Switched at Birth Seaboy 4 Episode 5 Review: At the First Clear Word

I was entirely through Daphne once she rolled her eyes at what Vimla had to say because I was doing the same point. Tright here is absolutely nopoint wrong through Daphne wanting to know if she might do a side job, yet no Vimla hregarding be a complete brat around points and also try to take regulate of the group.

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It appears as though they have forobtained they obtain progressed notes thanks to Daphne so maybe they should treat her through a tiny more respect.

Daphne being nervous around going to Marillo"s home was pretty spot on – the woman is a small on the scary side. Josh trying to reascertain Daphne she is going to be OK was really sweet and also just makes me fall in love with Josh even more. Can he please smile even more often?

Trust me Dumbo, you don"t require the feather to fly. You"ll be fine.


If tright here was any kind of doubt about how much of a genius Marillo ism tonight showed it to all the doubters. How might these girls not realize they were part of an experiment? It was not at all shocking they all failed the experiment by not functioning together and also instead functioning solo.

Thanks to Marillo"s experiment, Daphne and Vimla are on better terms and also we can just hope it continues. They can"t continue to occupational versus each other or else they will fail.

Eric is really beginning to prosper on me and I am down for him obtaining in addition to Regina. I will certainly always miss out on Angelo, however I think in time Regina and Eric can really occupational out. He seems prefer an excellent man via a great head on his shoulders and also would certainly have the ability to resolve Regina"s warm headed personality. It doesn"t hurt Eric is likewise a great father who does not let his kid quit – just soptimal it Eric.

Toby really need to have stuck to his firearms and not taken money from Lily – he demands to learn exactly how to be an adult and also take treatment of his own difficulties. I acquire Lily simply wanted to help, but instead she should be tright here to assistance Toby and the decisions he chooses to make. 

Did anyone else desire to shake some feeling right into John and also Kathryn as soon as they were providing Toby money? You men just reduced him off and tried to make him be even more independent and also right here you are providing him money because you don"t desire him to lose Lily. Toby is trying difficult to be an adult and rather of throwing money at his problems; they all need to back him up and also reascertain him he is doing the ideal thing via his career. 

Now onto the huge storyline of the night; Bay possibly being raped. We all kbrand-new this story was coming based off the ending of Switched at Birth Seaboy 4 Episode 4. I have to say Tank"s nonchalant mindset towards the drunken night was extremely upestablishing. The fact is clear he was lucid sufficient to remember the night and also remember they supplied defense yet he went ahead and had actually sex with Bay even though she was much gone.

We actually didn"t hear the word rape till 25 minutes into the episode, but it was a powerful minute for Bay. It does not come as a surpclimb Bay would not view what happened to her as rape because she wants to believe the best in Tank. Seeing the tears in Bay"s eyes as her mind raced just around eliminated me.

Bay: Tess has actually a boyfrifinish, a pretty significant one, I think she loves him a lot. But I guess last night she got really drunk, like smaburned, and also as soon as she woke up this morning she uncovered that she had actually, had actually sex via someone else yet she does not remember it; nothing, black-out. Does that discovered as cheating? I intend does she need to tell her boyfriend?Regina: Well that"s awful.Bay: That she cheated.Regina: That she was raped.

Bay confronting Tank around what occurred was heartbreaking. Tank clearly doesn"t think what he did was wrong and he tries to justify himself by saying Bay was kissing him. If he was truly a friend to Bay he have to have actually stopped what was happening and realized Bay was so drunk she wasn"t in her ideal mind. As a lot as I love Tank, I am on Bay"s side and also feel she was taken advantage of. 

By episode"s finish Toby tried to make sense of what taken place with Bay by obtaining Lily"s opinion on the matter and Bay confided in Daphne around what occurred to her. Listening to Bay re-counting the night, it is clear Bay feels as though she was violated and also I am happy Daphne told her she requirements to go through her gut feeling.

This was a beautifully created episode and next week it"s clear we are going to obtain a extension of what taken place to Bay and also the decision she provides.

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What did you think of tonight"s episode?

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