The many spectacular method to decoprice your house instantly! Just plug them in, point and hundreds of huge, bold breathtaking stars appear ideal prior to your eyes! The key is progressed laser light modern technology that creates a dramatic 3-D result. You will certainly feel favor you are in the middle of a cosmic star field. With 8 various style patterns to choose from- brilliant red, super bideal green, or click BOTH for red and green! Choose in between the original Star Night lights (solid) and the Star Night Motion Lights which battach, flash and also even offer you a carousel of fun fads to light up your house. Just one Star Night Laser deserve to cover as much as 3,000 square feet.** NOTE: Due to the seasonal nature of this item, retransforms will certainly not be welcomed after 15 days.

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I love exactly how it covers my totality residence. The trees and also shrubs. I just love it.

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Great and also basic. No ladders to climb to light the house.

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Ordered 2 Star Night Laser lights.Plugged in and turned on.ran with light cycles per instructions.Lights looked good on side of home.After around 10 minutes green laser on one light gradually faded and also finally quit working at all.Red laser works fine and cycles per instructions.Eco-friendly doesn't occupational at. all.The second light functions fine yet noticed after a duration of time the red on the second light has lost brightness compared through green.It still functions however not as bbest.All in all I'd say quality of lights is average to listed below average at ideal.

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I love these lights they make decorating a snap

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Best lights I have ever watched. Very nice architecture. Heavy and bright.

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Works just as advertised & are bright & festive!

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The whole area like it

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I'm impressed through my purchase of the star night laser lights. It really adds a perfect ambionce to a n indoor occasion.

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