEER HUSSAIN HASHMI, REGIONAL SALES & OPERATIONS MANAGER , Uth Healthcare Pvt., Ltd7 years ago

In this materialistic world yes one is apprehensive and with lack of faith which further worsens the situation makes you timid and you may find these lines irrelevant .

But the fact is,the genunity of this phrase cannot be changed:

The phrase, stand up for what is right, even if you"re standing alone, means that you should do the right thing, even if no one else agrees with you. Like if everyone is being mean to someone, and you are the only one to state that they should stop and it"s not right. You are standing up for what is right, even though you are the only one that is.