Ezra decided to help Kanan and Ashoka fight and also Ezra clashed lightsabers through Maul.

  "Well well, I guess I have actually no alternative, my apprlure." Maul grinned and also struck Ezra.

  Kanan felt furious and also charged Maul. Kanan blocked a blow from Maul and also Maul blocked him.

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It was a pattern. Kanan assaulted and Ezra blocked a blow yet Kanan went from behind.

  Kanan waited then as soon as Maul raised his arms to hit Ezra, Kanan lunged forward.

Maul turned to view Kanan and smiled. He force pumelted Kanan into Ashoka and then locked lightsabers through Ezra.

  Kanan sat up and saw Maul slide his lightsaber to Ezra and also...Maul's lightsaber connected to Ezras challenge.

The scream Ezra let out would certainly haunt Kanan forever before. "EZRA!" Kanan shouted and ran to his child.

  Ashoka engaged Maul in a fight and Ezra cried out once he touched his confront.

Kanan held Ezra and also shelp, "Ezra I require you calm dvery own. But we have to acquire the holocron out of tright here." Ezra nodded and Kanan brought him approximately the holocron.

  "I'm establishing you dvery own, now simply organize my hand also." Kanan sassist and Ezra shuffled through Kanan.

They were appropriate in front of it. "Reach, simply continue to be through my hand." Kanan said and shortly they ordered the holocron.

  "Pull!" Kanan yelled. They pulled and also shortly they flew earlier and also Kanan handed the object to Chopper.

  "Run!" Ashoka yelled and also Darth Vader appeared.

Kanan paled as soon as Ashoka shelp that and also that indicates she wasn't coming.

  "Ashoka?!"Ezra yelled. Kanan tensed, he kbrand-new Ezra would certainly attempt to stay.

   "Ezra let's go." Kanan sassist sadly while Ashoka combated Vader.

  Ezra started squirming out of Kanans master and Kanan had actually to bring him ago to the Phantom and also Chopper complied with.

"Kanan we need to gain Ashoka!" Ezra yelled and Kanan offered a last sad smile to Ashoka who smiled earlier then Chopper took off.

"Kanan?" Ezra asked small and Kanan let Chopper take over. Kanan crouched in front of Ezra.

  Kanan already knew he was blind.

   "Ashoka's not here, I'm sorry." Kanan sassist and also Ezra sniffed. Kanan hugged him and Ezra hugged him back.

   "My confront hurts." Ezra shelp and also cringed. Kanan pulled back and went via the medical kit.

"I'm gonna wrap your eyes and Ezra..." Kanan trailed off and wrapped his eyes. Ezra kbrand-new he was blind

  "Kanan I recognize currently." Ezra sassist when Kanan finimelted wrapping.

  Kanan sniffed and also Ezra heard that. Ezra got to forward and fumbcaused area his hand also on Kanan's shoulder.

  Kanan hosted his hand also and Ezra said, "Its my fault this occurred." Kanan shook his head.

  "No its not. You didn't recognize Maul would betray us." He shelp seriously. Ezra smiled weakly.

"I love you Dad." Ezra said and just realized what he shelp. Kanan burst right into joy and also Ezra started apologizing.

  Kanan pulled him right into a hug and also Ezra was shocked. "I thought you would certainly be mad." Ezra said and Kanan rubbed Ezra',s back.

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"I thought of you choose a child." Kanan shelp and also Ezra hugged him ago tight.

                     *  *  *  *