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yyaannddeexx..rruuSSkkyyppee:: aannddrreeyybbbbrrvv STREET SMARTS CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xi PREFACE xiii Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1 Chapter 2 SWING TRADING 3 Chapter 3 MONEY MANAGEMENT 7 PART ONE TESTS Chapter 4 TURTLE SOUP 12 Chapter5 TURTLE SOUP PLUS ONE TM 22 Chapter6 80-20's 31 Chapter7 MOMENTUM PINBALL TM 36 Chapter 8 2-PERIOD ROC 42 PART TWO RETRACEMENTS Chapter 9 THE "ANTI” 48 Chapter 10 THE HOLY GRAIL 58 Chapter 11 ADX GAPPER 63 PART THREE CLIMAX PATTERNS Chapter12 WHIPLASH 71 Chapter13 THREE-DAY UNFILLED CAP REVERSALS 74 Chapter14 A PICTURE'S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS 80 Chapter15 WOLFE WAVES 88 Chapter16 NEWS 96 Chapter17 MORNING NEWS REVERSALS 99 Chapter18 BIG PICTURE NEWS REVERSALS 104 PART FOUR BREAKOUT MODE Chapter19 RANGE CONTRACTION 109 Chapter 20 HISTORICAL VOLATILITY MEETS TOBY CRABEL 115 PART FIVE MARKET MUSINGS Chapter 21 SMART MONEY INDICATORS 122 Chapter 22 MORE WORDS ON TRADE MANAGEMENT 128 Chapter 23 BE PREPARED! 131 Chapter 24 FINAL THOUGHTS 134 Chapter 25 THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL TRADING 135 APPENDIX Historical Volatility Calculations, 203 Moore Research Center-Statistical Studies, 205 Exhilittle A.1 Historical Upper 90% Statistics, 208 Exhibit A.2 Historical Upper 80% Statistics, 209 Exhilittle bit A.3 Historical Lower 10% Statistics, 210 Exhilittle A.4 Historical Lower 20% Statistics, 211 Exhilittle A.5 Historical WR7 and also Higher Cshed Statistics, 212 Exhibit A.6 Historical WR7 and also Lower Close Statistics, 213 Exhilittle bit A.7 Historical ROCRSI Buy Report, 215 Exhilittle bit A.8 Historical ROCRS1 Sell Report, 216 Exhilittle A.9 Historical Fresh ROC Buy Report, 218 Exhibit A.10 Historical Fresh ROC Sell Report, 219 Exhilittle A.11 Futures 14-Period ADX Statistics, 221 Exhibit A.12 Historical Oops Buy Report, 223 Exhibit A. 13 Historical Oops Sell Report, 224 Exhilittle bit A. 14 Historical Oops (ADX Capper) Buy Report, 225 Exhilittle A. 15 Historical Oops (ADX Capper) Sell Report, 226 Exhilittle bit A. 16 Historical Fresh ADX Buy Report, 228 Exhilittle A. 17 Historical Fresh ADX Sell Report, 229 Exhilittle bit A.18 Historical Cap Faientice Buy 50% Report, 231 Exhilittle A. 19 Historical Cap Faiattract Sell 50% Report, 231 Exhilittle bit A.20 Historical Channel (2-Period High/Low) Report), 233 Samples of Daily Worksheets, 234 Trademarks, 236 Research Services, Software, and also Charting Services, 237 Software and Books Offered by Oceansee Financial Research, 238 ABOUT THE AUTHORS 239 PREFACE Traders talk amongst themselves, not necessarily to comment on bullish or bearish market opinions, yet quite to share insights into the nature and quirkiness of this service. The psychological toll trading exacts absolutely develops bonds. When we open up it is constantly surpclimbing to uncover the similarity of lessons learned, experiences mutual, and how we all independently arrive at the same conclusions. Often in talking through each various other we're really looking for clues into our own heads, hoping to understand also ourselves a small better. Regardless of our constant quest of understanding, the market itself assures tbelow is no shortreduced to obtaining our last level. In the end, it is suffer which is our ultimate teacher and tright here is no substitute. We have the right to just pick the attitude with which we approach this procedure of discovering to profession. We can accept the inevitable setbacks and also learn from them, or we can yield to our herbal humale stubbornness and be compelled to repeat the same lessons over and over aobtain. This book has actually been composed by 2 world that have come to reap the procedure. We've both uncovered we are not the only ones to have made particular mistakes and also we've also discovered the very same keys to success ... which we hope to share through you. The single the majority of important key is this: learn to listen to the markets and perform not impose your very own will certainly upon them. Eexceptionally successful trader we have actually known has actually additionally discovered the requirement for consistency. It is the crucial to everything-you must trade via a coherent methodology. You must follow a specific trading strategy. Although this book presents multiple tactics, each and eincredibly one has the very same necessary beginning point: minimizing danger initially, looking to maximize gains just after threat has actually been characterized and also regulated. Between us we have 34 years of endure as floor traders, exchange members, traders on institutional desks, hedge money supervisors, and also commodity trading advisors-trading for our own accounts the entire time. We hit it off well because our number one guiding belief is that you must, above all, uncover setups and also entries which minimize expocertain. The revenues come on their own terms. Finally, even though we present many various trends, you only need ONE strategy to be thriving. A few of the best traders are effective because they trade only one strategy. Hopetotally, every one of the patterns in the hands-on will certainly boost your awareness of particular industry idiosyncrasies and will serve as a confirmation of your very own sector monitorings. STREET SMARTS - 1 - CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Yes, Virginia, you CAN make a living from trading! In a day when worldwide money supervisors are given increasing attention and also funds seem to overcome the market arena, it could be tough to imagine that the small speculator can have actually a lot of an edge. Has trading end up being a duty of computer system power? Have markets readjusted in the last decade? How relevant is the theoretical world in the warmth of battle? The reality is, a few trading tricks and also a tiny widespread feeling will certainly obtain you more mileage than all the publications on technological analysis merged. Eventually, an individual can much better recognize assistance and resistance than a computer deserve to. And yes, the personal individual has even more of an edge than he knows! This book is created for the energetic trader. It is a compilation of strategies that the 2 of us have been trading with for the last 15 years in both equities and also futures. The techniques are conceptually straightforward and have actually been readily embraced by our friends and also colleagues. This is not a book of technological evaluation. It is a hand-operated of precise setups that have actually you in the market for only a minimal amount of time. Consider it to be a arsenal of "surgical strikes" with a distinct methodology for regulating each one'. Each pattern identifies a unique industry problem. After all, trading should be done on just the most recognizable and also reputable fads. Many of the setups have the right to be traded on any kind of industry and also on any time framework. This hand-operated will teach you whatever we know around swing trading. By swing trading we suppose surveillance the sector for assistance and resistance levels and proactively trading roughly those areas. Stops are put just beneath support or over resistance to minimize danger. You will certainly learn to recognize the finest setups at these levels and also then exactly how to lock in earnings once trades are made. In order for you to obtain the a lot of out of trading these setups, a couple of points need to be covered: • It is vital to initially profession a new principle or strategy on paper. Only by seeing a pattern over and over aacquire will certainly you truly feel comfortable through it. You need to think in its capability to repeat itself. Don't be surprised if you find yourself actually ending up being excited as you see the trends begin to set up. • If a pattern does not make feeling to you, don't profession it. If you don't have actually a 100 percent idea in it, you will not be able to get rid of losing streaks. • All you require is one pattern to make a living! Discover first to specialize in doing one thing well. We recognize two traders who perform nothing but trade the "anti" pattern from a five-minute S&P chart. STREET SMARTS - 2 - Another frifinish trades only "Three Little Indians" on tick charts. Traders have the right to earn their living by trading any type of among the patterns that we existing in this book. • Your biggest adversary in trading is going to be a directional predisposition, an opinion about market direction ... whether yours, a broker's or a friend's. Shut it out! Find Out to concentprice on the "right-hand side" of the chart-in various other words, on the pattern at hand also. • One of the things you will get out of this book is an enhanced capacity to listen to the sector." Even if a chapter does not seem to suit your personal trading style, it must at least heighten your awareness of market activity and also price habits at critical points. • None of these strategies is designed to be a mechanical mechanism. Be grateful that they are not! If they were, a large fund would come into the marketarea and also exploit the edge. It is estimated that over 90 percent of the huge pools in the commodity markets are run on a mechanical basis, systematically attempting to manipulate fads. It is very hard for these funds to relocate big amounts of money on a short-term time structure. They do not have the luxury of using relaxing stop-loss orders without risking adverse slipweb page. They cannot be as nimble as the small speculator can-and also herein lies your edge. • This brings us to the most essential point. Initial speak loss orders are essential! Each strategy in this book will certainly have actually you entering a protective speak upon being filled. Stops are crucial for your protection against worst-case scenarios. (Remember, we are trading on probabilities only.) All it takes is acquiring sloppy as soon as, or enduring the "frozen rabbit syndrome" in a bad trade, to undo the efforts of the previous 20 trades. Placing initial protective stops have to end up being a halittle bit that is never damaged. As you will watch, in many, if not every one of the examples, your stops will threat only a little amount of money. The fads in this hands-on are arranged approximately three distinctive swing trading principles whereby support and resistance levels are created. They are: tests, retracements, and also climax reversals. We will elaborate on these ideas in the introductory chapter on swing trading. This will certainly be adhered to by a chapter on money management. Chapters contained under "test" setups encompass Turtle Soup, Turtle Soup Plus One, 80-20's, and also Momentum Pinball. Retracement patterns incorporate sections on the Anti and two ADX trades. Lastly, various types of climax reversals are questioned. Our favorites selection from news-reversal patterns to unique bar chart setups. We have additionally included a chapter by a frifinish that is a finance professor at Syracuse College We assumed you would certainly be fascinated-as we were by the summary of his study and also findings on the tricks of longevity and also profitcapacity of optimal CTAs. The appendix contains all applicable back-trial and error outcomes separately performed by the Moore Research Center in Eugene, Oregon. These tests are contained to illustrate a market's tendency; that an edge does indeed exist. They are not supposed to be mechanical units. Before we relocate on to the tactics, let's first discuss the mechanics of swing trading. STREET SMARTS - 3 - CHAPTER 2 SWING TRADING "Speculation, in its truest sense, calls -for anticipation. Rictough D. Wyckoff It is essential to understand the basics of swing trading to understand also how our techniques job-related. Due to the fact that the days of Charles Dow, traders have created around 2 distinctive approaches of trading. The initially is playing for the lengthy pull. This entails trying to determine the underlying value of a market or security through fundamentals. A profession is then held till a rtestimonial takes place. This is analogous to trend-following strategies which inevitably depfinish on lengthy term financial plans or fundamental shifts in supply and also demand. The second strategy of trading, as defined by Dow ago in 1908, was to "deal in active markets making many kind of trades, and relying on stop loss orders for security." This came to be called "swing trading." Trading opportunities presented themselves on both the lengthy and also brief side, regardless of what the underlying long-term trfinish was. Swing trading is anticipating the market's next relocate, and asking what is the many probable outcome. For example, if a sector damaged assistance and also had a sharp relocate down, the strongest profession to make would be to offer the first rally. This is because the a lot of probable occasion would be for the sector to at least make a retest of the brand-new low before it might, through any high degree of probcapacity be expected to reverse direction again. The primary goal of each trade is to minimize threat fairly than maximize profit. Positions are regulated according to the market's actions after we've made our trade. We can't really predict the outcome. For example, if we are trading on a test, we don't know if it will certainly cause a true reversal or simply a consolidation pattern before additionally extension of the coming before relocate. We are trying to accomplish a "headstart" in the appropriate direction together with a chance to put in a tight speak. Trfinish adhering to gives a trade room to breathe and also allows for drawdowns. Swing trading counts on NOT riding out reactions or offering up revenues currently won. Trades must be exited either in the direction of price activity or simply as the price reverses. Trailing stops will lock in any kind of profits gained. Trading must take advantage of extremes in price action, high volume, and also liquidity. All the patterns in this book are designed to capture earnings in active industry conditions. We will teach you to seek out emotional extremes in the marketarea, and also then show how to recognize the distinction between smart money and also late-public buying/marketing. STREET SMARTS - 4 - The second form of profession is made by entering on a reaction or retracement. This is "buying a higher low" in a sequence of higher lows and better highs (or selling a lower high in a series of lower lows and also lower highs). In this situation there will certainly only be a single soptimal allude, yet because the trade is gotten in in the direction of the prevailing trend, no test have to be compelled. go long deserve to make either a slightly greater or reduced low, but assistance cannot be establiburned until there has been a test! It is after a effective test (that is, the sector has actually tested a previous high or low and also stopped tbelow again), that many kind of of our setup patterns happen. The strongest pattern in swing trading is trading on tests of previous highs or lows. These tests develop a "double speak suggest," and also market ail wonderful profession enattempt area through the least threat of loss. A low test at which to EXHIBIT 2.1 "Double Soptimal Point" EXHIBIT 2.2 "Single Soptimal Point in a Trfinish STREET SMARTS - 5 - • Don't profession in quiet, dull sectors. Dow, Livereven more, Rhea, Taylor, Gann-all the greats say this over and also over. Tright here must be activity and liquidity in order to trade profitably. • When in doubt, acquire out! If the market goes dull and also quiet after you enter a profession and makes no development in the direction of your entry, perform not wait until your speak is hit. Just get out! Seek a much more energetic market or better trading opportunity. All of the strategies in this book need to reward you instantly. If they don't, it is likely your profession will revolve into a losing one. • Stay in one time frame! Yes, it is essential to be conscious of the significant picture, yet it must not affect wright here you get right into or out of a profession or exactly how you manage it. Don't turn short-lived scalps into "substantial picture" trades. Here are some of the other standard tenets of swing trading: Swing trading is additionally finding out to ANTICIPATE one of these 3 kinds of plays. With the majority of patterns in this book, resting orders have the right to be inserted ahead of time, so it is not important to watch eextremely tick. However, over time, you have to uncover that your tape reading skill (your ability to follow the market's action) has come to be substantially refined! The last form of trade is a climax or exhaustion pattern. The the majority of successful climax trades will certainly occur in a high volatility atmosphere, and AFTER the industry has actually already reversed. You must see the "orgasm speak point" already in area before you enter your position! If your entry is correct, the industry must relocate favourably practically instantly. EXHIBIT 2.3 "Climax Sheight Point STREET SMARTS - 6 - • Don't bring shedding positions overnight. Exit and try entering at an extra favorable level the next day. • If the market supplies you a windautumn profit on a trade, lock it in! (Windfall suggests a much bigger profit than anticipated.) Take revenues on fifty percent or all of the position. Trail a really tight speak on any balance! • Finally, remember that both in short-lived trading and mechanical units, the circulation of winners is skewed. Most of a month's earnings could come from just 2 or three substantial trades. Much of the time the individual revenues may seem little, but more importantly the losses must be tiny, too. It is vitally vital to lock in" the best trades. Be protective and also don't give ago profits when swing trading! STREET SMARTS - 7 - CHAPTER 3 MONEY MANAGEMENT "Take every obtain without mirroring remorse around missed profits, because an eel may escape sooner than you think. " Joseph de la Vega, 1688, in an early hands-on on trading. Eextremely trading strategy in this manual is absolutely 100 percent useless without correct money administration. We have the right to tell you story after story of very talented traders who blew up bereason of one or two bad trades. It occurred to both of us at an early stage in our careers! In our opinion, the overwhelming reason that traders win or lose is not because of their enattempt strategy, but bereason of their money monitoring skills. By "money management" we simply intend keeping losses and drawdowns to an absolute minimum while making the the majority of of avenues for profit. As vital as money administration is to all investors, it is even more vital to short-lived traders. Unfavor permanent trfinish followers, short~ term traders seldom make a huge sum of money on any type of one trade. Because of this, unchoose the trend folreduced who tolerates a large drawdown in exreadjust for the possibility of hitting a home run, the short-lived trader should keep his losses to a minimum to ensure his survival. If you save your losses to a minimum on eextremely trade, you will certainly have 80 percent of the fight won. All of the patterns in this book follow the same technique of money monitoring. The complying with principles will certainly encertain your success in any kind of form of short-term trading! 1. Get in the entire position at once! This implies that if you profession in multiple contracts, put on the totality place at the very same time. Do not include to winning positions. 2. Place an initial protective stop on the whole position one or two ticks below the the majority of recent high or low. (The industry should not come earlier to this characterized assistance /resistance level, or "hazard point!") The precise timing to departure a profession is a subjective issue. What is not subjective is the initial protective sheight. 3. Immediately look to range out of your trade as the market moves in your direction. By taking some of the profession off, you are decreasing your danger and also locking in revenues. If you are trading on a one-contract basis, as you have to if you are a beginner, move your relaxing speak to defend any kind of gains. STREET SMARTS - 8 - LARRY: When I'm fortunate in recording that type of move, I desire to obtain out in the direction of the trade. That means I at least have actually the potential for positive slippage. I know there is liquidity, and also tright here are other civilization willing to take the profession off my hands. LINDA: When I learned to tighten my stops on parabolic moves, I became a more profitable trader. At those times I want the sector to take me out before I offer ago my profits. LARRY: 4. Important-if the industry starts to relocate parabolically or has a range development move, take earnings on the whole position. This is exceptionally most likely climax! A range-expansion move is a very large trading bar resulted in by the last of the market's participants (the emotional latecomers) dog piling right into the market. When this last team of traders has actually gone into, tbelow is nobody. left to come in to proceed to drive prices up or down. STREET SMARTS - 9 - The allude is that we are both actively looking to acquire OUT of the trade and take earnings, not looking to add! LINDA: Sometimes what happens via a great winning profession is that it feels so good to be in it that we soptimal reasoning about wright here to take earnings. Instead we're reasoning, how come I didn't put on a bigger position? This, of course, is the majority of most likely the perfect time to be exiting. A frifinish of mine who has been a professional trader for 20 years has a wonderful saying: 'When the ducks quack, feed them." In other words, once everybody wants something, that's most likely the perfect spot to offer it to them. The price has currently been bid method up. Emovements drive the industries to extremes, and also these extremes are the ideal spot to departure our trades. LARRY: No matter exactly how long you profession, you'll never before perform it perfectly. Case in allude. A frifinish of mine is a reexhausted sector wizard. This man has actually made over $100 million trading futures. He told me that his biggest weakness was that he never mastered his leave strategy! This trader might have actually been unhappy around the few times he gained out also shortly, however obviously it was the best means to profession judging from his profits' Maybe tbelow is no such point as the perfect leave strategy, however you need to lock in earnings once they're tbelow, even if it means getting stopped out prematurely on a small reactivity. LINDA: People tfinish to focus on the one out of 20 times they really did leave money on the table and not look at all the various other trades wright here getting out was the right thing to execute. The only point you need to look at is just how a lot a winning profession added to your bottom line. This is exactly the perspective of effective floor traders! Ultimately, the way to minimize danger is to be in the market the shortest amount of time. The much longer you are in the market, the more expocertain you need to "price shocks" or unsupposed adverse moves. As the sectors gain noisier and also noisier, tbelow are even more constant reactions. If you don't take your earnings as soon as you have them the sector will typically take them earlier. You need to additionally learn to do your very own reasoning and also have actually freedom. If you ever before have to ask someone else's opinion on a trade, you shouldn't be in it. LARRY: I learned that incredibly lesson in 1987. I ended up being exceptionally sick via a mental disease well-known as "Guru-itis." This affliction occurs once a normal, rather intelligent individual loses all sense of his abilities and becomes subservient to someone he believes is of greater power. In my case, I became a willing folreduced of a market guru that had accurately predicted the bull sector move of 1984-1987. In late August 1987, with the Dow at all time highs (2700 range), my guru told his disciples that a STREET SMARTS - 10 - grand-supercycle relocate would certainly carry the Dow up an additional 700-800 points in a brief time. Up until that point in my life, I had been reasonably conservative in my individual finances and was lucky enough to have actually collected a comfortable amount of money. After my guru made his pronouncement using a newsletter, I automatically took a piece of paper and also started plotting my course to wide range. I split 800 points (the supposed grand-supercycle move) by 8 (the approximate amount of Dow points necessary to move the OEX index up or down one point) and came up with the number 100. I then easily multiplied 100 times $100 (the amount of money one OEX option increases in value on a per suggest move) and came up with $10,000. Then I really became excited. If my guru's predictions came true, I would certainly make $10,000 for eincredibly OEX contract I owned. The following day I did what eexceptionally excellent disciple have to execute. I started aggressively buying OEX calls. September calls, October calls, multiple strike price calls-you name it, I bought it. Within a few days, nearly 30 percent of my net worth remained in these calls. I remember being so excited at the amount of money I was going to make that I can not sleep at night. Coincidentally, at that time, my wife (that was 5 months pregnant with our initially child) and also I had reserved a two-week vacation on the island of Maui. The morning we boarded the plane the market was up about 15 points, simply as my guru shelp it would be. The six-hour trip was the longest trip in my life. I couldn't wait to land also to uncover out how many kind of hundreds of dollars (tens or hundreds?) I had actually made that day. When we landed on our hotel, I called my secretary to obtain the good news. The conversation went somepoint choose this: ME: Carmel, was the market up 50 points now or did it go up 100? CARMEL: (silence) ME: Come on, Carmel, give me the good news. CARMEL: Down 52 for the day, LARRY: ME: Sure, Carmel. No really ... exactly how a lot did it go up? CARMEL: Larry, I'm not kidding.

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ME: Quote me the prices on my alternatives, Carmel. CARMEL: