I"ve built up numerous stickers, strap-ons, and pieces of armor that administer buffs to the damages of my one and also 2 handed weapons, as well as to bows and also thrown weapons. It"s basic to tell the latter 2 groups apart, yet I can not tell how I"m expected to recognize whether a weapon is one or two handed. When I preview them on the equip display, they all look like they"re being organized in "one hand" at the personalities side, so I have no idea, other than my very own intuition based upon the physical size of the design in question which... does not seem like a good way to number this out.

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I"m sure there"s an simpler means to identify the distinction that I"m just not spotting, so what is it?


One basic means to tell, I"ve discovered, is by exactly how your character holds the weapon when equipped. In the inventory screen, if the new kid exoften tends his arm, relaxing the bottom of the weapon on the ground, it is two handed. If his arm is down and also the weapon is held out at a nearly forty-5 level angle, it is one handed.

If there"s any staying doubt: equip the weapon, exit the menu, confront the video camera and also look at just how you are holding it. Two handed weapons will be hosted in both hands, while one handed weapons will only be organized in a solitary hand also, looking a lot like you perform in the inventory display.



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