About Stay With Me

"Stay with Me" (sometimes subtitled "Everybody"s Free") is the first single from Ironik"s deyet album No Point in Wasting Tears. The song peaked at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart.

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Brother and sister together will certainly make it throughSome day a soul will take you and overview you thereI know you"ve been hurting yet I"ve been waiting to be tbelow for youAnd ill be tright here just helping you out whenever I canEverybody"s freeListen this ones for all the ones reflecting love, it"s appreciated life"s crazy male listen to the steustatiushistory.orgStay via me do not fall asleep to quickly the angels can wait for a moment(they have the right to wait for a moment)Stay via me don"t autumn asleep also soon the angels have the right to wait for a momentlisten, listen to the wordsDon"t cry for me once I"m gone no point of wasted tears our time will come at some point and I"m simply confronting my fears though its not really a fear its even more prefer a destiny some times I sit and also wonder is this life really for me, coz I"ve viewed, heard, felt, I"m done. I hope you"re proud of wbelow I"ve come, you"ve seen me grown an aided me thou, an tright here is no repaying you, I"m right here an I feel like I"m delaying you, betraying you, an once I"m gone I hope there"s sum1 saving youStay with (i"m gonna continue to be, listen) me do not fall asleep as well quickly (i"m gonna try not to) the angels can wait for a moment (they can wait man, I swear)Stay via me don"t fall asleep as well quickly the angels (im gonna hold on) have the right to wait for a momentI wanna view your face eincredibly time I come house coz I can"t leave you favor this in this cold world alone, yet, in this live were livin hu knows as soon as ill be gone, I do not wanna leave you wiv wot ifs, currently I"m in for lengthy (to the world) there"s to much to prove, an periodically I wonder wot I really need to lose, an then I really see its not all about me, I wanna display you from this harsh mad truth, its actual.(favor, lifes riskies occasionally, yet really, you gotta take your chances)Stay via me do not autumn asleep as well soon the angels deserve to wait for a moment( its crazy look)Stay via me don"t fall asleep also quickly the angels have the right to wait for a moment(listen 2 the words)To the people,Lifes a game an we need to play it correct, carry out the ideal moves an don"t acquire caught up in ldza mess, be calm do not be stressed, be sure to pass ya test, stand also you"re ground an don"t let others put you to the test (repeat)Stay with me do not loss asleep also quickly the angels have the right to wait for a minute

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Ironik James Christian Charters (born 18 January 1988, Camden, London), much better known as Ironik, is a British musician, DJ and also rapper.

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His genre of music varies from R&B, grime and also hip hop. even more »