My baby is seven weeks old and has been on Similac Pro-Advance because the hospital. I’ve noticed that he has been spitting up even more typically, practically every feeding now and also via each burp, and also larger amounts, yet he isn’t crying and does not show up to be upcollection. I spoke through the pediatrician that wasn’t concerned but additionally said I can readjust formulas if I desire to. I’m not sure if I must change or not because I’m worried that in altering the formula I may come throughout various other issues like constipation, more spit up


But- there’s additionally the possibility that a adjust in formula could help him. So has anyone had a similar endure through the Pro-Advance and also had actually a positive experience transforming to the Pro-Sensitive?

This is our instance exactly! Just noticed more spit up the last week of so! All the moment. No issue exactly how long we keep him upright or exactly how a lot we burp him.

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We made this switch around 2 weeks ago! My daughter was spitting up a ton on similac pro advancement. She likewise seemed extremely uncomfortable and also gassy. I switched to pro sensitive and she is like a various baby! Virtually no gassiness and also a drastic decrease in spit up. She still spits up however simply little amounts rather of ounces and also ounces. She used to soak her pack n play and also need continuous alters of clothing because of spitting up. It was awful. I can not tell you exactly how happy we BOTH are that we made the switch! She is complete of smiles now! It is certainly worth a shot for you!

Just a little even more details - she is 8 weeks old and also has actually likewise had actually no constipation concerns at all from the switch.

When you switched, did you perform a small at a time? Or just carry out the following bottle via the sensitive one? Also, why did you choose prosensitive rather of complete comfort? Just wondering what the distinction is.

I did a finish switch - not a little little at a time. My daughter poops at leastern as soon as a day, occasionally twice, without any strain or struggle at all. I"m sure each baby is various however it has actually really made a positive difference for us!

I just provided my salso week old a bottle of the pro sensitive and he projectile vomited and also came to be exceptionally fussy and seems to have gas pains. did this occur to anyone else once you initially made the change?

My husband noticed the initially ingredient on pro sensitive is corn syrup. I know there"s no lactose yet that type of bothered me. My LO is fine on the pro advanced, yet I have actually a girl frifinish going via the exact same concern. Sorry mummas I hope the gassiness passes quickly.

Seeing corn syrup as the main ingredient can be type of alarming, which it was for me too. However, I did some research study and currently I"m not so concerned.

The important thing to note is that this is not "high fructose" corn syrup, which is quite different bereason of the hard-to-digest fructose. Fact is, corn syrup is glucose, which is what the enzymes in yours and a baby"s gut will certainly break lactose dvery own into (as well as galactose). So, the corn syup in combicountry with the milk protein isolate basically implies the pro-sensitive is pretty much the exact same thing as the regular stuff but with the lactose already broken dvery own. It provides sense given that the entirety factor to use the sensitive is bereason baby can"t break down the lactose.

We made the switch just two days ago and already notification a huge difference. So glad we did. LO has also pooped each day as well. Fingers crossed we can stop the constipation

I made the readjust she did excellent on it but she acquired super constipated so I had actually to switch to a diff sort ;(

My bit girl was put on pro sensitive and was up alllll night last night, fussing, pushing to make a BM however didn"t acquire anypoint out! I felt so bad

I made the switch and also my LO spits up a lot less and sleeps so much much better. I didn’t carry out a little at a time, just started with a 2oz bottle of the sensitive. I found that he was constipated for a day, however that was short-lived.

We’ve tried a few formulas and also LO has responded ideal to “Holle,” which is an organic formula we purchased online. It’s remarkable just how little she spits up currently.



So my baby is 6 weeks currently we had to switch from the similac progressed to similac sensitive bereason her stomach made loud noises eextremely time she was feeding and also my mother told me it wasn’t normal. But I noticed that with the pro advanced similac ones...
Not claiming to be an skilled yet seriously bothered by the ingredients in US formula. feeding my 2 month old similac pro sensitive because basically birth I"ve exhausted the similac organic and Holle European brand also however he gets really gassy with...

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